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Dye based and pigment based inks

Tianshi_angie Avatar
31 Oct 2020 4:07PM
The last two orders I have made for printer inks for my Canon Pro9000 Mk 11 have contained a mixture of dye-based inks and pigment inks. I have always used dye-based inks in the printer which I have had for around 10 years, and have always believed that ink -based and dye based inks should not be mixed. The first order was made via Amazon but was a I believe a cartridge company, the second are also a cartridge company, who I would have thought knew what they were doing. (But I'm beginning to think that 'send any old stuff - she probably doesn't know the difference is their attitude.) I usually use 'Just Ink and Paper' but they have been out of stock for a while. Am I right in my belief that the two kinds of ink should not be mixed? And that actually a Canon Pro 9000 should use dye-based inks?
Tianshi_angie Avatar
31 Oct 2020 4:30PM
Sorry - the beginning of my query is not very clear. I made an order for inks - no addition of 'Chromalife' - just as I have always done and always received dye based ink. I have always believed that dyebased inks and Pigment based inks (chromaLife) should not be mixed.
Railcam Avatar
Railcam 16 967 2 Scotland
31 Oct 2020 4:53PM
The Pro 9000 Mk II uses dye inks (the 9500 series uses the pigment inks).

I believe that you are right that dye & pigment inks should not be mixed on the same printer. Not good that your supplier has smt a mixture. For my Canon printers I always use genuine Canon inks and get them from Premier Inks who have a very simple ordering systen. I have always received what I have ordered.

You should send the pigment ones back and ask for the appropriate dye ones suitable for your printer.

thewilliam2 Avatar
thewilliam2 6 1.7k United Kingdom
31 Oct 2020 7:12PM
With pigment inks, particles of colour are suspended in the carrier but with dye inks the colour is dissolved rather than suspended.

Pigment ink can clog a print-head that was designed for dye inks so I'd do a thorough head-clean.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
31 Oct 2020 8:21PM
I haven't used them, thewilliam, as I really was so sure that they shouldn't be used together and it would probably cause problems if I did. I had no doubts when the first supplier sent a mixed bunch but then when the second one did I began to have doubts. Thank you both for replying as it has confirmed what I suspected.
Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
31 Oct 2020 10:27PM
The advice above sounds good to me. I used to have dye based Canon printers many years ago but have used pigment based Epson printers for some time now. I am only referring to printers for photographs. The pigment based inks leave the colour on the surface of the paper whereas the dye tends to soak in a little. One clear difference is that dye based inks are much more sensitive to the base paper colour whereas for pigment it does not really matter. However, I know dye based inks have been developed significantly since I last used them so the differences may not be so great now. I have always use the manufacturers ink. I once tried a third party ink for a canon office printer (not even for photos) and the results were very poor. Even the Black was a dark grey not black and the colours were poor even for graphics.

I had not printed anything on my Epson SC P600 for the last 3 months so thought I should check it today. The first Nozzle check showed the Light Light grey was blocked. I ran a standard clean and the next Nozzle check was fine; it is probably a good idea to print occasionally but there are no print competitions right now.

Tianshi_angie Avatar
1 Nov 2020 10:05AM
Thanks Dave - I have always used Canon inks and always the dye based, and as I said I feared there might be problems mixing them.
Big Bri Avatar
Big Bri 22 16.7k United Kingdom
1 Nov 2020 10:41AM
If you ordered genuine Canon cartridges, a quick google shows that the 9000 uses CLI-8 inks, and you should use this when ordering, not the printer model number, as Amazon's search algorithms will quite happily return results for 9500 if you search for 9000.
The 9500 uses PGI-9, so the algorithms shouldn't confuse the two.

If you ordered CLI-8 and received PGI-9 should should absolutely return them as you didn't get what you ordered. And if it's from a "specialist" ink company, leave a 1* review on Amazon, as they really should know better.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
1 Nov 2020 10:50AM
I agree Bri - I have already left a 1* and explained that they should know better. But I was unaware that there was a difference in the 9500 and the 9000 and in future I will make sure that that difference is noted. When I order from Just Ink and Paper the cartridge is actually photographed and it's coding is alwats also written underneath CLI-8 and the colour. Thanks for that info.


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