Diets - can they work?

at the moment i am trying to lose some weight have cut out soft drinks even diet no sugar versions no cakes choc ect eating bananas porridge what is your view of changing what you eat long term

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JackAllTog Plus
10 5.4k 58 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2018 8:12AM
If I stopped snacking between 'healthy meals' then I'm sure I'd lose some weight. Small Portion size and brisk walking help too.
hobbo Plus
8 1.3k 2 England
6 Jun 2018 8:34AM
Iím experiencing a rye smile here.....why ?

Because I have the typical....Oldieís Paunch....I donít like it, but nothing seems to make it want to go away.

I do have spates of being serious about returning to a normal waist size....

This Monday after a weekend of serious fruit eating, half portions and no biscuits.....I did my usual walk into town....only to return feeling faint and very weak.

A cup of tea and three jam sandwiches soon put things right....and then a decent scrambled egg lunch later.......

Just canít win !

justin c 15 5.0k 36 England
6 Jun 2018 8:52AM
All these different types of diet make losing weight seem so complicated at times. It really isn't rocket science though. If you burn more calories than you consume, you'll lose weight, that's all there is to it.
Eat well, eat healthy food and exercise.
JJGEE 14 7.4k 18 England
6 Jun 2018 8:54AM
Not sure about cutting out soft drinks, I drink Robinsons Lemon Barley Water which is quite refreshing when one has been out and come home thirsty.

Also diets, those that are constantly being advertised and exercise classes etc. do not work for me but I have changed what I eat over the last few years.
More fresh / dried fruit, sough dough / seeded based bread and cutting out sugar on cereals and in hot drinks.

As for losing weight, probably exercise is the most beneficial " ingredient " especially when out walking all day in the fresh air with a backpack loaded with photographic gear Smile

Tianshi_angie 4 2.3k England
6 Jun 2018 9:26AM
I have found that for me the most successful diet is the 5-2 diet. (If you haven't heard of it, it means 2 days a week you diet - not 2 days together, normally 1 day dieting 2/3 days eating normally - then another day of diet) The diet days are limited to around 750 calories but because the rest of the time you can eat normally it is much easier to stick to - the thought becomes it is only for today! A few years back I lost a stone which took me some time but it worked. It also stayed off until this winter when problems with my back meant that I did very little at all in terms of any movement. So I now have to lose around half a stone. Google it as there are some suggested recipes for the diet days. And as always sensible eating means a longer life - make your choice.
Euan65 Plus
1 316 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2018 5:14PM
1. Eat less, especially avoid bread, potatoes, pasta, and added sugar. There is more than enough sugar naturally in a healthy diet that you do not need to add more. Same for salt in temperate climates.

2. Exercise more.

You will lose weight.
dark_lord Plus
15 2.2k 571 England
6 Jun 2018 7:37PM
Fancy diets do work in that they make money for their inventors (so hey are successful).Wink
So yes,you will lose pounds (of the Sterling variety) Grin

I recall a Jasper Carrot joke where he said you gain weight if you put more in there than comes out there.
I'll let you work out the locations of each 'there' Smile.
Chris_L 5 5.0k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2018 8:02PM
I found it hard to take in less calories and burn more and was stuck, I was 14st 8. That was around 3 months ago. I changed the type of stuff I ate.

Last week I broke through 13st and that's where I am now. I want to lose another half a stone.

I cut right down on processed carbs and sugar. Ate more greens, more protein. If I needed / wanted something sweet I ate fruit (this was instead of a pudding or biscuits or ice cream). Did a bit more exercise.

I got one of these and depending whether I want something filling, a nutritious meal replacement or a natural low fat dessert I vary the combo of greens and fruit that I put in it. They are fab and you don't need the expensive brand leader. It has made the difference for me.
SlowSong Plus
10 8.0k 30 England
6 Jun 2018 8:10PM
Yes, I've got one of those sort of gadgets, but somehow toast and peanut butter is so much more enjoyable. Blush
Mike_Smith Plus
11 562 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2018 8:39PM
I got none alcoholic fatty liver disease, I went to see a consultant who told me only cure is to lose weight. So I started at the end of January, up to now I have lost 2 stone 7 pounds, which I am pleased with. But I intend to carry on, all I have done is cut out like you said above cakes, biscuits etc. I am not a drinker at all, but throughout the day I drink plenty of water. I only eat one meal a day too and it works for me, I am unable to do much exercise apart from swimming, because I am disabled and canít walk
Paul Morgan 17 19.3k 6 England
6 Jun 2018 10:08PM

Quote:at the moment i am trying to lose some weight have cut out soft drinks even diet no sugar versions no cakes choc ect eating bananas porridge what is your view of changing what you eat long term

Look into the warrior diet (20/4), the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting etc although really these are not diets at all, they are just lifestyle changes that really work.

Simple and fast way`s of loosing weight, can also eliminate type 2 diabetes or reduce the risk of developing it, loads of other healthy benefits as well.

Cut the carbs and sugar, increase the fat content in meals (forget all the low fat crap) get plenty of good sleep.

Stop counting calories, these are pretty meaningless at the end of the day, its your body that you need to be listening to and it will need some re-training and a good amount of healthy stress.

I shed more or less 5 stone in 10 weeks, with no extra exercise and no food restrictions, believe me it works but it is not easy to adapt, the first two or three weeks were absolute hell (your changing the habits of a lifetime) and I`d become a slob and now feel and look 20 years younger Smile

For me it was the 20 and 4 at the beginning, now it varies a bit (I`m back in shape) some days the 20/4 , some days the 16 and 8, some days I don`t eat at all, just not hungry but sill have bags of energy, its the natural way, we were once all hunters, gatherers.

I`m also into callisthenics, no gym membership needed, you can do this at the office or stood at the bus stop Smile

I live with meniere`s and its been the best balance training in the world for me.


hobbo Plus
8 1.3k 2 England
6 Jun 2018 10:33PM
That is going to fo me a lot of good at 80 yrs old....

A good sensible diet is about my limit.....I’ve cut down on sugar....

But having been a wartime brat.....I still need to satisfy my sweet an occasional cake or chock gets ‘ain’t worth living going without it ?

Paul Morgan 17 19.3k 6 England
6 Jun 2018 10:46PM
Yes just do your own thing.
saltireblue Plus
8 9.0k 35 Norway
7 Jun 2018 7:40AM
I practice a well-balanced diet:

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