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E-mail providers

User_Removed 12 1.4k England
7 Mar 2011 5:58PM
Not technically true ofc but just trying to clarify "REAL email"
pabloisme 11 566 England
8 Mar 2011 9:51AM
cheers Chris_L I am getting old now!

pop3 accounts do not poll a web server, only a browser and ftp can access a web server (ok command line excepted). and

smtp = simple mail transfer protocol SMTP explanation

OR...... wot! well bugger me! I muster 'ave been doing it wrong for 17 years!
(1994 ish first e-mail server I set up on NT 3.5 and ran web services on apache and a powermac on a 64k line images came end of 1994/5)

I run several distinct services: my domain nameserver; which points all my "names" to services. mailserver; webserver; these are run for my clients with their OWN domains (several hundreds now) they like like being &

pop3 is a fairly robust service ie. mail goes in and you download it to your pc and fairly difficult to hack
I do run asp services on windows servers which can recieve mail and store it, and also M/S exchange server (company use) & the newer cloud "office storage" SharePoint which keeps many people across a (world?) wide location in one manageble area

see the wiki page about different apps

sort of focal press explanation

webmail IS A server extension or add on that can access POP3 in some cases and before you shoot me down, NOT ALL.
webmail (typically hotmail as IMAP can) can be downloaded via a REAL email client like outlook, thunderbird and the rest

gmail / googlemail can be used to import pop3 (and is useful in mobile cases) as can web2mail and a few others

I do realise some have been bought up ONLY using webmail and find it hard to transfer/adapt or easier to just use what they are used to, either time/expense wise or


POP stands for Post Office Protocol. This is used to describe how e-mail clients interact with mail servers. The POP3 Server is a type of mail server used for incoming mail. In simple terms, POP servers provide a mail-drop service (a temporary mailbox to leave messages so they can be picked up at the recipient's convenience.) When users connect to their ISP POP servers, their e-mail software interface with the server and download any messages for them. POP is only used to receive messages, it is not used to send them.

client phoned and said "cant make my password work everytime I put in 8 *'s it still dont work!"
User_Removed 12 1.4k England
8 Mar 2011 10:26AM
google's business solutions are better than exchange imo.

Bottom line is that its much cheaper than on-premise, and you keep your domain for use with gmail. Sometimes running your own just wont cut it.
User_Removed 12 1.4k England
8 Mar 2011 10:32AM
Migrating a 2000 person exchange sever to google business took about 10 minutes.
pabloisme 11 566 England
8 Mar 2011 10:52AM
Amongst the domains I run some servers that have to be UK hosted (security? and all that, run them in a rack at telehouse, OH good plane watching there!) but its just like the old days, everybody bought IBM and wore a blue tie, cos it was safe...... now everybody in a real business uses MuckySoft cos it is what they know staff know & can use it, so........ NO point in making a pitch, plus learning a new set of support skills for less money? and lots of these new startup toys wither & die before they have flowered................

I do play with all the new toys when its quiet just to see, "gurglemail" is made for the android, a real no brainer / doddle
& the new android tab is a hit with the wife (and mite get meself a 7" when the new android OS is out to view pix when I am out!)
User_Removed 12 1.4k England
8 Mar 2011 11:02AM
The xoom is fantastic we have a couple of review units.
pabloisme 11 566 England
8 Mar 2011 12:14PM
the way technology is, be out of date before it is in yer hands, found a 1991 invoice for a 286 1Mb ram, 40Mb hd & NEVER DID fill it! but have word doc's bigger now! and the 1980 mackintosh (posh in those days) was I think 1200 2 x 160k floppies AHHHHHHHHHH

more recently, I still have & use the IBM thinkpad 2002? (has more memory though) outlasted 3 HP's I wonder if these androids will last longer than the phones?

ah blimey..... NO this is a photo forum

as I was saying, my collection of leicas are still going strong! alas I have boxes of wont be used again camera stuff.....

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