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conrad 16 10.9k 116
8 Jul 2005 4:09AM
So why not do as markulous, and join e2 to give something back for everything the site has given you...?

leedsgh 16 496 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 4:14AM
I have joined e2. I'm not saying I won't re-new the membership. I love the site and am very happy to support it.

I was merely comparing whether being an e2 member has allowed me to learn more in comparison to a non e2 member. I dont feel it has. It has other benefits, but none which I can say allowed me acess information which a non member cannot access.

conrad 16 10.9k 116
8 Jul 2005 4:16AM
No, youre right, its not information thats the benefit. But I wouldnt have wanted to miss out on the many mods of my photos which showed me other (and often better) ways to process my images. That alone is worth it to me. And the rest is just a bonus.

And I still think just wanting to give something back to such a great site is reason enough to either join e2 or to renew one's e2 membership.

8 Jul 2005 4:17AM
As an e2 member, modifications and allowing others to show what can be done to improve or alter a photograph has been a great aid to learning in my experience, again it may not help everyone but it has helped me.
leedsgh 16 496 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 4:20AM
just to be an a*** and play devils advocate, can non-e2 members view other peoples modifications?

I'm an e2 member so I do regularly view the modified pics and take lessons from other peoples. I always allow modifications, but not many people have chosen to do so with my pics, so to respond to your comment K, I can learn from other peoples mods seeing as I have access.

KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 4:24AM

Quote: Have you ever NOT got an answer to something here?

Yes, that is from a thread I started.
It sat there for days then I gave up.
Since then I have refrained from posting a thread and rely on anything that that comes close to my own queery in the Forum.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
8 Jul 2005 4:26AM
All your threads have answers on them...
Cephus 16 2.6k England
8 Jul 2005 4:27AM

Quote:Just to be an a*** and play devils advocate, can non-e2 members view other peoples modifications?


paulcr Plus
16 1.5k 9 Ireland
8 Jul 2005 4:27AM
Can't even remember exactly how much my membership was in euros (about 40 or 45 I think) but I can honestly say I have never questioned the value of this site. The mod feature alone is a fantastic way of learning and getting ideas. The feedback and contributions from very talented and accomplished photographers and PS experts is invaluable. My approach to photography has changed and improved (if I can say so myself) so much since joining. I even went and bought a portable studio partly due to the increased confidence I gained here. I have more than made back the price of the studio and then some. No question, I will certainly be renewing when its due. Just don't increase it too much eh Pete.. Paul
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 4:29AM
I sent Pete an email to delete it. Just one of those things I suppose.
Hence the answer, yes.
u08mcb 17 5.8k
8 Jul 2005 4:31AM
well 1 out of 5 or 6 isn't too bad Smile
leedsgh 16 496 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 4:33AM
I will re-new the membership... for me the 1000 pixel upload alone is great. As for whether e2 has taught me more than being a non-member, no. I don't feel it has.

But as stated before, I am a great supporter of this site and have introduced literally 10s of people to it. I will be re-newing the membership. I've never spent as much time on the internet as I have since my discovery of EPZ!

God bless her and all who sail on her!

sheilac 16 162 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2005 5:06AM
I have been an epz member for just over a year. I'm not an e2 member. I read about e2 early on and couldn't see what it would give ME beyond the basic membership. If the benefits haven't changed much then my thoughts would be the same.

Those who were with epz at the beginning or nearly are happy to pay to say thank you for a wonderful site, but you'll soon run out of these 'old hands'. If you want to attract money from the 'johnney-come-latelies' you need to offer something 'extra'.

Remember people use the site in different ways, but personally I would be more interested in e2 if we could set up our own page, have different titled pages or galleries and attach keywords to pictures for use in searches. I know there is the showcase facility for e2 members now, but feel this could be more sophisticated.

e2 members currently have a line on their page saying 'XXX is an e2 member'. If the e2 member can personalise their pages it would be quite obvious they belong to e2 and anyone visting would appreciate the difference against ordinary membership.

I know there is probably lots of work to change this as above, but I think it would net a lot more members. Effectively people would have a web page, which they could point potential customers at. No big deal if you've already got your own website, but great if you haven't.

I'm surprised e2 members can only load the same number of pics as ordinary members. Not sure I'd want to load that many anyway, but might be worth giving e2 people more. Ordinary members could be reduced to just one load a week.

paulcr Plus
16 1.5k 9 Ireland
8 Jul 2005 5:17AM
Also, whie I think of it, if and when Epz allow outsiders to browse the site with the intention of buying photos, as in a stock library, this will open up a huge market for members to make money from their work. This would make the membership cost negligible. Paul
covey 16 1.7k Ireland
8 Jul 2005 5:25AM
Paul, I was thinking more of the effectiveness of E2 than value for money. As with Greg (Glazzaro) I think it could be improved and contributing to the site is not an issue.

Your last point does raise the effectiveness of the showcase, which I think could be improved a lot, especially if it's being used as a marketing tool down the line.


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