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Marbles99 2 3
7 Nov 2016 10:27AM
Thank you Victor, I already checked that and we are on the latest

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7 Nov 2016 11:17AM
Hello Marbles99,

Think you will need to disable the Color Management in Windows, I've sent you a private message with the details...


Marbles99 2 3
7 Nov 2016 4:29PM
Thanks Victor, it was a clash with some Spyder Software that is now disabled. Your office were extremely helpful and all is now ok.
7 Nov 2016 5:59PM
You're very welcome Marbles99,

Pleased we were able to help...

ladenm 2 4
28 Jan 2017 11:49PM

i purchased two EIZO CX271 monitors one month ago.
I work with EIZO monitors for more than 10 years and was always satisfied.

sadly i have some problems with the new CX271s.

1. strange horizontal lines (visible refresh rate frequency) only on MAC. could only minimize it by turning the Range Extension in the monitor menu to ON, and Super White to ON. and also additionally tweaking the resolution profile for the mac with software called "Switch Res X"

2. When the screen is completely black I have visible Light Leaks in the two left corners and the middle of the display (under the self correction sensor), and also the right lower corner has more purplish light leak?

3. Black Level! This is the most annoying. I realised that i don't have enough details in the black. the monitors are calibrated with Spyder5. first thing i saw is that some images and movies have very flat dark and black areas. no detail at all. but then i looked at some test charts and realised that i see only the brightest black level squares of the test tables? Compared to my 10 year old EIZO CE241 and any other MAC non-calibrated monitor where i can see almost until the very dark chart squares. EXAMPLE: on CX271 i distinguish the black only until square 13!!! on my at the present not calibrated CE241 i see until the 1 square!!! and on my MacBook Pro retina i see until 2.

here is quote out of the first page of the thread from "atanase" and is concerning one identical CG277:
"One other issue is that the monitor doesn't display all the blacks/shadows. I did a few tests and out of 10 patches it only shows the brightest 4. How is this possible, my iMac manages to show all of them."

Maybe this is bad calibration. But i tried all Pre-calibrated Presets and non of them is showing much more? the sRGB preset is showing one square more. I purchased i1 Display Pro because the Spyder5 is not supported by the Gray Priority calibration in CN. I hope that i can get some better results with it.

Please, can someone try the test chart and send back some results. Or give me some hints!

many thanks!
30 Jan 2017 7:16AM

It sounds like all these issues are related and you might need to talk to your local EIZO office, send me a private message and where you are located and I will find the contact details for you.

1. This could be as simple as the cable please try a different one and ideally also on another computer too. If the issue is still there with a new cable and on a different computer then the monitor needs to be checked by an EIZO service centre.

2. You should fix the issue above before looking at image quality, however, this sounds like the monitor is set too bright, if you choose the sRGB or Adobe setting with the 'Mode' button then in normal grading or retouch environment you shouldn't see any light leaks.

3 The tone response or how much detail you see in the black is controlled by the LUT or Gamma curve set in the monitor you choose to view with, the LUT used in the content is also a significant factor. When the above issues are corrected you can use ColorNavigator NX to choose the LUT / Gamma that suits your desired view of shadow detail (Review REC709 and BT1886 gamma). This is the whole point of the ColorEdge monitors, you can control the image output to be correct.

First get issue 1 sorted.


ladenm 2 4
30 Jan 2017 8:51AM
hello Victor,

thanks for your quick reply and here my response:

just some basic information: My monitor is calibrated with Spyder5 and the target is native gamut, 120cd/m, minimum black, gamma L*, 6000

1. i am tracking this problem already. i had EIZO technician here last week and after some testing it's clear that this is Apple related problem. it occurs only under the recent versions of Mac OSX. EIZO austria made some internal test too and they confirm that there is a problem unter Apple OSX. I also tested one CG277 on MAC and the problem is visible there too. As i said with some tweaking i minimised the problem to zero. But, yes it is not normal and i expect some solutions from EIZO and Apple.

2. The light leaks are not image quality problem. as you can see abobe my monitor is not so bright (120cd/m). it seems like hardware problem. When i use the "Eizo-test_DEV_2.2.1" with the black slide, in completely dark room, i see the light leaks. in normal conditions i don't see them. EIZO says that this should be normal?

So the previous two issues are kind of resolved or at least something EIZE acknowledges and should be normal?

3. My biggest problem is the black level question. can you give me some hints?

also wanted to ask if the new CG2730 is a better choice than the CX271? it is more expensive but i could get these if i knew about the problems i get with the cx271?

31 Jan 2017 6:19PM
Hello Ladenm,

OK, they are a good team in Austria, I'll leave this in their capable hands.

The black level question, not sure if you're looking for a technical answer or the effect it has on the image, which is also dependent on the type of images and the software you are using. For example, Adobe creative suite and Hasselblad Focus, each use a different rendering intent.

Can you please share, what software you are using and if you are looking at moving images or photos.


ladenm 2 4
31 Jan 2017 6:29PM
hello Victor,

thanks for your answer!

today i received the i1 Display Pro and made new calibration but that didn't change the details in black at all.
attached is the original EIZO test screen in color navigator. in the areas i marked with red i don't see any gradient, nor distinguishable squares in the top row, only black? and this is not right for me!

especially when other much cheaper or older monitors can display this.

and i can see this when working on images. i see that all shadows are just flat, without any detail.
i'm retouching professional, and work in this area for 15 years. i know what to expect.
in this conditions i can't really work on very dark images, because i don't see most of the details.

here the EIZO test screen:302619_1485887251.jpg

31 Jan 2017 7:04PM
Hello Ladenm,

No that is not what I would expect, assuming gamma 2.2.

You should raise this with the EIZO team in Austria as we can't resolve this here in the forum, they are a great team.


ladenm 2 4
31 Jan 2017 7:08PM

i'm already in contact with them. and they are on to it.

just wanted to get some opinion here in the forum.

my biggest concern is that it has to do with the Apple OSX.

31 Jan 2017 7:27PM
Hello Mladen,

This is a topic I am sure they will look at. It is possible that the MacOS is not presenting the gamma curve as expected to the monitor, for example, is the display profile is set to a gamma of 2.6 you would get a loss of tone in the shadows.

You can look at the curve in the display settings colour profile and see if the curve matches the one set by ColorNavigator.

What you are seeing in your images though is also subject to the rendering intent of the software...


brian_mk 2 1
12 Feb 2017 12:45PM
I have an Eizo CX271.
Occasionally the screen goes completely black for about a second or so, then it recovers.
This happens maybe every few days or so on average.
I am actively using the PC at the time, so I don't think the system is entering sleep/power save mode.

Graphics System: NVIDIA GTX 960 (Display Port), Windows 10.

Does anyone else have this issue?
RobCooper 2 1
13 Feb 2017 12:02PM
Hello Brian,

I work along side Victor @ EIZO and would be more than happy to help try and resolve the issue you're experiencing.

I've sent you a PM with my details, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
25 Feb 2017 8:03PM
Hi dear Eizo team Smile

I am having trouble calibrating my Eizo CS2730.
I went through the calibration process of ColorNavigator6 using the i1Display Pro probe to calibrate the monitor to the sRGB standard. In the validation result, it shows that the calibration result is very close to the desired target (sRGB in my case). I attached a picture of the CN6 validation result.

Unfortunately, the white point does not seem to be correct - the display is too warm/red to my eyes.
Interestingly, when I look at an 100% white image and "skip" between the built-in monitor modes "sRGB" and "CAL2" (which seems to be the profile CN6 has written the new 1D Lut to), my initial impression is confirmed: in sRGB mode the white seems more neutral, in "CAL2" it is very warm in comparison.

I now tested the white point with i1Profiler and the probe. The closest I could get to the standard white point defined in the sRGB standard was when I specified the display in the i1Profiler settings as "Wide Gamut". The result then showed: x(0.314) & y(0.323).

This is very different to the reading in CN6, which says it calibrated the monitor to
x(0.3129) & y(0.3291) Sad

So I made another test:
I have a video outbreak card (Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K) which lets me circumvent the graphics card and send a "clear" 10bit signal to the monitor. I sent a 100% white signal through this card to the monitor and let i1Profiler read the white point again.
Result: Visually still too warm.
i1Profiler reads the white point at x(0.315) & y (0.323).
So by this test it would mean that the tint has nothing to do with the operating system / graphics card combination, right?303391_1488052866.jpg

How can I solve this issue?
Thanks! Philip