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E2, & its successes

BradUK 16 553 3 England
8 Jul 2005 3:50AM
I would say that E2 members may, marginally, have more chance of a click if they have gone for a 1000px upload, as by the very nature of it, someone clicking to see the bigger picture is spending more time on that photo.

On a personal note, I have also on a couple of occassions only given a click after seeing the larger image as the smaller image was not quite good enough to warrant a click
conrad 16 10.9k 116
8 Jul 2005 4:11AM
Although I recently found that theres also a disadvantage to using 1000 pix versions: they can show imperfections that the 500 pix versions do not show...

u08mcb 16 5.8k
8 Jul 2005 4:12AM
Thats an advantage, not a disadvantage.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
8 Jul 2005 4:18AM
Hmmm, yes, true - it just didnt feel like it when it was Pete who found the imperfections... Wink (Interestingly, he was the only one of 40+ commenters to say something about it!)

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
8 Jul 2005 4:30AM
Sorry Conrad :-(
conrad 16 10.9k 116
8 Jul 2005 4:33AM
Hey, nothing to be sorry about - I just wish everyone was as candid in his comments as you, Pete! (Although it may not be that theyre not candid, they may just be less picky. Oh well...) Wink

roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
9 Jul 2005 12:34AM
Sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner

some interesting thoughts/opinions

"Is that a serious question?" err yes, is that a serious question?!! Smile

Kyd I hear what your saying but I did'nt really ask what makes an RC, only if e2 will effect or help/hinder inany way but to anaylise it a little further... If we replace the 1000pix image afforded an e2 member and replace the link with one that automatically plays the Crazy Frog ringtone!
Has this action increased the chance of someone viewing/clicking on that image or decreased its chance.
Moreover will they ever click on one of your images agin now that they know whats instore?

Of course the 1000 pix has a part to play in how your image is perceived/viewed/rated etc, its sole function is to better display your work (the good and the bad) Its visual impact alone has doubled from the 'norm'.

Hopefully ppl will see that I did not suggest at anytime that e2 should provide some kind of automatic route to an RC or other award.

The theme seems to be that many of you do it to simply support the site & thats admirable. Me on the other hand I look at diff factors before parting with my cash.

This thread is about e2 not RCs, I simply used RCs as an example of how your membership may/may not have knock on effects.

Perhaps Pete did not realise the imapct and if true he may be able to market as such and attract more e2 members Smile.

And on todays new low of 'only' 50% of RCs being awarded to 10% of active members.....I say good morning, I'm off out to get some shots.

See ya later

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Jul 2005 6:40AM
No I wouldn't say that membership brings in more RCs - if your pictures appeal they will appeal.

Same reasons here - I'm not very active in the galleries at the moment but the 1000px does help to get the full effect of a picture, and the mod option is very useful and very valuable.

I too joined so as to put something back in for all the fun, friendship, feedback and experience I've gained since I first joined - but I'd also donated before so it was a choice to be able to 'donate' on a regular basis with a membership fee.

Yes, the 'fave members' gizmo is very useful - I could save them in my faves on the browser but the effect isn't the same as having them all on the same page with their most recent upload.

The personalised photos are useful to me because I can change my thoughts and gather what I think are my best - and then rearrange, reanalyse, rethink where I'm going. I don't use it as a showcase so much as a learning and evaluative tool.

All in all I find e2 membership very valuable.

And then of course there's the drinks trolley and free snacks ...

sandyb 16 34 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2005 8:13AM
I joined and become an e2 member as did my husband so that we could put borders and frames on our photo's as that is our choice as we like doing them. and the 1000 picels helps this situation. and now they want to discuss that. some are never happy. sandyb
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2005 8:19AM
Just Jas Plus
19 26.3k 1 England
15 Jul 2005 8:29AM
If you are working in photoshop or similar why shouldn't you add a frame to your any more than you might add a Gaussian blur or whatever?


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