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Divorce imminent!!!!!!

gajj 17 32
29 Feb 2004 5:47AM
Well, among all the very weird laws we have here in Utah is one that says that you can't turn your horse and cart around on main street on sundays so the mince pie law makes perfect sense. but I don't actually know anything about mince pies because I'm not here now and have never been here.
Phoenix 19 1.9k England
29 Feb 2004 7:05AM
It's illegal to throw snowballs in Belton, Mo.

Flying a kite is illegal in Schaumburg, Ill.

In Oregon and New Jersey it's illegal to pump your own gas.

Kern County, Calif., they've made it illegal to play Bingo while drunk. Well let me ask you, where's the fun in that?

In Illinois you may not hunt bullfrogs with a firearm. If you can't hunt 'em with a firearm, how in the world are you supposed to catch 'em?

And if you go to El Paso, Texas, you better not sell any ice from out of town, though I don't know how in the world you'd be able to sell any ice from out of town by the time you got there it'd be melted!

In Tuscaloosa, can't give animals any alcoholic drink. But what about the alcoholic dog named Boozer, who became an alcoholic BEFORE this law was passed? Shouldn't there be a grandfather clause or something?

In Honolulu it's illegal to annoy a bird, course that means that Hawaii isn't as much fun as it was before!

Arkansas actually has a law against pronouncing their state name as "Ar-Kansas. Funny, you can date your sister, but you can't say Ar-Kansas.

You can't use a pogo stick on a city bus in Fairfax County, Va. Ok, that one doesn't even deserve a response.

It's illegal to deface a milk carton in Massachusetts. A milk carton?

A man with a moustache may not kiss a woman in Eureka, Ill. Guess they sell LOTS of shavers there don't they?
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
29 Feb 2004 9:40AM
Now i'm glad i'm not here!!! lol
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
29 Feb 2004 10:49AM
And ... you can't drive more than two thousand sheep through the streets of Hollywood.

(You can barely drive through Hollywood in a car!! LOL)

Oh!! Oh!! see?? see?? I'm not here! I'm in Hollywood!!! 8-D

it was worth a try ..
jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
29 Feb 2004 11:56AM
From Trev: (I can only apologise!!!!)
1. It is illegal to go to church in a car.
2. It is illegal not to practice archery once a week.
3. Local bylaw (Blackpool) It is illegal to make a slide on the pavement when its iced up.
4. Its an offence for anybody to work in their normal job on Christmas Day but ok do do another job that you would not normally do (bizarre!).
All above apply to UK!!!
...he has gone off looking for more..... (gulp)
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
29 Feb 2004 12:31PM
It is illegal to fly a kite in the street.

How's a woman going to get a man if she can't fly her own kite?

"Flying your own kite" one of my dear old Mum's expressions.

Just Jas
Lesley Jane 18 305
29 Feb 2004 1:29PM
Just Jas
I never been able to fly my own kite so where does that leave me! - atleast I will be within the law ;o)

Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
1 Mar 2004 2:03AM
Dunno! I'll have to ask me Mum. LOL

Just Jas
gajj 17 32
1 Mar 2004 4:09AM
Good lord, thank god none of us are anywhere...the world needs help. I'd rather be isolated here in EPZ, except that I'm not here and neither are you. Did I mention that you can't buy alcohol in Utah in the grocery stores or anywhere because its evil but you can buy it at the State-run store so what does that make the State??
dishydi 17 3
3 Apr 2004 9:34AM
I am Welsh sister of Jeanie and just found this site, must say, Jeanie is an addict when it comes to photography and the computer, when visiting she says she is going for a bath and is really on the PC! Don't mind though as she does take fab photos. I want her to take some of my wedding next year but she doesn't feel experienced enough. As you all regularly chat, maybe you can help me to get her to agree.
flossie 17 1.6k
3 Apr 2004 1:40PM
Hello Di (great user name)
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
3 Apr 2004 3:11PM
Hi Di - are you as nuts as your sister then?

Mari (from Wales)
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
3 Apr 2004 7:52PM
I seem to remember that 'Welsh Nuts' were 'grate' for keeping you warm in the winter months. Smile

jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2004 7:56PM
Now now Jas...................its a need to know thing Haa haa....

Boy am I in trouble now - the family have found me! None of it is true (just defending myself already worrying about how they may embarrass me!)

Signed, an infrequent user of this website......(G)
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
3 Apr 2004 9:00PM
Come on then Di - dish out the dirt on your sis!!


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