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Do you have over 50?s life insurance yet ? 🤓

hobbo Plus
11 1.8k 4 England
12 Mar 2020 6:54PM
Is there any one else over 50 ( Iím well over 80 ) sick to the teeth of having to sit through what seems to be dozens of AGEIST.... yes ageist...TV and Radio adverts for so called ...Over 50 s life insurance...?

Your relatives can spend it as you like ..... but not you.... you will be dead.... ..

......Ainít that great ? .... You pay, during the last years of your life, and they get what benefit there is left after the rip-off insurance company has taken itís cut.... you donít get a cut, you wonít be there to get one.

Who the hell wants reminding of that three times an hour, in the middle of watching a good film ?

Why not put enough away each month yourself if itís a funeral you want to relieve your loved ones having to pay for ?

My strong advice, is to do just that..... then enjoy whatever you have for as long as you are able, including sharing it with your loved ones whilst you can.....A certain ex cricketer.... a TV Celebrity ? Interviewer and a so called gardener/`author others who flog insurance .....have gone right down in my estimations.

Also, what about those ... new style.... independent cremations, currently on offer.... no funeral directors, no fuss.... just a commercial incinerator/crematory, owned by some Off-shore conglomerate or billionaire/s.
Who probably sell the heat produced to make electricity or as an industrial dryer....

And now....some bloody virus is out to get us..... 😬😳🤭🤔🥵😡

Donít get me going on adverts for ....ever-dry knickers..... or ..... super-soft.... poke your finger through....loo roll..... if you can find any that is.

Go carefully out there wonít you?

Exits ....Stage left.... whistling.....

"The `sun has got his hat on "

JackAllTog Plus
13 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
12 Mar 2020 7:03PM
Lol, and the mental health services wonder why people get depressed.

You can opt out of email, and phone calls. But not TV advertising - why not!
Vambomarbleye 5 153 14 Scotland
12 Mar 2020 7:18PM
Thatís what the ďoffĒ switch is for😀
thewilliam2 5 1.6k United Kingdom
12 Mar 2020 7:18PM
I've never seen the point of over 50s life insurance because, as we get older, death becomes a certainty. After the insurance company has covered its overheads and promotion costs, the CEO has had a bonus and the shareholders have had their cut, there must be precious little for the policyholders.
Dave_Canon 16 2.2k United Kingdom
12 Mar 2020 7:45PM
I also find it amusing that they offer you one hundred pound when you sign up (i.e. they give you some of your money). If you saved the money instead, you can earn a little interest. If you take out a policy the insurance company can earn some interest from your money. It makes no sense at all. However, I avoid watching such adverts by recording most programmes so I can skip the adverts. For the very few programmes I watch live, I either make a cup of tea or mute the sound and look at my iPad.

peterjones 20 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2020 12:34AM
TV adverts are so puerile that I try to pay as little attention to them as possible, all the objective financial reviews think very little of the >50 life assurance schemes, I wouldnít touch them.
dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 835 England
13 Mar 2020 11:17AM
Not ageist, just well targeted marketing and advertising at the demographic that watches TV these days.
I do agree though that the ads inhabit the region from crap to nauseating.
I think you can extrapolate Peter's comment to consider products and services advertised on TV as ones to avoid (as they must be desperate).
Cephus 18 2.7k England
13 Mar 2020 11:53AM
BRITBOX advert free tv streaming.
KenTaylor 18 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2020 3:03PM
Why not give then a ringSmile
thewilliam2 5 1.6k United Kingdom
14 Mar 2020 1:14PM

Quote:TV adverts are so puerile that I try to pay as little attention to them as possible, all the objective financial reviews think very little of the >50 life assurance schemes, I wouldnít touch them.

The exception for me would be the M&S food adverts. The quality of lighting and photography is simply superb.
9 Apr 2020 12:20PM
I retired last year and I am totally fed with the ads:- life insurance, funeral plans, equity release. I don't know how my wife has put up with it all these years. Mind you I'd rather not watch tv during the day unless there is a good film on.

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