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Dark images

NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 2:51PM
i understand that its a powerful image, it wouldnt have affected me so much if it wasnt, its also a superb bit of photography in a technical sense. i never qustioned that at all if you start at the top. i said its the subject that saddened me and i still feel its effect / cry for help? i questioned if its the right place to use it and the majority seem to think it is.
Grimm 14 587 6
19 Mar 2009 2:51PM
I dont see anything wrong with the image.

Quote:its a powerful brave and important image

I agree and it has every right to be here. In fact it deserve to be in here more than any other bland, cute, oversaturated regular epz upload IMHO. The fact that you felt it important to put up a thread about it, proves that it is a very effective image and was able to convey its message.
JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 2:56PM
If it's of any consequence, the photographer in the kit used section has listed not only a camera, but also specifically stated "photoshop"...
19 Mar 2009 3:03PM
Reminds me of the Act Campaign
JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 3:22PM
As a related aside...

I was chatting with a friend recently, who does some commercial work. He was commissioned to photograph a poster for a child cruelty campaign and ended up using his own son as the model.

His son was made up to look as though he had been badly beaten... My friend said, even knowing that it wasn't real, that it was the most difficult thing that he'd ever had to photograph. The only thing that kept him doing it, was the fact that it would hopefully do some good for other children.
19 Mar 2009 3:30PM
hmm reminds me of one I did a while back , picture wasnt sharp enough to use so my son and me started messing about with it in photoshop, he asked me to give him a fat lip! He wanted to print it and take it to school but after comments on here about it looking like an advert for child abuse I wouldnt let him!
stevie 17 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 3:31PM
It's a very good image that for me makes an excellent point. In my professional life I deal with this type of injury all the time, sadly so common.

Incidentally, I was recently involved with a national campaign against drink-related violence (alcohol is the catalyst, I'm afraid, in most of these cases) It involved speaking to 13-year-olds in schools and included some fairly graphic photographs of facial injury. The impact of the photographs was significant (never underestimate the power of a picture) and really made the point. (One small boy did say at question time, 'Excuse me, sir, but when you do the operations are you ever sick?" Quite!)
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 3:37PM
Which is where i started, i am sickened by violence.
i still have a concern that television, media in general show violence to such an extent that it just about glorifies it and makes it more acceptable. i wonder if just as many get off on this sort of image as who are horrified by it, or in some cases both.
JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 3:41PM
I agree that it can be horrific Phil, but I fail to see the glorification... I think, if anything, that the conversation here has proven that an image can be a far more powerful catalyst for action than just words...
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Mar 2009 8:27PM
I Think you have missed the point entirely on more than one account.....!

If an image has caused you to think, Stired an emotion be that happy or sad, Then that image has worked.......!

Quote:the problem as i see it, is that this site is generally aimed at posting for peoples amusement and pleasure and not for making political statements and cries for help

We are all entitled to our opinions, This may be your take on the site, However the bottom line is that it's a photography site, That encompasses all genre's of photography......!

Once you start dictating what images can and can't be included, You are talikng about censorship......Sad
Geraint 15 715 34 Wales
19 Mar 2009 8:46PM

Quote:the problem as i see it, is that this site is generally aimed at posting for peoples amusement and pleasure

My worst fear in regards to EPZ is that this problem will actually be realised.

I'm not criticising you for your view at all as we are all entitled to our opinions, but I personally feel that images such as the one you're referring to are incredibly important and valid for inclusion on photography sites. Especially after reading the photographer's response to the reference to this thread. It's a difficult topic when the borders between art and harsh reality blur, but it's one that needs to be highlighted, and I think that the photo being discussed does this effectively.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Mar 2009 9:01PM
I'm Guessing this is the image you are reffering too.....!


If so, You really have missed the point......Sad
Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
19 Mar 2009 9:03PM
I really don't give a monkey's as long as it has the end result Carmen was trying to achieve.

And if you read this Carmen, how's the site across the pond; I haven't managed to get there for a while. Smile
Krakman 15 3.6k Scotland
19 Mar 2009 9:07PM
It's a perfectly good image, can't see what's wrong with it or what the fuss is about.

But to find it pornographic is just a little bit worrying...
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
19 Mar 2009 9:32PM
Having read the thread before looking, I was a bit disappointed in the image. I don't see the impact some seem to get from it; to me it looks manipulated. I'm not putting the image or the photographer down, but it doesn't have much effect on me. For the record; I am against violence of any kind.

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