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Does anyone object to getting comments such as "Great photo" as opposed criticism!?

aussielass 16 6
15 May 2005 6:29AM
I cannot remember which members profile I recently read but it said that he used to upload photos but stopped - and deleted all of his already uploaded ones, for two reasons, one being that he was unhappy with the photos he was taking just to please other people, which is fair enough but another reason was as he was sick of getting comments such as "nice photo", "good shot" etc.

I am an amateur and don't pretend to know anything about photography and so when I see a photo that I like in the gallery, I will click on it and say "I like it, it's good!" or some other non photographic term and when I saw his profile it got me to thinking: does anyone else mind? would they rather people didn't comment than just said that they liked it? If they can't offer critique, improvements or alternative methods should people just not comment at all?

I'd really like to know what you all think!
exposure Plus
17 6.0k United Kingdom
15 May 2005 6:32AM
No If you like and image for what ever reason or dont Its Nice to know.
ejtumman 17 2.8k England
15 May 2005 6:35AM
There is nothing wrong with saying what you feel.

If you like a picture, say so. If you read the comments guidlines, we are all being encouraged to say why we like a particular shot. Not everyone feels confidant to do this though, but feels they have to say something. This is where "Nice pic" comes in.

You'll get used to it though. If you like it, there must be something there that you can compliment.

Just done be rude!!! LOL

Emma ;o)
aussielass 16 6
15 May 2005 6:46AM
I always try to say what I like about a photo, but sometimes you just like it - you know - it appeals to something inside of you! I'm glad that you do like to hear that people appreciate your photos though, albeit in simple terms! Now I know I'm not considered a comments-pest! Lol
exposure Plus
17 6.0k United Kingdom
15 May 2005 6:49AM
No your not a comments pest its nice of you to take time to comment.
juliem 16 613
15 May 2005 6:50AM
It is difficult for someone new to photography to say exactly what they do or don't like about a photo in technical terms so for me the next best thing is say it from the heart and the feelings it gives me when I look at it. I am slowly learning more about the technical side of things and dare myself to comment in that way sometimes.
Sometimes a shot which isn't A1 perfect technically can move me for other rasons.Nothing wrong with that IMHO.
Mixpix 17 1.1k England
15 May 2005 7:04AM
I'd just say put whatever makes you happy in the comments. I don't mind good comments or bad comments. I do like constructive comments. Simple I like it or I don't like it is quite pointless as like or dislike are objective and a matter of taste. Saying that, I sometimes just write I like it as there is nothing else for me to say. So..

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
15 May 2005 7:25AM
No, I don't mind either. I think it's lovely when someone drops by and has a peek at my pics. Smile
UserRemoved 17 6.2k 1
15 May 2005 7:52AM
Prefer a reason as to why but appreciate not always possible/obvious. When all's said and done, just grateful for someone taking the time to comment
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 May 2005 7:57AM
I'd rather know the reasons that someone 'Didn't' like an image...I'd assume that most of those that did, liked it for the same reason as most cases.
nickp 16 491 Scotland
15 May 2005 8:02AM
"Nice pic" tells me you're moved to do something more than just click, which is nice.

"Nice pic because ...x,...y,....z" is much more interesting because it tells me a little of why the picture moved you, or not (The best comments I've received have been "negative preference" ones).

Do I like getting "nice pic" comments - of course I do! But it's even better if you tell me a little bit more.

On a limited sample, I've found that if I write a little bit about the picture, I get longer comments. Short description, short comments. Which figures, I guess.
Mixpix 17 1.1k England
15 May 2005 8:03AM
I think thats the most frustrating thing Keith, when a picture gets viewed you know if it is liked by the amount of c....., but when its viewed and no comments are left then you are left wondering what people don't like about it. I find people generally comment more if they like something than if they don't.
elcid 17 150 England
15 May 2005 8:11AM
I would rather have 'Nice shot', than no comment at all.

starstriders 17 1.6k United Kingdom
15 May 2005 8:27AM
I'll admit to getting annoyed with just a stream of "nice pic" comments, but that's because I want critique and feedback. The click facility already tells people how many people "like" their photos so I don't think it's necessary to write it in a comment as well unless you state why you like/dislike it or at least expand a little bit beyond "nice pic".

Each to their own tho, commenting is indeed a time-consuming business when it's done with thought.
nickp 16 491 Scotland
15 May 2005 8:40AM
You're lucky - I used to dream about getting a stream of nice pic comments! When I were a lad ....

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