Elements 10 - Updating Organiser problem

SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
1 Jan 2013 6:28PM
Every time I upload new images or change anything, or it seems, do anything at all, the Elements Organiser runs an Update which can take quite a long time. It never used to do this and I certainly haven't changed any settings. I've looked in Preferences but can't find anything that I might be able to change to solve the problem.

Can anyone suggest something I could try please?

Cheers, Chris

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JackAllTog Plus
10 5.6k 58 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 10:32AM
Hi Chris,

One approach might be to reinstall the application - sorry.

But another might be to do a manual update and let it complete as it sounds as if it thinks it needs the update.

I wonder if its related to elements 10 trying to prompt you into upgrading to elements 11?

Sorry, these are just general ideas.

chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 12:17PM
Hello Chris,
It seems as if elements is not getting enough power to carry out the tasks, you say you have checked preferences
but it may be worth looking at checking the preferences within the Editor, open any photo in the Editor, click on
preferences then click on performance, you will see a slider to set the memory usage, I used to set mine to about 85%,
I would also set the history states to 10 and cache to about 4, this may help, as you say this has only recently started
have you noticed a general slow down in your computor as this may indicate something further to investigate.
SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
2 Jan 2013 2:53PM
Hi Stuart and David.

Well, I changed my Performance settings as per above (they were previously 70%, 50 history and 6 cache). But absolutely no different. Every time I go into the Organiser it runs an update. I think the actual computer might be slightly hesitant lately (FF keeps stalling briefly at times) but I wouldn't know what to do about that.

I don't think it's anything to do with updating to E11 Stuart. I've not had that before. I suppose I'll have to try uninstalling but it's a real faff. It must be something to do with settings either in E10 or my computer but I'm at a loss as to what to try.

Thanks for your help guys but back to the drawing board.
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.6k 58 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 2:59PM

Quote:computer might be slightly hesitant lately (FF keeps stalling briefly at times)

Ah, then it sounds like you 'may' have a virus that's blocking your updates - ( sending calls via another proxy server) - if that's the case you need to be sure you PC is Virus free first.
Is your current AV upto date - what is it?

If you are not sure then do run this online virus checker - though a virus may block it.

If you do end up reinstalling Elements, then there is a config libray file you will want to keep to save reindexing all the files.

But first - run updates and check viruses.

Good Luck...
SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
2 Jan 2013 3:31PM
Thanks Stuart. I hope it's not a virus. I tried looking at the EPZ Sudoku a couple of days ago and FF prompted me there might be a virus there but I looked anyway because it was on the EPZ site and thought it'd be OK. I'm the the peeps here wouldn't let anything nasty through. But anyway, it was doing it before then and nothing new nasty has happened. Sad I've got McAfee which is up to date.

I'll have a look at that website. Cheers.

PS: I was doing my File "housework" on NY Eve and seeing as I had loads of space on the hard drive I copied a lot of images off of one of my external drives back to the C drive. I've just now deleted them all from the C: drive and E10 seems to be back to normal. I wonder if it was trying to read through all those files, although I did have "search for new files" etc. and "Watch folders" turned off. If it was just than, then problem solved, but I'm sure it was Updating to a lesser degree before.

I'll see how it goes.

JackAllTog Plus
10 5.6k 58 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 3:39PM
OK, another good practice on XP (and vista i think) if to defrag your disk - it can take a good few hours.
It looks at all your files and tidies them up as sometimes they are spread all over the disk and its slow to access.

START > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > "Disk Defragmenter"

The System will often run faster after this exercise - particularly if its not been done for a good few months.

For windows 7 or windows 8 this is done automatically.

SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
2 Jan 2013 3:40PM
That's a good idea Stuart. I've done a fair bit of moving about stuff and haven't defragged for a good six months. Off to do it now.
Mind you, I've got Windows 7 but didn't know it did it automatically.

Ah, just gone into Defrag and it's set to do it at 1.00 every Wednesday so it's already been done. I've learned something else.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 5:03PM
Hello again Chris
It looks like you are getting sorted out, another couple of tips for Elements which I found helpful, under preferences, auto-analyze,
uncheck all the boxes, if you tag your photos after they have loaded into the organiser there is no reason to have this running as it just uses
valuable resources, and to be quite honest I found it to be a pain in the rear, you would also be wise to use the watched folders with your windows
pictures folder active, C:\users\your name\pictures\ also at the bottom of that page it reads "when new files are found in watched folders"
check the "notify me" box, that way all the photos that come into your computer are picked up by elements and you will be given the option
if you would like to load them into the Organiser or reject them. I hope this might be helpful.
SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
2 Jan 2013 5:35PM
Thanks David. I've just turned the Watched Folders option to on again as I'd turned it off. I can see the benefits of this now. At least you can see what it wants to upload. I turned it off because all I use the Organiser for is for uploading and rejecting new images or ones I want to work on from the archives. Once I've worked on an image I delete it from the Organiser. I don't store things on it.

Thanks both for your input. I think it was my fault for moving old folders onto the C drive so perhaps I just overloaded everything.
Much appreciated.

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