Designer website or off the peg ?

Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 7:42PM
I designed lots of websites for my photos and put a lot of time into the design. I have also used for other website jobs. I realised recently that it would be easier to use it for a new photo website that I could still have the simple design that I like. If I put a link page from my own domain then it can almost appear as if it is on that site. Take a look and let me know what you think. ( pretty please).


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4 Dec 2012 8:07PM
if you get your own domain you don't have to have the you could just have your name, or whatever you wanted Grin Looks like a good page, Portfolio 4 says the Cardiff Collection and none of the other portfolios have a title on them (just so ya know). I used weebly to create my page as it was nice and simple and I am not tech savvy Tongue I leave that to my partner haha Grin
Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 8:11PM
True, but you have to pay a monthly fee for that and transfer your domain to them. I use it for other things as well, so I'd rather not. This way the wix section is free, though you do have the advert for them
4 Dec 2012 8:21PM
yeah that is a true hassle. I took mine out with ipage because it was the cheapest and it has served me well Grin
Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 8:25PM
Not heard of ipage. you are impressed with it then ? What does it offer ?
4 Dec 2012 8:56PM
1.99 a month. I got $50 facebook advertising off them. they are rather good Grin but as I said my partner set up all the technical I.T stuff. All I do is upload pictures every day as I am doing a personal project at the moment Grin if you use weebly its a drag and drop site builder but you can do it through wordpress, which I tried and did not like as it kept crashing!
lemmy 13 2.8k United Kingdom
4 Dec 2012 9:38PM
One observation and crucial. I have a 60Mb cable connection and your site is very, very slow to load and navigate. You are not using high res images, so there is no technical reason why it should be so.

The design is untidy and overly complicated, it's as if someone is more interested in making a web site than showing your work.

Could portfolio one etc as a title not be made more meaningful? You know what you mean but if I say to you about my site, Portfolio A, what does it mean to you? Can you not theme your work and make the layout more logical?

Your site is designed from the point of view of someone who already knows your work. Try to look at it from the point of view of someone who does not know your work.

I'm not sure what (pretty please) means. If it means that you only want positive comments, please ignore my remarks. They are made with good intention and a long history as a web site consultant but that doesn't make me right Wink
4 Dec 2012 9:50PM
Hmmm I have 30mb and I didn't think it was slow lol. Then again I have just been upgraded and horrible problems with Virgin (all off topic) Tongue
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
4 Dec 2012 9:54PM
there are dozens of free wordpress templates that do a great job of presenting your work

I'd certainly have a look at that route

all that "create a wix site for free" stuff does you no favours... it's a bit like getting business cards with "Free from Vistaprint" written on the back...
lemmy 13 2.8k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2012 9:40AM

Quote:Hmmm I have 30mb and I didn't think it was slow lo

I don't know then. I have 60Mb that speed tests at exactly that on my rj45 connection and 36Mb on my wifi.

Quote:there are dozens of free wordpress templates that do a great job of presenting your work

I agree. So many of those free site creators look what they are. Wordpress is far and away the best bet if you can't roll your own. There's nothing like hand rolled raw HTML/ CSS for speed and control, though and it's easy to use and fun to learn.
Bonvilston 9 61 8 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2012 11:00AM
lemmy - "pretty please was a plea not to be ignored. I am more than happy to get constructive criticism - that's exactly why I put this thread up. I am grateful for your comments. I will set to work changing it. I have to say that I have used wordpress sites before now and they are good. The problem that I had was that they were nowhere near as easy as Wix and so I've had pretty sites that I just wasn't updating for months. The problem is not wordpress, it is me being lazy. Wix is not about qiuality it is about accepting me being lazy. The key message I get from you is " look at it the other way round - stop being lazy" . I know deep down that this is really the route forward.

I take on board exactly what you say about labelling the portfolios.

I found it hard to read your last comment. Whether it is 30mb or 60mb seems academic when you live, like me, in an area where I am grateful for 3mb and in the evenings it goes down to almost zero. SadSadSadSadSadSadSad
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
5 Dec 2012 11:20AM
I've been meddling with Wordpress for over a year now so it seems incredibly easy to me now... I guess if you're on the learning curve, it could look daunting Wink

Just type "wordpress theme photography" into Google and see what's out there.... add the word "free" and you'll be amazed at what people are giving away these days
lemmy 13 2.8k United Kingdom
5 Dec 2012 1:06PM

Quote: I am grateful for 3mb and in the evenings it goes down to almost zero.

Yes, it makes nonsense of the boasts of huge speeds. For some, yes, in the cities. I'm in SW London.

What strikes me as odd is that in a remote area of southern France, I have a broadband connection of 8mb and it is 8Mb. Even there, in the middle of vineyards and sunflower fields, in a tiny hilltop village I could get 20Mb if I wanted. Why can the French do it and we cannot? It is because the French are committed to broadband and see it as part of the infrastructure of the country. Here, I think the companies just regard you as lucky to be getting a service at all, so we should stop moaning as far as they are concerned.

I started with 10Mb (on cable) and it has gradually been increased to 60. For me, the practical difference between the 10 and 60 speeds is minimal since I don't play games or download films. 8Mb is fine but it does need to be 8mb. Your speeds are a disgrace, really. But that's off topic.

I wasn't implying you were lazy - I'm sure you're not. If I were you I'd take a look at lots of Wordpress photography sites and just copy the one you like best, theme and general layout and put your own words and pix there. Then alter as you see fit over the course of time. It evolves to your own rather than a copy over time. You have good pictures so it is worth the effort, in my opinion.

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