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Depressed Moi?

Lou_C Plus
10 755 2 England
1 Apr 2008 11:40PM

what exactly is the cause of depression..

There is no one cause of depression, endogenous depression is thought to be genetic and within the person from birth. Exogenous depression is brought on by events in a persons life.

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p3asa Plus
12 676 Scotland
1 Apr 2008 11:54PM
Cathy, I would be here all day if I tried to answer just those simple questions and I'm not trying to duck out of it but I just haven't got the time

We use a similar leaflet to this which gives good advice.

I've seen many a person that has been seriously crippled with depression and have required ECT so depression shouldn't be taken lightly. I also came across one patient that went for a form of frontal lobotomy and we are only talking 15 years ago so this thing still goes on. But please note these are VERY extreme cases and out of the ordinary.

I've read on here folk say depression isn't a chemical imbalance as previously thought and to be honest, mental health isn't an exact science and they are continually coming up with different theories so that may not be the case but that is what antidepressants work on.

I would disagree with whoever said an event can't bring on depression because that simply isn't true. Maybe technically it is but in reality it can lead to depression.

Take a death for example. Most folk will go through the grieving process , but some folk will get stuck at a stage and this can easily lead to depression which we class as a "Reactive depression".

Are we born with it? The million dollar question. I think a lot of research suggest that some might be predisposed with it and need certain triggers ie, stress, risky lifestyle to trigger it which would explain the reason why 1 person gets depression and another doesn't yet they both appear to be living identical lifestyles.

p3asa Plus
12 676 Scotland
1 Apr 2008 11:59PM

Quote:.My (highly un-scientific) observation of a friend who had an extreme case was that the pills (I don't know what they were) seemed to act as a kind of anaesthetic - they stopped the patient from giving a damn about anything whatsoever - on the surface at least. From the psychiatrist's point of view, that was regarded as a success.

Unfortunately this happens quite a lot. The effects of the tablets blunt the persons emotions but generally in time the body gets used to this and they can normally function at a high level again. It is like you say a catch 22 because without the tablets they might be able to work their way through their problems and not have this numbing effect. But generally when it has went on for so long and nothing is lifting it, medication is usually required.

Krakman 11 3.6k Scotland
2 Apr 2008 12:10AM
Thanks for your perspective Steven, it's very interesting!

Quote:generally when it has went on for so long and nothing is lifting it, medication is usually required.

In the case I mentioned it hadn't actually gone on for long before they were perscribed - it was first diagnosed by the GP in the morning and she was in hospital that evening... but I get the drift of what you mean!
ronss Plus
11 1.2k Canada
2 Apr 2008 12:20AM
Over the last thirty years, I have lost over a year of work time with multiple depression incidents - five? six? don't remember.

Exercise? The day before I crashed and burned on my second major bout, I swam two miles. I had been swimming for about six months - almost daily. (I hate exercise, but enjoy physical work. I have built a shed, two decks, landscaped the back, side and front of our house, used a jackhammer to tear up our driveway, worked as a labourer on the railroad.) During one bout of depression, I built a 10x12 foot shed and a 12 x 20 foot in-ground deck with a shade over it. Exercise/work do nothing for me.

Antidepressants don't work? (Insert a string of abusive obscene profanities here.) My last major bout came about because I figured I was doing fine, and, against doctor's advice, tapered off one of my three medications. That round was hell.

My wife hates having me lying around, resents that I'm not helping out. I drag myself to do jobs, to "carry my share" - leaving myself drained even more. All I want to do is sleep.

Even now, when I'm (relatively) fine, I still could go home after work, lie down till dinner, lie down till bedtime, then sleep until nine or ten the next morning.

Haven't been out taking much in the way of photos for several months. No energy.

But, life is still not too bad. Beats the alternative. And there have been many times when the only reason I didn't head over the cliff into the canyon, or through the dam, or into an oncoming tank truck was that I couldn't do that to our son.

We all have our own paths to walk. Some of us are chronically depressed, some of us have diabetes, some of us seem to be free of all of it. Whatever. So far, one day at a time.

The Power of Now and A New Earth have both helped me deal with some stuff.
pcheywood Plus
12 1.3k England
2 Apr 2008 12:27AM
This thread interested me earlier today (yesterday in reality (just noticed the time)), nice to see lot's of folk with no personal experience cluttering the thread with totally unhelpful bickering!

Krakman 11 3.6k Scotland
2 Apr 2008 12:37AM

Quote:nice to see lot's of folk with no personal experience

How do you know what personal experience people have?
pcheywood Plus
12 1.3k England
2 Apr 2008 12:40AM

Quote: How do you know what personal experience people have?

Most of them mentioned it earlier in the thread !

Krakman 11 3.6k Scotland
2 Apr 2008 12:46AM
I wouldn't take what people say about themselves at face value so easily.

You want to tell us all about yourself?
pcheywood Plus
12 1.3k England
2 Apr 2008 12:51AM

Quote:I wouldn't take what people say about themselves at face value so easily.

You want to tell us all about yourself?

Not really, just have lots of empathy through personal experience, and not friends, friends of friends, nor academic interests.

Krakman 11 3.6k Scotland
2 Apr 2008 12:56AM
I can understand you. I think many of us have empathy through personal experience. Judging by this thread, most of EPZ for starters! Personally speaking, like you, I'm not prepared to talk about most of it, except what I've already mentioned.

I also didn't really want to undermine Stolzy. I'm sure he knows an awful lot about the subject and can give an interesting perspective. I just thought it unfortunate that he shot down some other - sensible - things that were being said.
uggyy Plus
12 2.1k 9 Scotland
2 Apr 2008 1:51AM

Quote:Not sure this is a good idea and definitely don't think it belongs on EPZ! but gonna do it anyway!
Has anyone reading this ever suffered from depression? I was diagnosed in 2006 and am still having to put up with it! it can make day to day living really tough! Just thought, maybe, someone out there might have some opinions/suggestions/thoughts they might want to share.

Just to help this topic get back on track as Chris said...

I suppose it helps to know your by far not alone...

RobinF 11 83 1 England
2 Apr 2008 5:47AM
Thank you Chris and to all of you who commented and I am especially grateful for all the non-judgemental sympathy/empathy. Fortunately (because I have sat and read everyones posts!) one of the aspects of my depression is that I am often unable to sleep, rather than wanting to sleep all the time. I was amazed and gratified by the response to this thread and please let me reassure you nothing above has made me 'feel worse'. I am not surprised by the 'scientific debate' between croftsphoto, stolzy and gcarth etc over causes and treatment and thank them all for their input. A special thanks to Lee (WelshKiwi) for thinking I am brave - I'm not, but thanks anyway! I can only talk about depression from my own recent experience and also a little of what I have observed in others struggles. I am not qualified otherwise. I hope others feel able to post to this thread or PM me if they prefer. Best wishes to all who posted and to those who read this and many thanks again.
RobinF 11 83 1 England
2 Apr 2008 6:17AM

Things at the moment are not too good for me and family, few things major surgery approaching, loss of employment with it comes our home as well, and a financial disaster in that my old pension has bellied out and is really worthless.

I know this sounds like an empty platitude but I wish you and your family all the best. - Robin
RobinF 11 83 1 England
2 Apr 2008 6:23AM

Quote: General advice seems pretty futile, because sufferers have different reasons and different manifestations of this illness (plus there are different forms of depression of course). But trying to detach myself from the illness eventually worked for me. Do not give in to it - fight it with a manical grin and force yourself back into the light and life. Takes a massive amount of effort, because it really is an all- consuming disease, but it can be done.

Listen to Nat King Cole crooning 'Smile'. He knew.

Thank you GlennH, your comments make a lot of sense to me. - Robin

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