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DrFireball's new site

drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2012 4:32PM
Hello all!

I have recently switched to Wordpress - what a great host for websites and have created the aforementioned www.drfireballphotography.com

The aim of the site is to appeal to both photographers interested in lighting and dance and of course potential dancers looking for portfolios.

Please let me know what you think?

Kind regards


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drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2012 8:04PM
Really 80 odd views and no comments at all - aahhhhrrgh I hate indifference more than anything! Smile
Honestly I can survive the negatives in life also.

What I want to do is to create something that folk find useful and will keep coming back to - OK I know there are a lot of blogs out there Strobist is possibly the definitive one. I have a blof elsewhere - http://drfireball.blogspot.co.uk/ - that has been quite popular - what folk really seem to like is the BTS stuff (I am currently writing a book along those lines) - but I wanted to put my port and the blog in the one place.

Please if there is something you like and something you don't I am keen to know Smile


Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
26 Apr 2012 8:54PM
Looks good, though I need a bit more time to go through it properly.
In the portofolio section, do you really need menu within menu though?
drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2012 9:18PM
Thanks Coleslaw (cool name BTW!) - I am playing with that section to a degree - I like to link to my Flickr as it saves me reposting images in two different places - but I agree that needs rationalising. I like the protection that flash galleries give against right click downloading but as a iPhone/iPad chap I need other means also. Cheers for taking the time to comment

Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
26 Apr 2012 9:40PM
I meant you have:
Portfolio - corporate portfolio - Post vintage
Portfolio - Dance portfolio - Ballet inspired
I have to click 3 times in total to start seeing thumbnails, so a bit troublesome. Maybe ok if you have more than 1 area in each portfolio section, if you get what I mean.
drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2012 10:21AM
Cheers Coleslaw - now I get you - the site is still a work in progress and I have more galleries for the dance (non ballet) and the corporate - but I agree that you can't ask folk to keep clicking - they get bored and disappear Smile
66tricky 11 742 Scotland
27 Apr 2012 4:56PM
You need to set the parent menu items in the dropdown menus to be non-clickable otherwise people get through to a dummy page like Cole says.


Quote:Corporate Porfolio

Examples of corporate portraiture

Share this:

Think about how the menu on your browser works. When you clock on Edit it just shows you the options on the Edit menu rather than doing anything or taking you anywhere...
66tricky 11 742 Scotland
27 Apr 2012 4:59PM
I'd also consider whether you really want to allow comments on every page... You'll just get inundated with sh1te from spammers with very few worthwhile contributions.
66tricky 11 742 Scotland
27 Apr 2012 5:05PM
The site is slow performance wise scoring only 68 (D grade) on Yslow tests. There are a number of ares that you could attend to e.g. pushing JS scripts to the bottom, compressing all objects possible with gzip at the server side etc.
drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2012 5:46PM
66tricky - many thanks for all your comments - not sure I know how to preceed with all of them but will definitely look into them.

You are right about the spammers! - thought I had some comments only to find the level of nonsense they have sent :-(

I take it you are pretty wordpress savvy - perhaps I need to have a longer chat with you offline?


meercat 9 278 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2012 7:57PM
Hi just had a brief look at your site, I'm a fan of the dance photos (fell in love with dance inspire photography after seeing Dane Shitagi's work in the Ballerina project). My one gripe, is that when you view a photo in large you than have to close it and open the next rather than having some form of ability to click to the next image. One of the great pleasures when viewing stunning photos in an online gallery is you can scroll through loads, if you have to open and close each one individually people will go somewhere else.
drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2012 6:33PM
66tricky - oh my goodness - have installed yslow into firefox and the results are like reading greek! Not one idea how to go about this - will need to seek some professional advice/support methinks but thanks for the direction

chrissp26 14 39 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 10:26PM
Few things:

Your using the twentyten base theme for wordpress. This is alright as a place to start or to use as a parent theme but as themes go it's very basic aesthetically and doesn't reflect the quality of the photos you display on the site.

TwentyTen also is a blog template, and it output all your posts on you homepage. Its just a bit busy to be honest.


IMO You've got too many navigable items. I would suggest you use the about me as a parent page and set my gear and my philosophy as child pages of about me. Perhaps create a new section called reviews as well?

You say "About Me" and yet "Contact Us" its picky but also confusing, just use contact or contact me also sounds personal and more informal which will make you more approachable.

One final point on Navigation, change the page order for contact and links so that they sit on the right hand side. Its generally where people will look for it, not smack bang in the middle, also because people in the western world read from left to right, they reach contact before portfolio, which doesn't make sense in my eyes.


I would advise against putting comment forms on the bottom of permanent pages i.e. about us, contact us, why would someone leave a comment after filling in the contact form? Ditch them on all permanent pages but leave them on all posts. You can disable comments by clicking the discussion dialogue for the page and then select disable comments/trackbacks.


Some paragraphs in your pages and posts have double or tripple paragraph spacing. Its very inconsistent. I was waiting for a large image or embedded item to load where the gaps where but after inspecting the HTML they just had extra tags.

When inserting hyperlinks into your posts and pages, if you don't know HTML use the editor in wordpress to insert the hyperlink so it becomes an actual link. There is nothing more frustrating to your users than there being a link on the page that they can't click, if they can be bothered, they might copy and paste it. Most won't.

I don't want you to think I'm being harsh, quite the contrary; I'm saying it to help you, I'm just being honest, and as a lead application designer and a wordpress theme developer, I know a few things.

Sorry for the pickiness of the comment. The photos on here are amazing, I just feel the site that they sit on lets them down a little.

Hope this helps

chrissp26 14 39 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 10:41PM

Quote:66tricky - oh my goodness - have installed yslow into firefox and the results are like reading greek! Not one idea how to go about this - will need to seek some professional advice/support methinks but thanks for the direction


Your site doesn't run slow. The YSlow tool is handy for large scale websites and you can learn a lot about optimising the site but most of the recommendations won't yield much in the way of performance because your site is simply not large enough. If you had 30,000 visitors a month, it would be worth investing money to ensure optimum performance, but that's because it will save you money in bandwidth and will make the users experience that little bit speedier. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it but to do so will mean changing the default wordpress twenty ten template when what you should be doing is taking a copy of that template and creating your own child theme that contains the optimisations.

I think you have more important changes to make before you delve into ySlow. First you need to get your users and deliver a nice user experience to them. Once you have users, both new and repeat, then you can focus on the stuff behind the scenes. Ebay didn't start by getting everything optimised, Pierre Omidyar put up a page with a broken laser pointer that sold for $14. He realised there was a niche to be exploited and did so. As Ebay grew it needed the optimisations to keep server load down and bandwidth overheads to a minimum.

Focus first on the service and user experience you're offering, and get that right before you worry about anything else. Wink
drfireball 6 11 1 United Kingdom
1 May 2012 7:04PM
Chris - many thanks for your considered comments - I am working my way through them - you have a great website BTW!

One problem I am having that seems to be a continual problem (looking online) is that of disabling the comments on a page in this theme - does not seem possible - I will have to play about with some others I guess



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