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Dud 50D Focus

sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2009 9:00PM
Just taken a look at topics and haven't found a great deal on this so...
Has anyone elase found that all images come out soft with no discernable point of sharp focus? I'me using RAW file format with L series 28-70 and 70-200 mm lenses. I convert in The supplied software to TIFF and then process in Paint Shop Pro and leave as TIFFs.
I'm just wondering if i should send it back.
Any suggestions? All greatfully received.

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cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
9 Aug 2009 9:43PM
I don't use a Canon, The other half does though....Smile

From my understanding Canon RAW files don't have any sharpening option, Even so when processing from RAW data, You don't add any sharpening until you have finished all other modifications....!

Try adding a small percentage of Sharpen or " Unsharp " to one of your images, Then see what you have.....
lumenessence 10 44 Australia
10 Aug 2009 8:46AM
Another thing you could do is to update the firmware of the camera. A lot of the new firmware has micro adjustments for each lens so that could fix some of the problem.

If you want to determine whether the camera just simply isn't focusing properly or due to the lack of RAW processing from canon. Take a shot in RAW and the same shot in JPEG. If the JPEG is noticeably sharper its probably just the lack of sharpening.
brian1208 16 11.6k 12 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2009 5:08PM
I had that with my first 40D, as you say, no obivous focus point, even though the camera thought it had got focus lock.

Turned out it was a faulty camera (one of a few returned to Jessops in our area)

If you can't get it sharp when shooting off a tripod, in Auot, single point focus, manual focus then you may well also have a "dud" - in which case, take (send) it back and get a replacement.

(No problems with either the replacement 40D or my 50D though)
sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2009 7:52PM
Thanks for the suggestions, The only reason i upgraded from my 10D (which i've had fo 6 years) was that it became faulty. I had no such problems with it and understand the RAW / Sharpening issue. I'll do some more comparisons JPG Vs RAW etc and try the software upgrade to make sure but so far no joy so i do suspect it's the camera body.
I'' let you know how i get on with it.
Thanks again.
sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2009 10:20PM
Just tried the JPG Vs Raw comparison - no change.
Tried the software (Camera Body Firmware) upgrade from 1.0.3 to 1.0.7 and this appears to have fixed the problem, at least when viewing on the cameras LCD screen. Just for anyone intrested, now the image seems to sharpen on the dispaly after a couple of seconds, just like it does on a 10D. I don't think it did before the firmware update. This signifies the problem as being the firmware within the camera. I hope this helps others.
sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2009 1:11PM
IPDATE - Sorry o have mislead anyone but afterv taking some more images after installing latest firmware and checking them, it's made no difference.
The guy at Wilkinsons reckons it's down to my 28-70 F2.8L and 70-200F2.8L lenses not having been made for digital cameres.

Has anyone else heard of this being a problem for Digital cameras which are supposedly compatible with EF lenses? If so i'd apprciate your feedback because at the moment i a have a camera which is in effect an 800 paperweight!
croberts 15 2.2k 8 Ireland
6 Sep 2009 1:27PM

Quote:The guy at Wilkinsons reckons it's down to my 28-70 F2.8L and 70-200F2.8L lenses not having been made for digital cameres.

what utter rubbish!

If you know how to take a sharp picture, and you cant get one with that camera, then its obviously not working as it should. Send it back.
sidaorb 14 3.9k 2 England
6 Sep 2009 2:06PM
^^^ What he said ^^^

My old 70-200 F2.8 was used on film for years before I went digital and I had no problems with it whatsoever.....regret selling it now Sad
justin c 16 5.1k 36 England
6 Sep 2009 9:55PM
You don't judge an images sharpness by evaluating it on the tiny screen on the back of camera.
Whoever gave you that information about the lenses hasn't got a clue what he's talking about.
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2009 10:05PM
How are you judging sharpness? Is it by looking at printed images or by zooming into 100% on the screen. The 50D takes a much higher resolution image than the 10D, so the per pixel sharpness may be lower, but the final image sharpness will be higher.

Also focusing can be easily tested on a 50D. Stick it on a tripod, select one focus point and point it at a subject where the focus point sees plenty of contrast. Select one-shot focus mode. Put it in live view, press the AF -ON button and hold it till you hear the focus beep. release and zoom in around your selected focus point in the live view display to 10x you can just tweak the lens to see if it is perfectly focused or not.

It is possible you have a duff camera, but before you go there just check out some printed images. Also try taking images with the lens wide open and at F8. Again the higher 50D resolution is going to show any image softness or focusing error more than a 10D.
sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2009 10:14PM
Thanks again for the suggestions. I took an image with my 28-70 F2.8 at F4, 1/180th sec with flash and printed it at A4. The softness is obvious.
In the shop el twit manager took some test shots and printed at 6x4 inches..he did a comparison between a new Body, a different (digital) lens and my camera body with the F2.8. To be honest to me the ones with my camera body and whatever lens still looked slightly soft but it's more difficult to demonstrate at that size compared to A4.

I'll try the live view suggestion and get back to you. I know the difference in resolution between10D and 50D is significant but i was happy with the 10 D and never had any complaints about it's performance or that of the lenses. I am just so fed up with this it puts such a dampener on the whole joy of Photography as a past time! Doesn't help having managers in shops who openly admit they were told to lie to punters at a previous well know photography retail chain. That's like saying i used to lie but don't now - honest! I think i'll be going back for another session sooner rather than later!

It would be nice to deal with someone with an honest professional approach but all specialist shops in this immediate part of the world have closed!

steve_p 14 1.2k England
9 Sep 2009 11:01PM
How long have you had the Camera- if its within 28days tel 'em you want a refund or replacement.
If its over that I think you will have to accept a repair. but if you aren't happy with the camera its not "fit for purpose"
Theres been a few threads on this site recently on this subject>
sdhughes 16 92 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2009 8:53PM
Latest saga for anyone needing a bedtime story...
I phoned the Preston shop manager and arranged to take it back to Preston, where it came from via email order = 140 mile round trip but seemed to be the only way to resolve things. The manager swapped it without any fuss. That was on Saturday 12th September. With 3 young kids in tow, didn't have much time to check it in shop but it looked OK at first glance. Bought the EFS 17-85 lens with it this time. When we got home and wife got back from work, i checked it out. When i looked at the file numbers on my memory card, it had gone from 800 to over 4000. I assume this meant that the camera must have had over 4000 shutter actuations, with continuous file numbering. I looked at the battery (i used another for first tests) and there were marks on it indicating it had been used also. Some of the in camera settings weren't default either! Alarm bells! Obviously this was one that had been used as a shop demo model or returned! Getting pi**ed off by now. I Called the manager of Wilkinsons preston and Told him. He said he was surpirised and had genuinely thought it was a new one! I told him it was unnacceptable and that i would return to the shop on the following saturday (19th), which i did, again with kids in tow. This time he said he hadn't got a new one in (even with 1 weeks notice) but could exchange it for the demo one!! Or Alternatively there were 2 new ones available at other branches that could be fed-ex'd out to me on the Monday or i could travel back up the motorway to the Lancaster shop and get one in person. I chose the Lancaster visit. They exchanged it on the spot with no further discussion. This time i checked it and it semed OK. I have to say though that i don't believe the 50D is as good as it could/should be for image sharpness in general, after trying it with numerous lenses. To be honest, i'd be happy to have my old 10d back in working order and stick with it until i either regain faith in Canon or swap to Nikon and find a retailer with some level of integrity!

mcgannc 11 389 3 England
23 Sep 2009 9:53PM
Hmmm, been seriously considering upgrading from my 1000D to the 50D but keep hearing these differing views! Sounds like you've had a lot of unnecessary grief and you've certainly got some patience to put up with all that messing around!

Be curious to hear if your 50D experience gets any better the more you use it.


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