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E2, & its successes

roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
7 Jul 2005 11:11PM
Just noted that Pete mentioned that around 10% of the active members are e2 members

So what successes has it brought to..

A, the site?
B, the members?

What does it for you? the 1000 pix upload? that personalised portfolio? The networking?Is it value for money?

Certainly the proportion of you with RCs is fantastic, well done, there are many fine images for all of us to see. (i'm serious)

Every time I have checked over the last coupe of months I have noticed that between 60-80% of the first 16 RCs belong to e2 members. Doubtless they are all there on merit but do you think being an e2 member helps in any way?

Lowest I've seen 10/16 highest 14/16

This is not ment to be controversial, I'm just curious before I'd consider parting with cash. Is e2 a success?

Anthony 19 5.6k 17 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2005 11:31PM
I joined E2 because I wanted to help support the site, which has given me years of pleasure. I wanted the 1000pixel upload option, and the extra stats. I particularly like the favourite photographer list you can build up, handy to keep your eye on the competit....ahem, friends!! lol.

I for one, really enjoy the extra benefits.

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
8 Jul 2005 12:01AM
" Doubtless they are all there on merit but do you think being an e2 member helps in any way?"

Is that a serious question?
debster 16 693 3 England
8 Jul 2005 12:36AM
I agree with Anthony. I too joined because I wanted to support Pete and the site. The benefits are handy but, as I've said before on many occasions, what I get out of this site is worth far more to me than the fee for being an e2 member.

As to the RC, I've only ever received two and I know it's because they were two quality shots - again, this is not something I perceive as a benefit or purely because of being an e2 member.

To reiterate, if Pete withdraws the benefits of being an e2 member, I'd still happily pay him said amount for being a member of this site. Less than 1 a week? I spend far more on photography magazines that I rarely gain much from.

KatieR 17 6.2k 6
8 Jul 2005 12:43AM
In my opinion, no, RC's have nothing to do with being an E2 member.
RC's arise from:
1) great photos
2) good photos of popular subjects
3) mediocre photos of something bizarre
4) Very poor photos
Any or all of these are affected by the photographer - if are well-known on the site and/or have a lot of friends with whom you enjoy a reciprocal relationship, the likelihood of your photos in section 4) above getting an RC is much higher that it perhaps should be considering the quality of the image itself.
(yes, I have spent far too much time analysing this)
I joined E2 not for the facilities but to support the site in general - I had already been a member for a year and had made no contribution before then.
I hope that is of interest.
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 12:56AM
Sadly, I am able to confirm that buying E2 will not automatically bring a supply of RC. In fact, it hasn't brought me any.

Personally, some facilities are nice to have, but not really worth the money, the real reason for paying is indeed to support the site.

Possibly, if you have images that benefit from a larger file size, you may improve your ratings that way.

You might also learn something by allowing your images to be modified. I haven't done it, but if you have a particular problem, it may be very useful.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 12:57AM
I can guarantee and prove that being an E2 member has no link to EC RC's etc.
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
8 Jul 2005 1:00AM
Oh dear. Poor Keith and John!
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 1:02AM
No problems Katie, I am more than happy with the response my portfolio has generated. Like the others I joined to support the site. It was even worth it for the evening we got CB to join. I hope he is getting better.

Then there were the parties.
Anthony 19 5.6k 17 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 1:18AM
Keith and John, want to borrow one of my RC's? Smile

KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 1:19AM
For me its a question of support. Without it and other revenues this site wouldnt be here. If it gains `success` then thats a bonus. The bigger you see a pic the better it is, much better. You also get far more out of this site than any magazine, unless of course you enjoy flicking through pages of adverts, some do you know. How many pics do you see in a magazine compared to here?, no contest. I try to stay clear of favourites in that others inevitably get ignored unless you are on here 24/7.
After 30 years I have never taken a good shot, I never will as I aim to make the next one I take better.
Success no, never expected it to.
mark a. 16 920 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 1:29AM
I wouldn't be surprised if E2 members did get more RCs etc, but not in any underhand way. Those who pay the extra for E2 are generally going to be more active in the gallery and forums, and perhaps are going to be taking and uploading more pictures.
Tooth 15 5.8k 227 Ireland
8 Jul 2005 1:32AM
OK it's Friday and I'm going to say it. It really boggles my mind that the majority of people on here are willing to spend many hundreds of pounds/euro/whatever on camera equipment and peripherals, including computers and scanners etc, yet are unwilling to fork out the cost of a handful of magazines or a cheap filter per year on something that should benefit themselves and obviously the site itself

there..I said it

but each to trheir own etc etc (oh no I'm backtracking now)

Is it nearly 5 O'clock?

ptilley 19 11 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 2:22AM
I am an E2 member and only joined to support the site, the extra benefits are a plus but not the reason I paid. I hope that being an E2 member has no effect on the Ec or Rc awards, it should not! I do not take any notice of that when I look at the gallery and never will. I vote only for pictures I like. I have never had an Ec but have had Rc's. I hope that is because people like my shots and not because I am a member of E2 OR had a Rc or Ec. Paul.
u08mcb 16 5.8k
8 Jul 2005 3:43AM

Quote:Lowest I've seen 10/16 highest 14/16

You're joking right?

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