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Do you have a Routine for Personal Fitness?

StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
27 Sep 2005 11:32AM
Dave I see those in the Rockies quite often. I can't imagine it helping your back, but you never know. Good luck.

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onewildworld 17 696 4 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2005 11:40AM
Denny, the plan is that it will get me doing some proper exercising again and improve joint mobility from the hips down (one of the major causes of my bad back). Coupled with the fact that there is a real seat with a decent lumber support means that there is no strain on the back or neck like there is on an upright bike.
I'll have to see if the theory holds true in practise though!

SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
27 Sep 2005 4:09PM
Capoeira?? a bit of capoeira? I can see a bad back would hold you back a bit .. !!!

I'm not consistent with my exercise routine and although I should be keeping a regular routine going sometimes I really am just too danged tired. I know, I know, just making excuses .. I've also been doing a couple of sessions a week at a class at the hospital but during the recent hot weather and with no air conditioning in there apart from a couple of rotary fans it's been torture from about half way through and I don't feel good when I'm about to die .. LOL .. Still, the weather is cooler now and it's right after work so if there is more work to do I can do the class, sloosh down afterwards and then head straight back to the desk to get things finished up.

Did start going to the gym before work but I'm not an early bird by any means - and I do my best creative work at night. Something has to give and I can't go to bed in the early hours and then get up at dawn to go to the gym and keep that up regularly .. or is that yet more excuses!

There was a time when I was doing a good varied weekly workout - circuit, tennis, swimming, aerobics, gym and had a resting pulse of 48 .. that was just a handful of years ago and I'm trying to get back to a varied weekly routine (the endorphin buzz is just so great).

Actually I think once my job changes and I'm doing more of what I want to do I'll be less tired. Currently there's so little 'feelgood' factor in the job apart from what I put into it I'm not that happy in it, so having part of the week to be doing something I love will perk me up and get me moving.

Or is that another excuse! .. errrrrrrr ..

(See? It's 1.16 a.m., I've been writing, and it'll be another late night ..)
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
27 Sep 2005 4:15PM
Suzie, even if you can get a few mins to yourself each day for a little walk and a stretch, and do the varied things on days off work, you'll feel more energised. Try it, it's worth it.
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
27 Sep 2005 4:42PM
Denny you're absolutely right of course. I think sometimes it's difficult to see the wood for the trees, isn't it. Thanks for the encouragement Grin

After all, it needs to be a pleasure and an energiser - not something to fret about. Smile
LAF 17 1.7k
1 Oct 2005 2:58AM
Spend about 10hrs a week in the Gym, mostly CV stuff but a bit of resistance training too. Love the rowing machine but much prefer to be out on my bike, being anti-social. Prob average 80 or so miles a week on that at the moment, though a lot more in the summer when it's nice. Go running once or twice a week too but don't enjoy that as much! My ideal weekend is spent climbing in the Peaks (or better still, North Wales) but am getting the time so rarely these days... well, that's my excuse. I really need to get outdoors more.

digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2005 3:51AM
All my life I have played loads of sports and generally kept fit. Up to 2 years ago I was still playing football and running 3 times a week (even managed to run around Lake Coniston). Then a b@:^%dy virus left me with a leaking heart valve and it has all had to stop. Now I'm restricted to walking.

Luckily we have always had a healthy diet and I am blessed with a reasonable metabolic rate, so at least I'm not piling on the pounds and the lack of sport leaves me more time for ePz. :0)

xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2005 4:05AM
I live on a slowly deflating air matress. Getting up is exercise enough.
conniemayw 15 100 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2005 2:00PM
I find just running places kind of strange because one usually ends up exactly where one started -just damper!
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Oct 2005 2:17PM
Ian, sorry to hear about the virus, but we are all susceptible to God knows how many illnesses and injuries. I believe it's all the more reason to live for today. My philosophy has always been; it's not how long you live, but the quality of life.
digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2005 11:26PM
Too true Denny. Luckily it isn't in my nature to let things get me down. It's frustrating though, I loved sport and hated taking pills and now one has totally replaced the other. :0)

Still at least my knees are no longer taking a hammering.
daviewat 16 4.1k Scotland
2 Oct 2005 12:08AM
Don`t mention Knees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the little op that was supposed to help me has left me crippled at the moment :-((( bloody infections it even spread to my male bits !!!!!!!! not pleasant and extremely painful, believe me. Still aniti-biotics seem to be taking an effect now, having them by injection 5 times daily for the past 8 days.

Just looking forward to bieng able to walk about here with my camera kit again soon I hope.

Carabosse 17 41.4k 270 England
2 Oct 2005 3:03AM
Sorry to hear about that Dave. Believe me there were times over the past few months I thought I'd never wield a camera again (or drive a car).

However, I was back behind the wheel of my car within 48 hours of discharge from hospital, accompanied by my cameras. Can't tell you how good it felt! Smile

Sounds like you're going to be OK. Chin up! Wink
anthonyjb 15 378
2 Oct 2005 8:43AM
In the morning in bed i fold my arms then push my elbows out if i dont feel wood I am alive
dougv 16 8.4k 3 England
2 Oct 2005 8:59AM

Quote:In the morning in bed i fold my arms then push my elbows out if i dont feel wood I am alive

And if you do feel wood, you might still be alive and in a catatonic trance and buried alive!!!!

Oh Bugger!

Doug ;o)

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