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Digital SLR Photography - Digital SLR User

Hi all,

Just thought I'd put a message on to say that in trying to find a copy of Digital SLR Photography as mentioned on this site a number of times and accidently stumbled on another brand new photography mag with a very similar name thinking that this was the mag I wanted..

Digital SLR User. Possibly the worst photography mag I've ever bought. I won't be making that mistake again.

As anyone else seen this dire excuse of a magazine?
Chris_H 17 1.5k 1
22 Nov 2006 10:41PM
I got the first issue and didnt think it was too bad compared to some of the other magazines around but I wouldnt buy it again.
kaybee Plus
17 7.9k 26 Scotland
22 Nov 2006 10:43PM
Like Aaron, I also bought this waste of paper
uggyy 15 2.1k 9 Scotland
22 Nov 2006 10:53PM
I near did the same thing, too many mags with almost the same name and even the same sort of cover...

I got the with with the article on Analise, which I thought was great. Found it was a good enough read...and loved that it wasnt 6 quid with a CD/DVD that ends up a coffee coaster.

geoffrey baker 17 501 1 Wales
22 Nov 2006 11:57PM
I bought "Digital SLR User" last Saturday thinking it was the one by Daniel Lezano, can't comment on it yet as I haven't read it.

I didn't realise there were 2 mags with very similar names on the shelves, I checked the issue number and saw it was only the second issue so I assumed it was the one I was after as I knew that Daniel's one had just recently started, bet it's happened to loads of people, I'll be more careful next time though.

Sorry Dan, your sales are one copy down now through my silly mistake, I'll get next month's though :o(

23 Nov 2006 12:15AM
Hmmm - another magazine in an overfished pond.

Surely it cant tell us anything that What Digital Camera, Digital Photography, et al hasnt already told us? The content of all these photo mags is basically the same - nice pretty pictures, readers portfolos and critique, tests, news and technique. And we the the hardy annuals - snow, autumn, Bonfire night, holidays - it's so boring.

It's getting as bad as the railway and aircraft periodical markets. Another overfished market.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2006 12:23AM
I quite like Digital Photo Pro. The Rankin article was interesting. The case study on Sarah Edwards intrigued me too. I might get a couple more issues.

funny think ids it has lots of work by people using film. I am fine with that but have to laugh at their title.
randomrubble 17 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2006 9:56AM
Having the launch issue of both I don't see much difference, both going for a slice of the same pie, though the portrait lighting tutorial in DSLR Photography is better. I think Digital Photographer is still slightly ahead of the pack though I'd prefer if they ditched the disk and reduced the cover price.
derekc23 15 8 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2006 4:15PM
I have found digital camera and digital photo good,long reads.
redhed17 15 881 England
26 Nov 2006 6:26PM
There were 3 new digital camera mags released over the last month or so. Surely there can't be space for all of them in the market. I know the DSLR market has increased a lot, but not enough to justify this kind of increase in publications. And all the mags, not just the new ones, are aimed at the DSLR user btw.

They must have all had the same market analysts telling them to start a mag at the same time. Wink

They are all so similar, as to give me trouble remembering their names.

But I think they are:
Digital SLR User
Digital SLR Photography
Digital Photo Pro

I hope the journalists on these mags are pro photographers, because they may not have a long term career with these mags. lol
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2006 6:32PM
Well I've been heavily involved in the Newcastle art tour this weekend and Digital SLR Photography were kind enough to send us a 1000 copies to distribute as part of the promo.

Most people who flicked through the publication were impressed and I had the time to discuss in a little bit of detail some of the product and articles within the publication.

So on the last two days basis it seems the publication will be well received. Oh and on top of that the UK should sell 4000 digitl SLR's a day on the run up to xmas ... the UK has gone digital SLR mad !!!


redhed17 15 881 England
26 Nov 2006 6:46PM
I think with the 3 new mags, that makes at least 12 I can think of, unless I've missed 1 or 2. Where's that surprised emoticon when you need it. Wink

4000 DSLR's a day seems like a lot of cameras.
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2006 6:51PM
It is a lot ... but already stores are doing around 1000 digital SLR's a day ... and thats currently!

dontforgetme 17 1.7k 7 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2006 6:55PM
I liked the article on Annaliese, but I am wondering how many more of the old favs make it to the pages Smile
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
26 Nov 2006 7:32PM

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