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editing software

c40uk 6 82 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2013 7:53PM
which is best software for a someone whos not good with comps light room 5 or photoshop elements 12,
also how do people edit the pics do you
shot raw do exposure adjustments, then convert to a jpeg and adjust colours ?
also i wish or would love to see some of the pics people take before and after editing

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arhb 12 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2013 8:22PM
The first s/ware I used was Paint Shop Pro, as I found it more intuitive than Photoshop.
Eventually I realised I needed to move over to photoshop and gradually learned how to use it - or at least, what I use of it.
I shoot raw, and convert to tiff (8 or 16bit depending on project).
I only convert to jpg fro web or print purposes.
I have some 'before and afters' of my automotive projects on my website here.
c40uk 6 82 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2013 8:24PM
nice work Smile
29 Nov 2013 8:34PM


30 Nov 2013 3:58AM
At this stage I would recommend something simpler-like Google Picasa, which is free download from Google. As experience grows you will be able to figure out what you need. But if you wish to try now, both programs of your interest can be downloaded to try from adobe internet site.
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
30 Nov 2013 7:00AM
I'm a little like Andy (arhb) above and have used Paintshop Pro for years, it's also moved on a great deal as time has progressed and is now on Version 16 (I started on version 4 back in the early 90's), otherwise known as Corel's Paint Shop Pro X6........I also use LR and CS but only because I also have a Macbook and PSPX6 is Windows based only. Personally I prefer using PSPX6, it's still very intuitive works extremely well and both the latest versions X5 and 6 can do everything LR & CS can just as easily and in most cases faster and better, including extracting RAW files from all the latest generation cameras, cataloguing, HDR and a whole host of other goodies that doesn't come with LR or CS. what's more it all comes in one software package unlike LR and CS and you won't find yourself having to pay a monthly fee to use the latest version of CS as you now do.

If you wish to go with industry standard and spend a fortune doing it then by all means go with LR & CS, but if you're looking for a good viable alternative that costs less the LR on it's own then may I suggest you download a trial version from Corel's Website and give it a whirl, I think you might be surprised at just how well it now compares with the competition. It's just a shame they don't write the code for Apple machines otherwise I'd have a copy of on my Mac Sad If you wish to see some of the results take a look at my p/f where I'd estimate about 95% of my images have been processed using PSP

Don't make the mistake of listening to the the photography snobs and Pros who will tell you you must have CS & LR, most of them haven't even tried PSPX6 in it's latest guise, especially the latest 64 bit version which in comparison to Adobe's bloatware absolutely flies assuming you have a 64 bit operating system.......Sorry LR/CS pros and snobs no real offence meant, but if you really feel like you need two programs to do the job of one then you carry on guys..........Professional togs who have to use industry standard I can understand, but for beginners through to high end amateurs you're all missing a trick and wasting your money guys Tongue and I like to think I respected enough on EPZ to know just a little of what I'm talking about on the other hand maybe not Wink But download a trial version yourselves and once you get your head around the similar to CS/LR interface I'm sure you'll agree with me at least in part Smile

BTW buy it today and it can be had for the paltry sum of just 35.99 and that's with a 30 day money back guarantee, but you'll have to be quick as this is the last day of the offer......

And if anyone#s wondering that I might work for them in some way because of the way I've promoted it here, I don't......I just know a bargain when I see it and once you get used to using it you'll wonder as I do why anybody would ever want to bother with Adobe's very expensive offerings!!!!!
Nick_w 12 4.3k 99 England
30 Nov 2013 8:35AM

Quote:including extracting RAW files from all the latest generation cameras, cataloguing, HDR and a whole host of other goodies that doesn't come with LR or CS.
Ade, you can do all these in Lightroom and Photoshop (tho I think Lightroom would be better without cataloging).

Personally I don't really want to learn a whole new package - I don't have the time. I use a lot of the functions in photoshop, have streamlined my workflow, with actions, various filters etc. but if starting out I'd have no qualms at doing as Ade says.

Btw you only need Photoshop, Lightrooms nice but Adobe Camera RAW uses the same engine and technology as Lightroom (tho I prefer the layout of Lightroom),here have been a lot of advances in RAW converters over the last 5 years, this is one area that does make a difference - I've also used Captureone in the past which is pretty good ( some argue better than Lightroom).
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
30 Nov 2013 10:17AM
My mistake Nick, as I said I hardly use it LR/CS these days, preferring instead to wait till I get home to process my stuff rather than dragging the Macbook around.

Interesting how you mention about the cataloguing within LR, I didn't think much of it either and it was one of the reason I ended up taking it off the Windows machine, that and the fact I found the whole LR program bloated and slow in comparison with PSPX6, but I've had that argument on here before and have no wish to get into again Wink Other than to say I now have a spare copy of Lightroom 4 which I don't need and will never ever use, I did try and sell it within the EPZ classifieds but it didn't get any interest, so if anybody wants it feel free to drop me a PM and whoever wants it can have it for the price of the postage. It has been registered, but I've the necessary paperwork to transfer that licence to someone else if as I say anyone wants it. If not it will end up down the tip, as at the moment we're preparing for a house move and we're downsizing somewhat to a small bungalow so I'm having a major clearout of all my detritus and rubbish.......That's not to say LR is rubbish, it's just the fact I don't need it on my Windows machine.

As for workflow between the LR/CS and PSPx6, to be honest there isn't that much difference between the two once you get used to the 2 programs as I am. Actions or Scripts as they are called in PSP are cinch to use and record/save and any plugins/filters etc that work within CS work within PSP, it's just a case of putting them in the right folder......I guess it's each man to his own, I can understand the reasons behind someone wanting to use LR/CS, especially if you're a pro tog and are expected to go along with the industry standard and can write the costs of it off against tax. But as for anyone else, hmmmmm Tongue Even more so since this new cloud version of CS has arrived on the scene especially if you only happen to be an occasional user, 8 a month seems rather steep IMHO especially as there is no guarantee that this price will stay the same for any length of time, which I don't believe it will, time will tell on that score methinks. But hey I've got a licenced copy of CS for the very few occasions I have to work with it, so I'll stick with that until it becomes so outdated it becomes unusable Wink I still think Adobe may have shot themselves in the foot somewhat with putting CS on the Cloud and I'm hearing many tales of folk who are going to stick with whatever version version of CS they have rather than go down that route. Especially as Adobe so have read had their servers hacked a while ago and managed to let customers credit cards details available to the hackers. Disgraceful for a company as large as Adobe to have let that happen IMHO.

I think Corel are onto a winner in the way the PSP interface actually works and how they have managed both in PSPX5 & 6 to integrate all the functions of LR and CS within one single program seamlessly without the need to fanny about jumping from one program to the other and having to have two programs open at the same time, a pain in the backside I'd imagine if you don't have a well specced up machine.

If Corel could put a module in that copes with stacking multiple macro images (say 40+) in the same way as say Zerene Stacker et al without having to frig about with layers as you also have to do in both PSP and CS it would just be about perfect for all my needs and I wouldn't have the need for any other processing programs. Sadly though as yet this isn't the case, but who knows what the clever bods at Corel will come up with in the next version Wink

I did have CaptureOne when it first came out and indeed as Nick states it worked well, the only reason I dropped that was because I changed machines and rather stupidly lost all the licence/password details and I was buggered if I was going to pay what they wanted for the new version at the time, being the tight arse that I am Blush

Right that's another long waffle on the thoughts of Chairman Ade that has slightly loss touch with the OP question.......Ho Humm......Sorry guys Blush
JJGEE 15 7.7k 18 England
30 Nov 2013 11:09AM

Quote:I still think Adobe may have shot themselves in the foot

Wrong again Ade, they have shot themselves in both feet ! !
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
30 Nov 2013 11:23AM

Quote:Wrong again Ade, they have shot themselves in both feet ! !

c40uk 6 82 United Kingdom
30 Nov 2013 11:26AM
googles editer is better than windows Grin
lemmy 12 2.8k United Kingdom
30 Nov 2013 12:07PM

Quote:t with putting CS on the Cloud and I'm hearing many tales of folk who are going to stick with whatever version version of CS they have rather than go down that route

I dislike Adobe for their pricing structure of 1$/ 1 etc but I find the advocacy of PSP almost religious in its fervor. It's a good program but so is Lightroom and so is CS. I don't find I have to think that Lightroom or Photoshop is bad in order than PSP can be good. I see no logic in that.

Adobe is plainly splitting its products and many professionals like the new pricing. CS is for the professionals, Elements is for the amateurs. For me, even Elements is overkill and I rarely venture outside LightRoom. When I do I often use is free and does everything I need including layers.

Either professional photographers are all idiots and being duped and that is why they use CS and LR....or they find value in them that they do not elsewhere. The value in time saved professionally by using an industry standard cannot be overstated. Imagine if you were a London cabbie. Would you buy a cab with a rotary engine? Or use the standard one that all other cabs use?

I have used practically all of the photo processing software over the years including PSP and GIMP and PS Elements. If you want to cover all bases, Photoshop remains the gold standard. I have liked and disliked many programs but I cannot see what difference a security fiasco or my dislike of the company that produces it has to do with it.

In a way, what I can't grasp is why someone who likes something themselves think everyone else should use it too or try to persuade them.
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
30 Nov 2013 12:44PM

Quote:It's a good program but so is Lightroom and so is CS

I don't believe I ever said it wasn't........I was merely trying to point out that PSP in comparison offers all the same bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost.........Especially now CS has gone to the Cloud.

Tis your money my friend, you're feel free to spend it how you wish, some of us though can't afford to throw money away just because something may or may not be industry standard.....

It will be interesting to see if now that Adobe has seen it fit to charge folk the way they now have whether or not it stays industry standard or just becomes elitist.......If I were a London Cabbie and bought a cab with a rotary engine provided it did the job as well then yep logic would dictate I'd consider it.

If I appear to have a fervour for PSP, then it's no more than the the folk on here that regularly dictate to all and sundry that the only software worth considering is LR & CS.........It's a similar argument as to what is the best camera system, Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Panasonic to name a few, were all entitled to voice our own opinions Wink
colin beeley 17 1.2k 10 England
30 Nov 2013 1:58PM
if you are using canon just use there DPP , that's all i use now Wink
c40uk 6 82 United Kingdom
30 Nov 2013 3:07PM
i did use canon , but now i sold up and have gone to panasonic g6 , just got bk from a 3 hour walk and must abmit i didnt miss the dslr round my neck.

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