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Do you use the built-in flash on your camera?

joshwa Avatar
joshwa Plus
13 927 1 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 11:14AM
If your camera has a built-in flash... do you actually use it?

The Nikon D780 has been announced and doesn't include a built-in flash. Does your camera have one? If it doesn't, do you miss it?

Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 12:10PM
I have not had one on my last twos DSLR's but would not use it if I did. I always use an external flash when needed. I did have one on my EOS 20D (now converted to IR) but only used it once to see how bad the results were and never used it again.

petebfrance Avatar
8 Jan 2020 12:19PM
Both of my cameras have built-in flash and although I don't use it very often it's good to have it available. Useful set at low power as a 'fill-in' flash to lift heavy shadows (quite nice for shots of people in rooms with overhead lighting). The flash on my bridge camera has sadly failed and I do miss it, e.g. for lighting the underneath of butterfly wings in strong sunlight.
franken Avatar
franken Plus
21 5.8k 4 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 12:54PM
All my cameras have built in flash and I've never used them.

JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 1:29PM
Built in flash too easily gave red-eye in subjects, though this is easily removed in processing.
When I did have it built into a dSLR it was rarely used; I do remember using it like a strobe to take a few careful steps into a very dark cave once.
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
8 Jan 2020 1:43PM
The only built in flash was with those single use film cameras which I used once or twice many years ago.

So, no I do not miss my camera not having one.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 2:10PM
My Sony A7 has no built-in flash I do not miss it at all. However I did buy a compatible small Meike flashgun in case I needed it!
Very rarely ever used flash, except that I had to do my stepdaughters wedding 4 years ago with my Nikon D5200 + Nikon flash and it did work out very well. (More credit to the equipment than the operator!)
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
8 Jan 2020 3:05PM
My Fuji X-T3 came with a detachable 'built-in' flash which, after over a year, has yet to be taken out of the plastic it came in...not even sure where it is.🤔
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 3:23PM
Some of the pop-up built-in flashes can be bounced if you use a finger to stop them fully popping up. They can be softened with a Rizla paper or the like.

It would never influence my camera body buying decisions but when recommending a starter camera to friends I might factor it in depending on their needs.
pink Avatar
pink Plus
20 7.4k 11 England
8 Jan 2020 4:15PM
Don't have it on my current camera, If I need a bit of fill-in or modelling light I use a LED panel off camera, the beauty of these over flashguns is that it is on all the time so you can alter the strength/direction etc whilst looking at the effect it will have through the viewfinder, I tend to find on-camera flash very unflattering.
chataignier Avatar
chataignier Plus
10 254 15 France
8 Jan 2020 4:22PM
My Fuji X-T3 does not have one and I dont miss is at all, the built-in flash on my former Canon was never used - direct flash is far too harsh, I always use off camera flash where possible. I have cobra for the fuji which can be used for in-fill flash, but I have yet to try it mounted on the camera, it's always used off camera with a radio remote control.
chataignier Avatar
chataignier Plus
10 254 15 France
8 Jan 2020 4:23PM

Quote:My Fuji X-T3 came with a detachable 'built-in' flash which, after over a year, has yet to be taken out of the plastic it came in...not even sure where it is.🤔

Yes, that's right, I have one too, but like you I've never used it.
col.campbell Avatar
col.campbell 19 1.4k 4 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 5:31PM
Starting out, I used built-in flash, then got a couple of low-power optical slave flashes with which I never had much success, and finally a same-brand hotshoe flashgun. Never looked back. Plus, since upgrading camera body, I can use it off-camera, too. I think it would be some kind of photographic emergency that would see me using the built-in flash again.
Carabosse Avatar
Carabosse Plus
20 44.3k 270 England
8 Jan 2020 6:44PM
I never use built-in flash.... but there again I don't like using flash at all. 😊
LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2020 7:27PM
Some yes - some no.
As the question has been asked about the Nikon D780, most Nikon bodies with built in flash can control external Nikon flash units without firing the inbuilt flash during the main exposure.
This helps eliminate red-eye and featureless hot shoe flash effects.
I sometimes use Nikon inbuilt flash units to control remote flash units without using cables.
Pro grade bodies like the D850 and D5 do not have an inbuilt flash - part to increase water sealing when shooting in rain.
The Nikon Commander SU-800 is an accessory that provides control of external flash units with most Nikon bodies that do not have inbuilt flash


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