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DxO PhotoLab2 install and subsequent problems

KingBee Plus
13 534 2 Scotland
16 May 2019 4:35PM
Following the recent ePz offer, I recently (yesterday) purchased and installed DxO PhotoLab2 which downloaded and installed OK, but I thought it was maybe a bit on the slow side. So, I had a look at my graphics card NVIDIA control panel in order to manage the 3D settings with a view to adding the DxO .exe file to see if that would improve performance. It didn't.

In fact, it made things slightly worse. I'm now finding that when I open the program it takes longer to open than it did previously, and also when it does finally open there is a brief flash of the Windows home page in the top half of the software home page which then disappears and the page appears as normal. This is obviously a glitch which wasn't happening when I first installed the software yesterday. I have since removed said .exe file from my graphics card program list but the problem persists.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but to no avail. I then contacted DxO Customer Supoort who have advised that the changes I made to my PC to see if DxO PhotoLab 2 would work with the software for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 card have probably corrupted one or more of the files needed to run PhotoLab on my PC. If that has happened, I have no idea how to fix it.

However, there are a couple of other issues which may or may not be connected - I don't know.

I tried to create a System Restore point on my Windows 7 64-bit PC to see if that might solve the issue but I find cannot do so. After I attempt the System Restore, when the restore program completes its cycle the Windows home screen appears as normal but with a dialogue box telling me that no changes have been made. The message which comes on screen says something like "System Restore could not access a file, probably because an anti-virus program is running and I should disable my anti-virus etc to see if that helps". I run Malwarebytes Premium and Windows Defender and temporarily disabled both to see if that would do the trick, but no luck. The Error Message specifically reads: "An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x80070005)".

So, for whatever reason, I now cannot do a System Restore on my PC which is rather worrying.

The other thing is, I now find when I'm composing an email on my BTinternet account I cannot populate the address bar as I used to be able to do, when all I needed to do was to type in a couple of letters and several addressee options would appear from which I simply clicked on the one I wanted. I can no longer do this, and I don't know why.

It seems to me just too much of a coincidence that having just loaded a reputable piece of software (now uninstalled) and tinkered with the NVIDIA control panel to make it 'go faster', I now have gremlins on my PC which did not exist previously.

Can anyone on ePz think of anything I might try to fix this? In this regard, I am not a techie so any advice would have to be given in simple terms! BTW, specifically for the purpose of getting System Restore to work, I have tried opening Windows in Safe Mode but that hasn't helped either.

Sincere apologies for the length of this post, but I reckoned it would be best to provide the fullest information possible.

Thank you.

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Jestertheclown 11 8.0k 252 England
16 May 2019 10:24PM

Quote:when the restore program completes its cycle the Windows home screen appears as normal but with a dialogue box telling me that no changes have been made.

It's not much help to you but that happens on here too; not that I've used system restore more than perhaps twice in goodness knows how many years.
I also switched off Defender and, in fact, I eventually uninstalled Malwarebytes but it made no difference. I tried the restore several times and eventually gave up. I left the problem that I was having, which was minor but a nuisance and it went away with the arrival of a subsequent update.
I've since come to the conclusion that I I don't particularly need system restore; I even go so far as to periodically delete all of the restore points. It's surprising how much space they take up.
I'm currently using Windows 10 Pro, fully up to date.
Tianshi_angie 5 2.7k England
17 May 2019 10:16AM
When you spoke to DxO did they ask what version of Windows you were using? I have an old laptop which was running Windows 7 and the updates for Adobe cannot be made on it. I have had to update the OS to Windows 10 in order too use it with Adobe CC. Software is now being written to function with the latest version of Windows and Macs so may be that this is your problem. I also wonder how you uninstalled DxO as unless you did a clean uninstall there could be files left which have corrupted your new reinstall. You could try CCleaner (free download) which would probably sort out any corrupt files.
18 May 2019 1:51PM
if you download or reinstall the GeForce drivers from NVidia, (its about 500Mb) then you can do a custom install. It will them ask you if you want to do a clean install which will reset all of your graphics card settings to the defaults

that might solve the erratic behaviour.

it also sounds like win7 seems a little poorly. When was the last time you did a complete reinstall? I ask this as PC's do tend to get clogged up with update junk! and slow down, especially since some software writers do not always clean up after updates / installs etc. Also MS is stopping / has stopped supporting win7 which probably means that software writers will stop making programs that run (well) on it.

do you have earlier restore points? I have not used win7 for years and remember it does have several restore points to choose from, try going back to one say a month or two ago and see what happens, at worst case, you will have to run some updates again. you wont lose any of your files if you do this so don't worry too much

I use the DXO software and yes I do find that the opening screen is a little tardy, once its run, I find it quite useful. I would be surprised if it was their software which caused the problem.

hope this helps

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