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Do you have a question for the Pentax team of experts?

NikitaMorris Avatar
12 Jun 2014 11:14AM
Hi guys,

Pentax are giving you the opportunity to ask their team of experts questions so if you want advice on a particular piece of kit, want to learn more about a certain type of technology or have any other question you think Pentax can help with, please post them here.

Please do not ask about future releases as this is something that Pentax will not be able to discuss.

You'll have the opportunity to post your questions here for 1 month before we collect all of the questions together to send over to Pentax.

Once sent, please allow up to 1 month to receive a response to your question(s).

We will post the answers in this forum as well as in a news piece on-site.

I hope you find this opportunity useful!


monobod Avatar
monobod 15 11 1 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2014 3:00PM
I own the Pentax 28-105 f/4-5.6 power zoom lens. I would like to know if there is a recommended lens hood I could use with this lens. Perhaps a collapsible rubber one that screws into the filter thread?

Southend Avatar
Southend 12 627 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2014 10:34PM
When is full frame Pentax coming?

Alan_Baseley Avatar
25 Jun 2014 10:44PM
This seems like a great idea, the only drawback being the potential wait of 2 months to get a reply.
Would it not be better to feed the questions to Pentax (Ricoh?) as you receive them and then the wait wouldn't be as long?

monobod Avatar
monobod 15 11 1 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2014 11:28PM
By the time we get an answer, it will be out of date!
Mord Avatar
Mord 12 3
5 Jul 2014 1:55PM
I have a Pentax K5 II and have three simple questions about flash.
1) What is the maximum flash trigger voltage that the camera electronics will tolerate?
2) What is the polarity of the large central contact on the hot shoe?
3) What are the individual functions of the three small contacts on the hot shoe?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

[email protected] com
tyronet2000 Avatar
tyronet2000 12 16 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2014 9:30AM
Why are Pentax Batteries so ridiculously expensive, why is the a/c adapter for the K-5 - K5IIs so ridiculously expensive, and as rare as hen's teeth.
prabhusinha Avatar
prabhusinha 15 5 5 India
11 Jul 2014 2:48PM
In India Pentax K series was a household name among professionals amateurs, but it is not in case of digital SLR s. I have Canon ,Nikon, Sony Alpha, Olympus both 4/3 & M4/3,& Lumix G system. Even if I want to own one after checking the + points. It is just not possible.

Don't under estimate my words. U can survey the no of 35 mm Pentax SLR's still lying in India in the trash. I have 2 Spotmatics in my custody .

India is a vast market, please give a + ive response.
zfocus55 Avatar
zfocus55 11 1 United States
12 Jul 2014 12:33AM
I have a new old apparently Ozunon MC AF zoom 55 mm lens and someone told me it fits on a Pentax camera, if so I would like to find what it fits on?
zosxavius Avatar
zosxavius 9 2 United States
13 Jul 2014 5:24PM
I really like some of the pentax color profiles, especially the film reversal simulation. The only way to shoot raw and use those profiles is to use th Pentax Digital Camera Utility, which has them baked in. What I would love to see happen is if Pentax could somehow work with Adobe to include the profiles in ACR and Lightroom. I know that Canon has support for their various profiles in ACR. Why can't Pentax make this happen? It really makes me sad to see the jpeg previews fade away into dull ACR conversions using adobe's generic profile. Using silkypix isn't a good workflow option for a lot of people with huge catalogs of images. I love what pentax does and DNG support is awesome, but this is the one thing I would really like to see happen. I use a k-5 IIs right now and it is easily the best camera I've ever used.
Danzarr Avatar
Danzarr 9 1
13 Jul 2014 9:20PM
why do you market your high end aps-c bodies as enthusiast dslr rather than professional aps-c cameras like Canon does with the 60/70d and 7d bodies
mhiran1 Avatar
mhiran1 9 1
14 Jul 2014 5:31AM
Pentax has a legacy of making some amazing glass like the FA*85 f1.4, A50 f1.2, FA24 f2.0 - does Pentax still own the rights to these designs and would Pentax consider bringing these back?

Will there be further efforts for Pentax to enter into the apsc interchangeable lens mirrorless market?

SDM failures on the DA* lenses is receiving a lot of attention on internet forums - would Pentax like to communicate their feelings and action plans regarding this issue? Does the data suggest only certain lenses are at a high risk of failure? Would Pentax ever consider allowing a menu option where a customer can choose to use screwdrive instead of SDM on the lenses that allow for this?
DunDiggin Avatar
DunDiggin 16 64 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2014 1:04PM
I have a couple of queries:

1 - I really fancied the Pentax MX-1 as a "carry everywhere" camera, but was put off by the fact that it doesn't have a flash hot shoe. Is there likely to be a future version with a hotshoe?

2 - On both my K100d and my K10d the auto white balance (AWB) is hopeless in artificial light indoors, I get around this with manual white balance, but am frustrated because shot for shot my older Fujifilm bridge camera gets the AWB right nine times out of ten. (A) has Pentax / Ricoh come up with a better AWB solution that could persuade me to buy another Pentax DSLR in future? (B) If you really want to persuade me, any chance of a firmware update for my current DSLRs that would give them better AWB?

I have to say that I am generally very happy with my Pentax kit, especially that the DSLRs are backwards compatible with my old lenses. One of the marketing advantages Pentax used to have was in their on-going support for users of older kit. I do feel they could be missing a trick if they go the route of many competitors and look at older tech as obsolete and not worth supporting.


Moderator Post
15 Jul 2014 7:48PM
Please note that this thread is for direct questions to the Pentax team of experts and NOT for others to offer opinions and/or answers.

Some posts have been deleted.
NikitaMorris Avatar
22 Jul 2014 10:40AM
Thanks for your questions guys. We've contacted Pentax and will post the response here once it's received.


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