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e2 offer ends soon

bpa 16 1.2k
12 Jan 2005 9:52PM
The deed is done, I have now crossed to the dark side.

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
12 Jan 2005 10:49PM
Joined mainly to support the site and give something back since I've made huge use of the site since joining and have learned a huge amount. My photography has improved considerably. Mind you it would be hard not to learn here, given the wealth of knowledge and breadth of material ..!

Being able to flag up invitations for modifications is wonderful. The link to fave photographers is a nice touch and the stats are very helpful and worthwhile. There is no 'them and us' or an 'e2 clique' (or any other clique come to think of it) and in the forums you wouldn't be able to tell who is from which group unless they made a point of saying so, and for me that just proves that e2 membership makes not a scrap of difference to the camaraderie.

Great stuff, Pete and Will.
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2005 1:17AM
I initially paid my 19 to support the site, cheaper than a years worth of photo magazines and much more use.

I didn't think I'd use any of the a bigger image, not me, people will be able to see how bad they are.
Allow modifications.... what, to my precious babies, heaven forbid.
Set up a showcase...wouldn't be so bold as to think my pictures were worth showcasing.

And on all of them, except the last (and I'm working on that) I've done a complete turn around.
(could this be known as doing a CB?)

I love the bigger image facility -it's got me loads more clicks and people have been kind.

The modifications to my pictures are now the bit I have as my home page, yes I know I'm sad.

Even love the statistics, great knowing how many people have thought the picture worth opening up even if they didn't like it enough to click.

I just love it - it's worth every penny and it will still be worth it at 29
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
13 Jan 2005 3:09AM

Quote:I've done a complete turn around.
(could this be known as doing a CB?)

Don't know where this idea has come from!

Quote:The offer price of 19 ends on 31st January. On the 1st February it will be 29.

If only 2% of the membership has signed up at 19, is there likely to be a rush of applications at 29? Just a thought! Wink
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
13 Jan 2005 3:14AM
We don't expect a rush CB, why do you ask?
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
13 Jan 2005 3:17AM
It was rhetorical, Pete! Lol!! Wink
willbrealey 16 253
14 Jan 2005 4:37PM
Remember CB, new members of EPZ seem to be arriving every day, and some of those are bound to want to 'upgrade'. I joined e2 because of the larger images; 60k is usually enough, but you get the odd shot that's a real pig to upload... But I never would have joined EPZ if it wasn't free to begin with.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
15 Jan 2005 1:34AM
" But I never would have joined EPZ if it wasn't free to begin with."

Good point. I could not see too many new members walking straight in and coughing up nearly 30, if it was a members only site, without having a trial period. Sites like pbase have a trial period of a month I think it is, so you can "try before you buy", to decide whether it's for you or not. I think people need a free sample to tempt them! Wink For me, e2 offers nothing that I would use, and it would seem that the huge majority feel the same way,(over 90%) so I'm not sure how it would fare if it were solely a paid site. You have to get the punters through the door to keep the advertisers happy. For those that have joined, especially those that have made the magnanimous gesture of paying up simply to support the site, I'm sure they'll enjoy it and more than get their monies worth. Each to their own, it's just not for me unfortunately.

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
15 Jan 2005 1:48AM
Just so anyone reading this from the end backwards realises there is no intention of us making this a pay for site.

We have an e2 section with extra features that members can join if they feel inclined.

ePHOTOzine with all the techniques, news articles, reviews and information is free to view, the galleries are free to use and the forums are free to contribute in.
suleesia 16 176 Malaysia
16 Jan 2005 8:20PM

Quote:I love e2 and its worth the bucks to support the site but those on US dollars should hurry because the 19 turns into 38 US dollars on conversion - don't know how much that translates when its going to be 29!

It translates to RM141.00 in our currency. It can do one of these :-
1. 20 tickets to the premier movies
2. 70 plate of fried noodles
3. fill up my car's fuel tank twice over
4. a night at a 4-star hotel, breakfast for 2 included
5. 1 month subscription to both satellite TV & broadband internet
6. 50 mins of mobile phone talk-time

or boost my ego for 12 months straight. E2 is fantastic! Cant' leave it, can't live without it!!!

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