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DELL PC crashed -- AHCI BIOS not installed

VolcanoCowboy 14 157 England
9 Oct 2008 11:39PM
I know this is not a pc forum, but I'm sure there must be someone here who can ateast point me inthe right direction.

My 10 month old Dell desktop running WIndows XP with SP3 has just died. Whilst editing a photo in PSE 6 (with Lightroom open in the background), the computer froze up. I could not reboot using ctrl+alt+del, so had to hard reboot using the power button.

On reboot, the Dell flash screen appears and then the miessage AHCI BIOS not installed!! appears and nothing else happens.

Any suggestions as what to do would be greatly appreciated - I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to this. I do have Windows CDs, and can boot from the OS disk.
strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2008 11:50PM
First the good news, unless you had multiple drives in a RAID configuration, that message is normal. How long are you leaving it?

My advice is to turn it off at the mains for a bit, then turn on and leave it for 30min all by itself, it is possible that windows needs to to sort itself out. If after that time it is still dead, insert the windows CD and re-start the machine.

Boot from the CD, F12 at power up should get you the boot options and then let windows do a repair. If you have the option, opt for a restore point a couple of days back. If all else fails and it still does not work, opt for a windows re-install
VolcanoCowboy 14 157 England
10 Oct 2008 12:01AM
Err normal? this is the first time that I have ever seen this message on any of my dell pcs (am on my third). I've not got a raid configuration, but I have artitioned my single 320 GB drive into 3 smaller particions.

I've left for about 10-15 minutes, so I'll do as you say strawman, and actually leave it overnight as I need to get to bed Tongue
strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2008 12:04AM
It is normaly there, well it is on my Dell, but it boots so quick you do not see it. I bet you will be able to see that message now. It is probably only on the later machines with SATA drives.
marc484ie 13 31 1 Ireland
10 Oct 2008 7:29AM
Here's how to fix it.

1 pop your windows cd in the drive
2 press space bar while booting (This will load startup from the disc)
3 press R to enter recovery console.
4 press 1 to load your version of windows that you'll want to fix If it ask for a password just press enter.
5 type "CHKDSK /R"
6 when chkdsk finishes type exit this will restart your pc

Let check disc run for a while and your computer will be repaired.
VolcanoCowboy 14 157 England
10 Oct 2008 9:19AM
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your suggestions. Everything appears to be working fine now. I followed Strawmans suggestions and the first worked. Must remember to be more patient next time !
User_Removed 16 17.9k 8 Norway
10 Oct 2008 10:34AM
Or try:

Start/Run - type 'cmd' in the small window and when the DOS window appears type 'chkdsk c: /F' (** Note the spaces and the Capitals**)

This should out the twisted knickers Wink
VolcanoCowboy 14 157 England
10 Oct 2008 10:41AM
Thanks Mike, chkdsk ran when I booted the machine up this morning, and everything is now working OK.
User_Removed 16 17.9k 8 Norway
10 Oct 2008 11:05AM
Great! Doesn't hurt to run chkdsk /F once in a while - keeps things aligned.

Which reminds me... Wink
strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2008 11:59AM
I think that if windows fails to shut down properly it often runs CHKDSK itself, but in silent mode, so you see nothing, but give it time it corrects itself, then starts up again.

As for AHCI BIOS, that message is always generated when RAID mode is not enabled on the DELL motherboards of a certain type. In normal running the windows clears it, but when windows starts in a diagnostic/recovery mode it takes longer before the windows start up screen is shown, so you can see the message.

On mine it can be seen just after the Bios screen is cleared.
burl0802 10 3
11 Aug 2010 5:05PM
Hey guys, i have the same problem, but mine just wont get further than the error message, i cant enter boot menu(f12) and if i do, it pops over in the error message, and if i enter setup(f2) the only thing that come on the screen is a blue line, in the buttom of the screen.
pleze help, and im sorry about my english...

strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2010 5:40PM
Do you see the screen saying press F2 etc. If yes BIOS is starting you are just not pressing the keys quick enough.

I would remove any USB device that is not essential, i.e have only the muse and keyboard connected and do complete power off (remove plug) wait for a couple of min and power up again. If no luck remove power and open case to check connection of cables and graphics card.

If from above you get no luck, un-lug the SATA cable to HD and put Windows CD in DVD drive. that should make to boot from the DVD and if it runs up to instal, shut PC down and select CD drive as boot 1 in BIOS. Then power off and re-connect HD. Then boot to Windows CD and select repair options rather than instal, unless you are happy to trash the C drive. It is slooooooow so give it lots of time. It should offer to either repair or restore to an older time.
burl0802 10 3
11 Aug 2010 6:34PM
so the cable that goes from the motherboard to the hd, shall be putted into the dvd drive?
burl0802 10 3
11 Aug 2010 6:44PM
sorry i misunderstood, but it will not boot from the cd, even if i unplug cabels from hd ...
strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2010 8:43PM
Sorry I do not know what else to suggest except to ask Dell for help

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