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End of contract which phone?

Bit_Blurry 11 79 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011 11:52AM
You certainly can increase battery life in the Desire HD by turning off sync functions etc, there are also apps that will disable wifi when the screen's switched off.
Personally I leave all mine on though, it doesn't seem worth having such a "powerful" device and then disabling it's functionality.
I totally agree on the poor choice of battery, I'm sure they could have designed it to be a couple of mm's thicker and fitted it with two batteries.

Personally I easily get a full day out of it with no problems, although I have a charge lead at work and another in the car just in case of any "sods law" moments!
Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
18 Jan 2011 12:04PM
Thanks for all the replies. I have to charge my iPhone every day and it seems that battery technology needs to catch up. Contract not up til May but I've 99% decided that it's not another iPhone. Trouble is can I convert all my music back from iTunes to mp3 so I can put it on my new device?
Just a quick google it seems it is possible but rather a long process.
It seems that I can still use the iPhone as an iPod without a sim card but it rather defeats the object having to cart 2 devices about.
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
18 Jan 2011 12:13PM
You don't need to.
You can download DoubleTwist, and it will import what you have in Itunes.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011 12:16PM
If you compare smartphone battery life with a laptop I think they come out pretty well. After all it's not that long ago that the amount of computing power in an average smartphone would have needed a battery the size of a brick to power.

With any smartphone, if you use it as a phone you will get the battery life of a phone. If you start turning on and using all the good stuff you will get the battery life of a computer, ie not brilliant.

I use my iPhone constantly and charge it every day, a price I am willing to pay. Normally I plug it in when I am driving to and from work, so it is always ready. When I go abroad and don't want the 3G, etc, etc, it easily lasts a week between charges.

Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
18 Jan 2011 12:16PM
That's great Cole. Thank you very much. Smile
lawbert 14 1.8k 15 England
18 Jan 2011 8:52PM
Have you had a look at the Blackberry Torch?

I was always anti Blackberry until I used one of theseSmile
Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
18 Jan 2011 9:20PM
My wife has a blackberry but I hate them. It's the infernal noise they make when using the keyboard. That bloody clicking drives me insane! Sad
BigRick 16 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2011 6:33PM
HTC wildfire, and its the best phone i have ever had. My wife has the LG Optimus and she thinks its good, although there seems to be a slight lag between 'pressing' the buttons, and the phone reacting. We have both downloaded task killer and this keeps the background programs down, and keeps the phone running well.

I looked at the HTC desire HD, and to be honest, i thought it was too big, and would get damaged too easily in a pocket or bag, as the screen may get bent and crack. The wildfire is big enough for my uses, and small enough to fit in my standard size phone wallet. If i want a larger screen when i am out i will take my laptop.

I find the apps very useable, and there are LOADS to choose from too. Some free some need paying for. Its called Marketplace on Android, and most places are now developing apps for android as well as Iphone.

As always, views are individual, and its down to personal choice, and tastes.
SilverPaul 12 16 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2011 11:45AM
I'm hard on my kit. I got an HTC Desire HD without batting an eyelid. It's solid. (If it's too big, look at the desire, that's a cracking good phone too.)

It has an excelent Android implementation that is a revelation after 5 or 6 years using HTC phones (O2 XDA's mainly) with windows mobile. (Your deity of choice rot it's silicon soul)

There are many reviews out there that happen to match my point of view Smile

The camera is OK, and the video is very nice.

Oh, and it has Angry Birds available free...

As always, your mileage may vary...
DmacD 10 25
26 Jan 2011 9:07PM
I've got a HTC Desire HD and I almost sent it back because of battery life (I was getting 8 hours max out of the box) which is appalling when you live in Scotland and rambling up hills need a phone to be ready when you need it.

I read a blog which gave these instructions (sorry I cannot give cudos to the original authour as it's saved me sending it back)

Start to charge overnight from completely flat (8 hours) Switched you may need till it get a wee bit of charge
Unplug phone from charger and switch phone off wait 2 mins
Leave switched of and plug charger back in and charge for 1 hour
Unplug from charger switch on for 2 mins then switch off
Plug back in and charge for another hour.
Unplug and use phone

It sounds like a faf but this phone is brilliant and now it lasts easily 2 days of heavy use.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
26 Jan 2011 9:18PM
I love my Desire HD, but if I was doing serious hill walking I'd take a Nokia 3210 and a Garmin Smile
jondf 15 2.8k
26 Jan 2011 10:44PM

Quote:I love my Desire HD, but if I was doing serious hill walking I'd take a Nokia 3210 and a Garmin Smile

Interesting that someone should mention Nokia although, as a long-time user, I guess I'm biased.

Nokia hasn't kept up with some of the advances made in the smart-phone market of late, but with the Nokia N8 you get a really solid feeling phone that has good battery life, good reception, some great apps (including free sat-nav) as well as what's generally acknowledged to be the best built-in still/video camera on the mobile phone market at the moment. Yes, the N8 might be a bit sluggish when compared with the opposition but the sum of its parts go to make a solid, reliable camera phone.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
27 Jan 2011 12:38AM
I was in an Indian restaurant a few years ago with some colleagues from my company and a company we worked with. A bunch of guys were showing off what their phones did, and one guy pulled out his old Nokia and said "mine does this" then threw it in at the floor.

When he had picked up all the bits, he put them together, switched it on and made a phone call.
DmacD 10 25
30 Jan 2011 9:43PM
I previously had a Nokia 5800....if you don't want all the bells and whistles - but most of them..I still miss some of the functionality of this phone...get's bulletproof (my wife poured a full glass of coke over it the day I got it - I sold it last week after 1.5 years hard use for 93) Now got a HTC...will post later on the resilience of this one.
jondf 15 2.8k
12 Feb 2011 8:10PM

Quote:I previously had a Nokia 5800....

Ooops, red faced me comes clean. I'd had a good play with the Nokia N8 and its cousin, the C7. However, the phone I've been using for the past 15 months is a Nokia 5530 Xpress Music. It does everything I want with the exception that the screen's a bit small and it doesn't have 3G capability. So what have I done? Just ordered a brand new Nokia 5800 from Amazon for 165. On the basis of my experience with the 5530 - oh, and DmacD's comments above Wink - I know I'll not be disappointed.

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