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Diabetes in Photographers

TonyBrooks 8 71 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 8:22AM
Hi All - Good Morning

I know I'm not alone here however,there are probably hundreds of Photographers with Diabetes types 1&2.

Some days I can't be asked to get the camera out of the bag let alone take photographs and often asked too do work for others like portraits and wedding photography,one day I'll jump at the offer, other times I could'nt be bothered.

Could I ask if there any other sufferers that feel like this and how do you get round it.

Best Wishes


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peterjones 15 4.7k 1 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 8:31AM
I don't have diabetes but I know plenty of people who do suffer from this condition; I wish all the very best to all sufferers in getting to grips with the disease and lets hope medical science sometime soon find more effective ways of combating and curing diabetes.

12 Aug 2011 8:52AM
I was feeling like that a few months back, although I do not have diabetes. I then had an unfortunate episode whilst on holiday in Greece at the end of May when I temporarily lost some use in an arm & leg. Really scary! However we came home the next day I went straight to the doctor who didn't think it was a stroke or TIA but did do lots of blood tests. She was very excited when a few days later found that my thyroid gland had gone haywire! what you are describing above is exactly how I felt before this diagnosis and the point of this is to ask if you have had your thyroid functions tested recently - this can go along with diabetes apparently. It may be an idea to ask for this test to be done with your next set of bloods? Hope you soon get on an even keel, its quite nice once you get on it!! All the best Lou
scottishphototours 13 2.6k 2
12 Aug 2011 10:03AM
I was recently diagnosed with pernicious aneamia, a condition that I've probably had all my life but that manifests its symptoms in the mid-40's.

Symptoms are severe fatigue (ME like), racing heartrate (heart attack like sometimes), numbness in arms, fingers and toes and several other less obvious ones. They took 3 weeks of tests to find it.

I've found some excellent online resources and found that understanding the disease is a great help in managing it. My advice is to become an expert in your disease by reading as much as you can about it - you may find a nugget of info in there to help you. Mine was that getting blood tests done regularly to let you monitor and manage the effects - becoming a flatline rather than a roller-coaster type effect.

Hope it goes well for you.
TonyBrooks 8 71 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 10:31AM
Thank you All - For your comments and advice I appreciate you responding

Have a Great week-end


Railcam 11 653 1 Scotland
12 Aug 2011 10:35AM
I have had mild diabetes for the last 12 years ( kept in check by tablets) and I have exactly the same feelings. Some mornings, just getting up wears me out and after that I just can't be bothered with anything. Even thinking is an effort. Physical tiredness seems to lead to mental tiredness.

The suggestion of a thyroid problem seems sensible. I might suggest that to my GP.
Terry L Plus
14 596 5 England
12 Aug 2011 10:47AM
Railcam, I think you will find that the Thyroid check is carried when you have your yearly diabetes blood test check up.

I have had type 2 diabetes for 5 years, like railcam it is controlled with tablets and diet and suffer exactly the same feelings. Which doesn't help the depression and anxiety that I also have.

You just have to try and stay positive about things, easier said than done at times.
KevSB 13 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 11:09AM
I canot help you or give advice as fortunetly I do not have Diabetes, In october 2010 my anual blood tests showed that I was showing the signs of diabetis developing due to my wieght Problem, I was 23 stone and the doctor said i needed to make some life changes, In january this year I started a diet and have lost 8 stone as of yesterday and recent blood test showed no signs of low blood sugers so im very lucky.
After reading this I realise how lucky ive been to avoid it and gives me even more reason to continue.

ChrisTom 9 72 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 11:44AM
Hi Tony.

I have “Multiple Sclerosis”, I don’t walk very well, (drag my right leg and foot), this symptom can been seen, but the hidden symptom is fatigue, which other people cannot fully understand, I have had comments made, like ah yes I get very tired. As you have described with your “diabetes“, being tired is not the same, as fatigue.

If I can offer some advice, this may not be relevant with “diabetes”. But may be worth trying. With “Multiple sclerosis” you get days just as you describe, (ie) cant be bothered to even take your camera out of the bag, then the next day you feel you could fight the world. With “MS” on the bad days, unfortunately you just have to accept, the way you are feeling and take it easy, but the important thing, is on the good days, although you feel like it, is not to over do it, because you will have to pay for it in the days following.

So in a long winded way, I am saying that you need to manage the fatigue, and try and balance your activities between ,bad days, ok days and good days. As I said, this may not be relevant to your condition, and also I don’t think I have described it very well, but hope you get the idea.

If you google, the “Multiple Sclerosis Society”, they do a very good booklet on managing fatigue.

Hope this is of some help.

Take care.

Chris R.
Railcam 11 653 1 Scotland
12 Aug 2011 12:36PM

Quote:Railcam, I think you will find that the Thyroid check is carried when you have your yearly diabetes blood test check up.

Thanks Terry. Good news if they do check it, bad news in that it can be crossed off the list.

Also agree with Chris. If I do get active on a good day, I will pay for it on the second day after. Strangely, not the next day.

Comforting to know that is not just me being "lazy". I often feel guilty that some people think I am being idle.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 12:59PM
I am fortunate to not have such a condition but my mum had cancer a few years ago and had similar cycles.

I think part of it is managing your expectations of yourself, recognising that some days you can't do what you would normally do (which itself can be incredibly frustrating). You may recognise patterns leading up to the fatigue and mentally wind-down a bit. Do you have lightweight tasks that you can keep aside for those days of fatigue?

Good luck with it - there are some incredible patient support groups out there and I am sure you will find others who have an approach to the diabetes that will chime with you.
TonyBrooks 8 71 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 1:40PM
Hi All

I cant belive all the responses that have come from this subject I am overwhelmed by your comments! and I thank you again for that.

The history is that I have Sleep apneoa and this ailment brought on the Diabetes which later was miss diagnosed from Type 2 to Type1 aqnd where I inject daily with insulin.

I think the bottom line is that I have never come too terms with having Diabetes that probably brings me down.

Have a Lovely weekend - Take stacks of Photographs
knikki91 11 35 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2011 2:39PM
Interesting I have had type 1 diabeties for 45years (I think) and yep some days you feel like taking on the world some days you just can't be a5sred.

It is just a part of life and when I feel like that I usually go look at stacks of images or books I have lying around and dream about new ideas or what I am going to do in college next year Smile
Paul Morgan 16 18.9k 6 England
14 Aug 2011 12:08AM

Quote:Some days I can't be asked to get the camera out of the bag let alone take photographs

The biggest hurdle is learning to live well with the condition, it can be done, just take each day as it comes.

Quote:Could I ask if there any other sufferers that feel like this and how do you get round it

I don`t have diabetes but I have a condition that is sometimes associated with it.

Pretty much all my adult life up to early 2004 I had always been super fit, I needed to be, I was an oarsman (rower) and open water swimmer.

Then out of the blue muscles started wasting away, I had no energy, some days I found myself to weak to even get out of bed. Then one day I was rushed into hospital in a very bad way, after life saving treatment I was told that I had suffered a thyroid storm and after more test it was discovered that I had graves disease.

I`d never even heard of this so google and stumbled upon the Gail Devers Story (not this particular story but something similar) and It kind of gave me the strength to try and beat it.

So later in 2004 I opted for thyroid surgery, I could have gone the other way and opted for the painless nuclear medicine, the down side being hormone replacement therapy for life and a hormone you cannot live without.


The hardest part for me has been controlling the weight, a common problem with people with thyroid problems or no thyroid but I have learnt to manage it pretty well.

It hasn`t all been plain sailing, last year I developed Thyroid eye disease, its not caused by the thyroid as its name suggest, but its another aspect of Graves disease, it cost me my job and almost the sight in my left eye and damaged the right eye.

For me I did not pick a camera up for a good nine months Sad

Good luck.

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