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tri_stand 14 16
6 Jun 2007 12:15PM
I have Adobe Lightroom in which I can import images from my Nikon D80 as RAW (Which is what i shoot in) or I can select the option to Import and Convert to DNG.

What is the different? Is one better than the Other? Why?

Just like to see what others think. Is it mainly used by pros?

Thanks for any & all comments
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 12:23PM
DNG is a RAW standard that is universally used by no-one.
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 12:57PM
By no one except me Smile
Have a read here from the horses mouth.
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 1:00PM
Oh you're the DNG user, I've heard about you! Smile
gajj 17 32
6 Jun 2007 2:04PM
I appreciate the link as I was wondering just yesterday what DNG actually was..! Thanks.
MeanGreeny 15 3.7k England
6 Jun 2007 2:19PM

Quote:DNG is a RAW standard that is universally used by no-one.

Ricoh have adopted it as their RAW format and I suspect it's likely that other compact camera manufacturers will eventually follow
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 2:59PM
The Pentax K10 has DNG along with PEF & JPEG.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
6 Jun 2007 3:00PM
You could look upon DNG's like a ZIP file, In that where ever you send them and irrespective of what software is involved, Your supposed to be able to open them.

This is how Adobe would like to see it any how, A sort of RAW Jpeg if you like.

Trouble is that despite some interest from the odd camera manafacturer, DNG's are still not the Universall medium for dealing with RAW's.

On the face of it it's a great idea, But as yet it not the accepted one size fits all, Most of the Major camera manafacurers are also not keen on giving up on thier own Specific RAW files, Which they rightfully claim are unique to thier products.

Who knows maybe one day, But not yet.

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
6 Jun 2007 3:01PM
Maybe if DNG gets adopted by Microsoft it may make inroads. Adobe have a fair amount of clout but not as much as that.
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 3:24PM
From a user perspective DNG is no different to any other RAW format. However from a manufacturers point of view it could have cost savings as they don't need to develop propriatary formats and software tools for the cameras.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
6 Jun 2007 3:32PM
It would probably be more trouble to the major manufacturers to adopt DNG in place of their own formats.

That's why it probably won't happen (one of the reasons anyway).
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 3:39PM
Oh well, that's the end of that then! Actually I did use it last week when I was in a canon studio and I had my Nikon. For some reason (I guess it's to do with the version of ACR), their copy of PS CS would not read D200 NEFs, so I converted them to DNG in order that they could be processed by ACR along with the Canon files. It meant having two sets of RAW files, but it did the job.
tri_stand 14 16
6 Jun 2007 4:01PM
Thatnks for all the help.

So DNG is kind of the middle man between software and all the different versions of RAW files?

Means I don't need to worry about converting when exporting to Photoshop CS3?
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
6 Jun 2007 4:04PM
I`ve found that if you add the dng plugin to PS, there`s often no need to convert as it would then read the file anyway.
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2007 7:13PM
Jus while we're on the subject.
I have a Samsung GX10 that produces raw files in DNG format.
I can't find anything that will open the files as thumbnails in the file they're saved to.
They show up in Adobe bridge or even PS elements but there doesn't seem to be a microsoft thumbnail viewer that works.
Is this specific to the Samsung or does it hold true for any DNG files?

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