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Do I have to be well-known in EPZ for my photo to be viewed and criticised?!!

abuanas 4 5 Saudi Arabia
24 Apr 2016 12:26PM
Hi all,

In Photo Gallery, I think most of EPZ members look for the member name to view rather than the photo itself.

Hope I'm mistaken.

Qutaim Smile

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peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 12:35PM
Inevitably human nature will dictate that the better known more "popular" members may just garner more votes and awards than the shrinking violets amongst us, does it matter? Nope ... Do I care? Nope.

In the end a great image is a great image but sometimes a photograph that has exceeded all expectations elsewhere in a competition or exhibition may light no fires here.

I just use the gallery as a portfolio of my work, if people like one or two of my pictures and are gracious enough to give it a vote, award or comment that is an extra albeit great ...😀

Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 12:41PM
As I am a member of a camera club, I am already very active in submitting photographs for competitions, comments and in some cases reviewing other members photographs. I thus have little spare time to get involved in the galleries here. When I do have a look through, I never consider the members name and just look at the photograph. Generally for the main gallery, I only offer praise for images which particularly impress me. I would generally only offer criticism if I know that the author is willing to hear criticism.

capto Plus
8 6.3k 20 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 1:37PM
This theme is often a topic on this site. The votes and comments seldom reflect the merits or otherwise of the images. They are used differently by different members, for some they are no more than a friendly 'hello how are you', and for some an acknowledgement of a quality image. Most I guess are a mix of the extremes. I did do an experiment first image posted had 13 votes, 18months later I reposted it and it got 43 votes. I think the moral of this is not to take it too seriously, just enjoy it. If you involve yourself in the gallery and vote and comment your 'scores' will rise. This may not be how some think the system should work, but it does reflect human nature.
24 Apr 2016 1:38PM
Do you care of your image quality or into popularity contest? For myself I care how much one image is more liked than than the other, not how my likes compare to other's. As for critique gallery - I would think that a less popular member has better chance for objective and constructive critique. At least it is the way EPZ galleries work for me. Don't see why it could not work the came way for any other member.
Lenscapon 4 64
24 Apr 2016 1:58PM
Yes, I agree about the Critique section - comments are based on how muxh help people can provide.

For the normal Gallery, there's some friendly groups, often with a common interest (birds, portrait etc) but as an 'outsider' I think my comments relate to how striking or comment worthy an image when viewed as a thumbnail, and they not related to image quality. I think that's logical and understandable, and some of the comments can be fun or flattering, but is it really reasonable to expect fellow members to only add comments based on a professional assessment of image quality?
peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 2:06PM
I enjoy thumbing through the galleries and if a thumbnail captures my eye I click on it and vote, award or not, personally I couldn't care less who the photographer is, now to totally contradict myself as usual I do follow one or two photographers and I guess other epz members may do the same, inevitably those followed photographers are in danger of receiving more votes and awards than the norm.
hobbo Plus
9 1.6k 3 England
24 Apr 2016 2:10PM
This us a subject that pops up on here every now and then......
There are so many postings each day, that it is impossible to comment on each and every one.

My personal criteria required for commenting, presiding or giving an award, is the quality or uniqueness of the photograph; good ones usually stand out a mile, even as a Thumbnail version.

Overread 12 4.1k 19 England
24 Apr 2016 4:41PM
Few thoughts:

1) Due to the volume of posts you have to put YOUR effort into getting noticed yes; this is no different to any other large community. You can help your case significantly by:

a) Posting at a good time; the dead of night (GMT) or at weekends are poor times to post in general; weekdays during the 7am through to around 6pm are a rough good time to post when people are around (basically you're abusing lots of people sneaking off work or just before or after work)

b) Title your post well; then inside it include information such as your settings; equipment used; any critical thoughts of your own; any things you wanted to happen that didn't'; questions etc..
The more information you put up the more serious you appear. Not only is that helping you critique and understand your own work ;but it encourages others to come and join in.

c) Be polite around the site; help others; thank others for helping you; contribute and be around. This increases your chances that people will WANT to take up their free time to help you out in your hobby.

2) Use the critique gallery; helps to get you noticed and focused on by those eager to critique.

3) Try not to get too defensive; by all means justify your choices and explain your thought processes; but be humble and don't be offended if others don't like your work - remember to thank them and take their viewpoint into consideration or ask them to elaborate upon their point if you don't quite understand it.
abuanas 4 5 Saudi Arabia
24 Apr 2016 6:40PM
Thank you all Blush
I totally agree with all comments specially Lenscapon's and Overread's

I might need some time to enlarge my circle by posting better outcome

Thanks again 👏
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
24 Apr 2016 6:46PM
I'm going to be very honest here; since the new gallery has been incorporated into the site, apart from my week as Guest Editor, I just don't find the gallery conducive to the type of browsing I used to do. Now I go to that scroll down page, and 2 minutes later I'm out of it, looking for something else to do. I used to spend close to at least an hour every day, minus a few where I had other things to do, and voted, awarded, and commented on many images, regardless of the member's name. Now it just takes so long for the images to open. Some are quick, such as mine for example, because I resize them to 1000 pixels on the long side, as we did years ago, and the files aren't large, but some are huge, and take so long I leave, it really detracts from my enjoyment of the site. I'm not being a wuss about this, I tried, and I did do a week as GE, viewing virtually each and every image uploaded, which I broke up into 3 or 4 sessions of viewing per day, sometimes more. I know the team are working on fixing this issue, but I fear we are not going to have the ease of viewing we had before, which is a shame. Some may find the new scroll down pages convenient and can view all uploads in a minute or less; I find it removes the intimacy of viewing each image individually in detail. I am not encouraged to go to the filmstrip and wait for the images to open. Others may feel differently about this, but I'm already missing some who were regulars in the gallery.
KenTaylor 15 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 8:44PM
the more you engage in the activities such as comments and votes on other work then you will become noticed.
Niknut Plus
10 2.6k 82 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2016 9:02PM
Think of the old saying......"it's better to give, than to receive" !!!!!

Get involved, & comment on others work, & give praise where it is due !!!.....don't just
rely on others commenting on your own work.....join in & enjoy !!.Smile
georgehopkins 12 112 England
24 Apr 2016 10:47PM
I think the OP has made the correct observation, in most cases the voting is based on member interaction and the amount of followers you have. A couple of months ago I did a bit of an experiment over a period of 3 weeks of posting some high quality images against some very similar images that had poor composition, out of focus, cluttered background images.
On average I was receiving about 15 to 25 votes against 30 to 50 votes on members who had posted a lower standard image but had plenty of followers.

Social media groups is very much who you know rather than what you know, I no longer upload to the gallery but I do like to offer an opinion in the critique gallery at times.
abuanas 4 5 Saudi Arabia
24 Apr 2016 11:31PM

Quote: give praise where it is due !!!!.Smile

Hope everybody follows Wink

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