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Do we need BBC 4?

18 May 2020 8:04PM

Quote:But ultimately it is the viewer who decides and those personalities put bums on seats, as they say.

You don't think that this is 'persuasive' - a bit like Big Brother in 1984 - people following what the masses are saying and not thinking or feeling their own thoughts or feelings? Ultimately it allows the glorification of a few over what is truly valuable.
lemmy 14 2.9k United Kingdom
18 May 2020 8:20PM

Quote:Ultimately it allows the glorification of a few over what is truly valuable.

I don't think I am in any way qualified to say what is truly valuable or what other people's thoughts and feelings are. I certainly get annoyed when other people try to tell me what I should be feeling or thinking and I know what is valuable to me. But just because I don't like it doesn't make sport not valuable. 1984 is different - it doesn't have people following the masses (surely the people are the masses), they are being told what to do by Big Brother, not allowed their own instincts, as is shown by the fate of Winston Smith.

Bearing in mind that I don't follow sport in any way, I don't have to pay for it, follow it or listen to the people who do. No-one makes anyone take a Sky subscription? If I wanted to follow football, I'd take out a Sky sub, I suppose bit I don't think that would make me a victim of persuasion, I'd just be doing something I wanted to.
Fma7 6 1.1k United Kingdom
18 May 2020 8:45PM

Quote:I prefer Channel Four News to keep me informed of current affairs. I think they are a little more to the left than the BBC - but being to the left isn't necessarily a bias - it may well be the truth - if the mainstream media is generally biased to the right.

So biased to the left may be the truth, and biased to right is lies?

For me channel 4 is just left of Trotsky and just right of John McDonnell
gcarth Plus
16 3.9k 1 United Kingdom
18 May 2020 10:45PM

Quote:So biased to the left may be the truth, and biased to right is lies?
That's not quite what I said. I'm saying that the right wing is always dominant and through its connections with big business and the media, presents a skewed impression of reality.
One of those skewed impressions, for example is the false portrayal of Jeremy Corbyn as a hard left radical, a national security threat, an anti-Semite and a friend of terrorists.

Quote:For me channel 4 is just left of Trotsky and just right of John McDonnell
For me Channel 4 is, at least sometimes, trying hard to present probing, investigative journalism which is sadly lacking elsewhere in the mainstream media.
I think the real hard-left is virtually non-existent in the UK - or at least virtually without any real power and of course that is a good thing.
The trouble is that the "moderate left" has very little power either.
We have almost a one-party state now that the traitorous Blairite right wing Labour Party is the official opposition: Kier Starmer is just another Establishment ally and he will do their bidding eventually - even if he appears to be attacking the Tories now.

22 May 2020 9:08AM
Malcolm has it right - it's not the quality or quantity of programming that is at issue, it's the whole idea of broadcast at a fixed time. Communications have moved on, we can now chose when and what to view/hear.
I do agree also with Moira that BBC is exceptional as a programme producer - that's where the funding should go. I would happily pay a subscription for a BBC streaming service, less happy about paying an (obligatory) licence fee in the present form.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
23 May 2020 2:20AM
The BBC itself is past its Sell By date.

The world of communications has moved on.
AliceJT 1 12 United Kingdom
23 May 2020 3:20AM
Past its sell by date? What's replacing it then?

Loads of people can't afford or even get fast internet. The tv and radio is their lifeline. The BBC has led the world of communications to the web, way ahead of the other media - some of which have only recently started to take the internet more seriously.

BBC iPlayer was the first streaming service that I can remember using, also I trust their news a bit more than what comes from commercial broadcasters. The BBC news website is a lot less biased than any newspaper website I can think of.

Plus I am happier to leave the kids watching CBeebies while I'm in the kitchen, without being worried about them seeing endless ads for sugary drinks and chicken nuggets
lemmy 14 2.9k United Kingdom
23 May 2020 11:41AM

Quote:The world of communications has moved on
In spite of Marshall McLuhan's observations, we shouldn't confuse the means of communication with communication itself. Communication needs people, journalists, photographers, videographers with something to say. The BBC has those, The newspapers have those.

Google news has no reporters. When people say they get their news from the web, what they means is they get their news from the newspapers and broadcasters like BBC and Sky. It's just that Google have decided what part of their content you see. They simply leach off the people and organisations who pay for news gathering while gathering the income from ads for doing very little.

If you prefer your news to be mediated by a giant American owned global corporation, so be it. To me that sounds more old fashioned than getting it from the BBC.

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