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Do you have a Routine for Personal Fitness?

sillyconguru 15 4.4k
26 Sep 2005 10:28AM
I hope so Wink

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ktcam 15 457 Scotland
27 Sep 2005 12:27AM
Yeah..i hope so too..
brian1208 16 11.7k 12 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 3:49AM
Mine goes something like this:

1 - get out of bed, stretch, scratch backside
2 - stand on one leg, insert leg into trousers
3 - remove trousers, put on pants, repeat step 2
4 - bend at waist, pick up socks which fell out of trouser legs
5 - grasp hold of bedside table and straighten back
6 - sitting, bend knee, raise foot and insert into sock. Repeat with the other foot
7 - raise arms and drop shirt over head, twist at trunk to work shirt over (once flat) stomach
8 - wrist, hand and finger flexing - grope for glasses on bedside table, raise and stick the arm of glasses up nose
9 - whole body exercise, stagger down stairs for a well earned breakfast
10 - cool down by washing up, then a quick nap to recover strength

Enough for any "GOG" surely! Smile
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 8:05AM
I saw a news item about an 80 odd year old lorry driver. Never did any more exercise than he had to. Said that exercise only wore the body out and made you die young.

Some have an obsession about fitness. I think it important but moderate exercise is all the body really need. Running does damage joints; I can vouch for weightlifting doing that as well.

While moderate exercise coupled with moderate amounts of red wine, preferably taken with a nice piece of fillet steak for the protein, is good for the heart too much will wear it out.
keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
27 Sep 2005 8:15AM
My father is 75...since the age of twenty he has been running daily. He still manages 100 miles a week and as well as the occasional village fell race he competes in at least 6 mountain marathons a year. As a 70th birthday present he ran the Bob Graham...again...that's 70 miles over every hill in the Lakes above 1000ft. The plan is to do it again next year.
Now admittedly, we expect to one day bring him off the fells dead...but he'll be smiling when we do.
raziel_uk 16 4.9k
27 Sep 2005 8:18AM

Quote:My father is 75...since the age of twenty he has been running daily. He still manages 100 miles a week...

Stone me! That means he's 2860 miles from home!!

Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
27 Sep 2005 8:19AM
Like your Father Keith, my father in law is 75 and he still insists on at least two 18 hole rounds at his golf club and is senior club captain.....Puts me to terrible shame I can tell you!
Getting out of bed most day's for me can be a challenge in it's own right!

keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
27 Sep 2005 8:19AM
Nah...we taught him to run in circles.
raziel_uk 16 4.9k
27 Sep 2005 8:19AM

peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 8:22AM
(-:chasing bridesmaids, try a wedding most weeks lol Peter Smile
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
27 Sep 2005 9:26AM
Years ago we attended a friend's mother's 90th birthday. I was amazed at her younger than her age appearance, and when she was going up the stairs for something, I whispered; "Look at her legs-they're the legs of a young girl." She stopped, and looked around at me and said with a smile; "Ah yes dear, but I have parts you can't see that are worn out."
User_Removed 16 1.4k United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 10:18AM
I don't have a fixed routine, I get up each monring at about 0730, have a bath then go to work, I'm on my feet all day and working with 4 woman keeps my brain constantly active and ready for the bitchy comments etc.

I'm am growing a pop-bellie and I need to flatten it. My sister asked if I wanted to borrow her rowing machine today, I said yes, so this coupled with getting my bike out of the shed should do the trick!

Any more ideas, I'd be very interested Smile

Craig Smile
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
27 Sep 2005 11:08AM
CR, I don't think borrowing the rowing machine and getting the bike out of the shed will help. Try using them......sorry!
User_Removed 16 1.4k United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 11:14AM
grrr... very true! lol

I've been thinking about it for a week... so maybe the end of the the year i'll get round to it!

When I was younger I used to do a lot of downhill and long distance moutain biking, that stopped when I passsed my driving test! So its been 9 years since I got on my bike!

I think i'm just stuck in a routine!

Ahhh well... I'll do it when I'm ready, this moto is normally the case with me!
onewildworld 17 696 4 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 11:24AM
I used to.....squash, weights, climbing, badminton, waterskiing every week...then I broke my ankle and injured my back. since then, I;ve been really rather lazy. However, it's about to change! I've just bought a bike which should arrive on thursday and the plan is to cycle to work - 13 miles each way. I want to get up to doing it 3 times a week - 78miles a week should be a start and help improve my back and drop the little excess weight I'm carrying. As I get more into that, it'll motivate me to do more - I do a little capoeira now and again, but becasue of my back I have to be very careful... not long now til my first batizado and that's motivating me to get everything back in shape - watch this space!

BTW, so you can all have a laugh at my expense, here's the bike I've bought:
bike? sort of! Smile


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