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Education system

20 Jul 2005 3:25AM
Sorry to bring this up in the forums but I'm hoping someone can help me with this system. I had a letter from my son's school in May saying that he was absent on a certain day, I know he wasnt but since then I have had two more letters and all have been returned confirming he wasnt absent on the day they said. Yesterday I received what they described as a final warning or unauthorised absence, now I think parents are charged aren't they for this?? On another note the ex girlfriend of my children's father rang the school and requested copies of their school reports and the school sent them to her. I have tried ringing them but the telephone is always engaged so today I sent a letter but have still not heard anything from them. Can anyone offer any advice??
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
20 Jul 2005 3:32AM
send a registered letter so they have to sign for it and you then have proof.
vickyh 18 706 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:32AM
Have you thought about making an appointment with the Head and sorting this out face to face?
Neil_Wardle 18 101
20 Jul 2005 3:36AM
Two things spring to mind.

Firstly - as Vicky says - have you tried going to the school and speaking to someone and secondly, on what basis do you make the judgement that your son HAS been at school when they say he hasn't. Is it possible they he isn't telling mummy the full truth or do you have absolute knowledge that he has been there.

Either way - it does seem like something that should be taken up with the school. I am not sure what you expect people here to be able to do or advise as we have to make assumptions that you are right, your child is telling the truth and the school is wrong.

Henchard 15 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:38AM
I would agree that the most suitable course of action would be to make an appointment to discuss the issue. As a matter of interest how do you know he wasn't absent; presumeably you weren't at the school on those days? Either way if he is in the wrong or the school is in the wrong I would have thought a meeting the best way to sort it out.
ljesmith 16 1.1k United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:38AM
K, my wife works as an education specialist for a solicitor in Bristol. If you e-mail me directly with some more info I might be able to help through her or put you into contact with her. She says that you shouldn't be worried over a one day absence as action is only started when dealing with three days or more.

Neil_Wardle 18 101
20 Jul 2005 3:40AM

Quote:education specialist for a solicitor

in my experience, that is something ALL lawyers should have Wink
simont 16 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:45AM
I see that Neil isn't being overly helpful with his comments.

There was a program on the other night regarding truancy, and the parents involved where not immediately prosecuted but given time, and extensions, to resolve the matter.

I'd say don't worry, but contact the school and discuss the matter with the headmaster, preferably without your lad knowing that your going.

20 Jul 2005 3:46AM
Neil I know he wasnt absent, he's 7 and gets taken to school, he then goes to nursery afterwards while I work. I was just hoping for a bit of advice I'm sorry if you think I shouldnt have posted this. Incidentally the school have just rung me and I've had a detailed conversation with the headmaster, he assures me that he is going to look at the system and make sure this doesnt happen in future. Thank you to all those who posted helpful comments, it is very much appreciated.
ljesmith 16 1.1k United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:48AM
No problem K

As I say if you need any advice on this then e-mail me direct.
simont 16 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 3:49AM
K, Glad to hear you've already had some good news about the problem, hopefully it will all be sorted quickly
20 Jul 2005 3:49AM
Thank you Luke and Simon Smile
nigelf22 16 583
20 Jul 2005 4:34AM

Quote:"...I am not sure what you expect people here to be able to do or advise..."

Supply assistance through shared experience and contacts. IMHO that usually works here and I, for one, am very grateful.
20 Jul 2005 5:27AM
So am I, there are some very helpful members on this site who go out of their way to help, they dont have to, they are not paid, but I'm grateful for every bit of advice whether it be photographic or otherwise. Just wanted to say that.
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
20 Jul 2005 6:31AM
To be honest, I'd be more worried about why they sent a copy of your child's school report to someone unrelated to them.

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