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Ease my Pain...The Clicks...

jjmills 12 153 Scotland
8 May 2007 11:45PM

Quote:I'm not trying to be helpful. Just don't understand your point. Your pain would be eased by knowing some people get a lower click/view ratio ?
Seemed to me you were implying "here are my 2 worst shots - please ease my pain by clicking on them"

My mistake.

Sorry missed that...

No it is not about one or two shots that score low I am sure everyone gets that but it is about the longer view...What do you get across 32 images (The Stat Page display) as a guide as to where you are good, bad or somewhere in the middle.

My pain comes from not knowing what people really think, good enough to view but not good enough to click.

Ease my Pain...


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RogBrown 10 3.1k 10 England
9 May 2007 12:30AM
I've also been wondering what the average click rate is. I've just worked out that, out of 26 uploads, I've had 1244 views & 354 clicks - that's 28.45%. What interests me is, do 71.55% of people who view my photographs think they're crap, or are there a lot of people who just view everyone's stuff & don't bother clicking at all. I'd really like to know. Then, again, there are an awful lot of "click groups" on here, where people click on each other's shots whether they're any good or not.
User_Removed 12 4.9k England
9 May 2007 12:44AM
Sorry! .... Just can't get passed 100 views without falling asleep.Wink Works better than Sheep [;-D
looboss 10 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
9 May 2007 12:49AM
I'm just wondering if these views are a result of search engines and indexing robots crawling??
9 May 2007 7:40AM
I think it's a brilliant idea !!!!

okay, not really, but I wanted to be constructive Smile
jjmills 12 153 Scotland
9 May 2007 8:26AM

Quote:I've also been wondering what the average click rate is. I've just worked out that, out of 26 uploads, I've had 1244 views & 354 clicks - that's 28.45%. What interests me is, do 71.55% of people who view my photographs think they're crap

So I am not alone...

Ease my Pain...
elowes 13 2.8k United Kingdom
9 May 2007 8:55AM
Quote:o 71.55% of people who view my photographs think they're crap

Possibly but equally possibly not.

Perhaps they just find them uninteresting.

Very subjective.

It seems that, often, those who have a thing about clicks are those who get a lot rather than those who get little or none. Perhaps your click buddies are taking a break?

I have no idea how many have viewed my images but my click rate is averaging not very many. Still, I have been published in local rags, magazines and used on web sites so I'll not worry to much.

I'll rush off now to wash my mouth out with soap and water having mentioned the dreaded no no of click buddies; no hold it, I'll wait until the sun is over the jolly old yard arm and wash it out with a glass of wine.
dougv 13 8.4k 3 England
9 May 2007 8:57AM
OK then.
The moderators regularly trawl through the gallery to make sure that there are no problems like pictures wrongly catagoriezed, no unsuitable material, no dodgy links or comments etc
If those visits are counted then you views will go up and the votes will not, so skewing the ratio.
I do not read anything in to the statistics at all.
If people like my photos then that's fine.
If they don't then that's fine too.
I am not going to loose as sleep over it.
mdpontin 13 6.0k Scotland
9 May 2007 9:37AM
You don't sleep anyway, Doug. Wink
User_Removed 13 239 7 England
9 May 2007 10:20AM
oh the torment of the creator! is my work good or bad i need reassurance to keep me from going mad & chucking my gear into the dock or at least up for grabs on e bay. this is nothing new van gogh was so troubled he turned to absinthe for solace cut of his ear & eventually took his life.

these sites proliferate the myth something is only good or bad because somebody else says so. rubbish. you took the image it was you who saw it it was you who thought it good enough to post is it bad? no. it may not appeal to the majority taste it may have some technical failings but it ain't bad & no number of stats will say otherwise.

you can of course follow the herd. what i mean is you can find out what images get most votes & then start posting similar images then compare. what then signifies good or bad could be down to technical performance rather than artistic merit.

surely art/photography is beyond good & bad? nietsche said that which is done out of love always takes place beyond good & evil. if you love what your doing then why worry if its bad or good. if you think its good then fine. think about it. if you really believe that votes = good no votes = equal bad then with such a low ratio votes to views i think you would no longer be posting &/or be selling your gear.

the world sells itself as a meritocricy but it ain't! merit counts for a row of beans. once again these sites engender the negative feedback because of the voting system. this adds halos to some & horns to others. sure competition is acceptable however in an artistic environment it endgenders panic not purpose (for some). creative people love to be stroked. votes stroke them. you don't get votes say to some i'm no good!

figure out want you want this site to be for you then find your purpose & then you can find peace. think of a view as a yes; someone saw your thumbnail & liked it enough to see it larger. votes are bonuses. but remember publishing opens the door of an abyss. people love to judge & are better complaining & criticising that they are at rewarding or praising even though they crave the latter themselves.

remember that its not about good or not about bad its about taste. you like or you don't like. and to those of you so concerned about technical perfection/frailties then sure within the conventions of photography sharpness dof focus movement all these things will matter but are not essential in arriving at the final statement of i like or i don't like. after all pin hole holga mobile phone images grain no grain all have a place on this wall.

my purpose is to take photographs. to experiment with light colour & form. to capture a moment & discover the undiscovered. i am not a landscape photographer i am not a wildlife photographer i am a documentor of my visions what ever they are where ever they be. i love what i do & know that i can improve technically but the search is the beauty the seeing is the winning & the taking is the pleasure.

don't give us another useless statistic. please!
malum Plus
13 622 1 United Kingdom
9 May 2007 10:31AM
I'm sure my average view to click ratio is terrible.
I'm also sure that it is not a reflection on the quality of my shots but rather a reflection of the lack of sophistication of my audience. :lol
DaveU Plus
11 1.4k 125 England
9 May 2007 10:34AM
Yup, and my shots are brilliant too but you'll only come to realise that 100 years after I'm dead.
randomrubble 13 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
9 May 2007 10:47AM
One of my favourite images...

Outside epz - judges choice for best slide in exhibition at my camera club annual exhibition, print sold, printed in a magazine...

Inside epz - 19 Views, 2 clicks 10.5%
Cephus Plus
12 2.3k England
9 May 2007 11:14AM
I really must get out more!
User_Removed 13 239 7 England
9 May 2007 2:25PM
david is that because you use a torch? or are you on the right side of the moon?

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