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Does beauty exist?

colijohn 6 58 2 Netherlands
24 Jul 2014 8:18PM
Got a bloody headache after reading this lot.

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SlowSong Plus
9 7.3k 30 England
24 Jul 2014 8:32PM
[Quote]The passage of time can change what a particular society deems beautiful foe example in western Europe Larger more rotund "Rubenesque" woman was considered very beautiful. Now in modern times it western European culture has now dictated to us that the very slim woman is now beautiful.
You obviously haven't seen Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. The era of the arse, and considered very beautiful.
tpfkapm Plus
7 261 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2014 10:06PM
beauty is a derivative of aesthetic values- this is a hard concept and applies across a wide range of subjects from mathematics to religion etc. labelling something as of beauty is just an end point, aesthetics aims to understand why
and to quote frank zappa

beauty is a lie
24 Jul 2014 10:19PM

Quote:to quote frank zappa

beauty is a lie

But to quote John Keats, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”. Whose word do we take on this?
brian1208 Plus
14 11.3k 12 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2014 10:26PM

Quote:Does beauty exist outside of our minds?

there are those that would argue that, as far as human being are concerned, nothing exists outside our mind since our mind is the filter through which we interact with the real world

I would propose that concepts of beauty can be discussed and agreed but no concrete standard can ever be set as it varies from culture to culture (by which I mean group normative view) with time and with age

For me, I see beauty all around me, whether it be in the aged face of an old lady, showing her history of suffering, laughter and love or a sunrise over a concrete building where it just catches the structure in a magical way that I have never seen before - and so on, ad infinitum

It makes for an interesting discussion though Smile
meyeview 8 1.4k 1 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2014 10:43PM
beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes through to the bone.

everyone has their own interpretation of beauty.
lets just keep it at that.
TanyaH Plus
15 1.3k 393 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 10:36AM

Quote:You obviously haven't seen Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. The era of the arse, and considered very beautiful.

Yay, suddenly I'm beautiful ... always knew my behind would come in useful one day (and not just for talking out of ... Grin) !
25 Jul 2014 11:00AM
I was intrigued by all your views on this, my view is that beauty is something that is beyond words and can only be experienced because once you start to use your mind to analyse and judge it becomes subjective. you quite often hear people say when they encounter something thats truly beautiful that they are lost for words, maybe because they feel a connection with the heart or through consciousness and not the thinking mind. (maybe I'm talking complete nonsense, I don't know)
These discussions reminded me of a book I read a few years back "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" The book goes on to describe the story of a philosophy teacher who goes on a road trip from Minnesota to Northern California on his motorbike with his young son Chris and his two friends John and Sylvia. Throughout the journey they have many philisophical discussions which are referred to as chautauquas.
Many of these discussions are tied together by the story of the narrator's own past self, who is referred to in the third person as Phaedrus. He became engrossed in the question of what defines good writing, and what in general defines good, or "Quality". His philosophical investigations into wheather Quality is subjective or objective eventually drove him insane, and he was subjected to electroconvulsive therapy which permanently changed his personality.
It's one of the most moving and life changing books I've ever read.
TanyaH Plus
15 1.3k 393 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 11:14AM
Okay, so taking the concept of 'beauty', how we define it and what it means to us personally further - does the pursuit of 'beauty' affect or feed into your photography or creative thinking when doing photography?

Do you try and capture that elusive quality in your images, and if so, how?

Or do you not think about it when doing your photography, and believe that it's all a load of tosh and just photograph what you want instead?

For me, I think that I try and capture a moment of silence where everything is possible or probable ... not in every image, obviously, because it all depends on what the end result of the image's message or intent is. But maybe, even then, there's magic in the most mundane of things and maybe that's what I try and capture. It doesn't always work, and sometimes I just don't have the skills to do it, but when it does ... it makes my heart sing Smile
brian1208 Plus
14 11.3k 12 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 11:34AM
too much thinking hurts my brain now I'm an old man, so I shoot pictures I like (even when shooting on a commission) and then, hopefully, recognise on reviewing the images whether I have captured beauty in the process Grin

If by chance I have achieved this I am, of course, not averse to claiming it was "Pre-planned and sought out" Wink
Chris_L Plus
4 4.4k United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 11:42AM
Many years ago two tribes existed. Each tribe had very different genes from the other. The members of the first tribe would feel elated, euphoric or just generally get goosebumps when seeing a spectacular sunrise, viewing green and pleasant land or when looking at perfectly formed, symmetrical people.

The second tribe would feel repulsions at most of the above. They'd 'feel good' when seeing barren wilderness, vicious cold weather, malformed people, death, disease and all of the things we think of as ugly.

Which tribe flourished, bred successfully and passed on their genes?

Today the ancestors of the second tribe are vastly outnumbered by the first. We share more genes with the first tribe.
25 Jul 2014 12:38PM
I will get back to you over the weekend when I've had time to think as I'm off to work now.
I hope the sun is still shining tomorrow, enjoy the weekendSmile

lemmy 10 2.7k United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 5:02PM
The question 'does beauty exist?' is a problem because it has no meaning. It cannot be defined in any way that any two people would be logically forced to agree on.

Which leads to the logical conclusion that it exists, in an object, person or even as an abstract, if you think it does. The phrase that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is about the the only meaningful thing that can be said about it except beauty isn't in the eye, really, but in the brain.

After all, blindness does not preclude ideas of beauty but brain death does.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.4k United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 5:08PM
Friends and I might say "this tastes beautiful", "that's a beautiful sound"; I wonder if strictly speaking we are misusing the word and it only applies to things you can see with your eyes (or mind's eye)?
TanyaH Plus
15 1.3k 393 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2014 5:19PM

Quote:After all, blindness does not preclude ideas of beauty but brain death does.

Probably the most succinct and rational summing up of such a philosphical question ever Grin

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