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8 May 2021 5:03PM
Though I'm not in the least bit competitive (in life generally), I'm slightly intrigued by the View/Vote count ratios. Obviously if you have a lot of followers you are more likely to get a lot of both views and votes (and vice versa). If a photo attracts attention to itself, and then on closer inspection people decide they don't like it and don't vote, then this is reflected in the View/Vote ratio rather than the absolute values of either. I've noticed it seems common to get around the 50% mark, so if 10 people look at a photo of mine and 5 of them vote for it then I'm reasonably happy with that, especially as a lot of my stuff is a bit niche. The Unique Views count is also interesting for the same reason. Has anyone any thoughts on this?
clicknimagine Plus
11 829 104 India
8 May 2021 5:56PM
It is universal truth in any site on the web that vote for a vote or like that, it is no harm at all to give vote or invite others to view your image...

But I don't follow this principle not only here but also in other sites too, so that my images are honestly been judged, and I can get a decision what to keep or to delete...

If you are more inclined to get maximum votes or others, you should return it to them, it is universal truth and personally I don't think it is harmful or wrong, because it is a common human pchychology...
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
8 May 2021 6:12PM
People like me help to increase the unique views figures, as I look at - as in open the thumbnail - every image, every day. If I look at say, 100 images in the course of a day, then the chances are that I have only voted on perhaps 20 of them. (Here I'm merely guessing, as I have no idea of the percentage of my viewed to voted on.)
Images that might attract a UA from me get looked at sometimes 3 or 4 times, others get an instant award. In the end, though, despite viewing 3 or 4 times I might decide to not award the image.
8 May 2021 6:32PM
Interesting - I'm reminded of the brutal adage of 1970s music industry scouts, who would decide if a song had merit within the first 30 seconds of listening to it, and would award recording contracts on similarly quick-fire judgements - to the obvious chagrine of the artists. Not that that happens here of course. I would love to have more time to browse more contributors on here, but due to working crazy hours I have to be very selective. But I'll look very closely at everything posted by the people I follow.
chavender Plus
10 513 1 France
8 May 2021 7:26PM
I only vote or award an image on merit regardless of the poster.
I look at a lot of images most days and vote for perhaps 15-20 and award on average 2.
It amazes me that out of focus, badly processed images get a lot of votes and comments along the lines of "great detail, lovely image" etc but this "you vote for me and I`ll vote for you" happens on most sites.
I do appreciate that focus and processing can be used artistically.
8 May 2021 7:48PM

Quote: But I'll look very closely at everything posted by the people I follow.
...but, I should add, not necessarily vote for! A similar thing happens on Youtube - where you make a semi-pro video and get 30 views, while a badly-made video of an extremely dull subject gets several million views, because the OP has significant social capital. But as our profiles are not monetised its less of an issue here.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
8 May 2021 11:41PM


It amazes me that out of focus, badly processed images get a lot of votes and comments along the lines of "great detail, lovely image" etc

"Click cliques."
They've existed on here for longer than I have.
They'll vote for anything, no matter how bad it is, provided it's been posted by one of their mates.
Best take no notice.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.8k 2419 United Kingdom
9 May 2021 11:06AM
Ah the warm glow of nostalgia... Search the forums from years past for 'click clique' and you will find a world of wild conspiracy theories, about secret cabals sworn to always vote for each other, under the threat of excommunication if they don't.

I think the truth is rather simpler. ePHOTOzine advertises itself as the friendliest photography site, it is deliberately structured to encourage regular uploading and interaction between members, via commenting, voting, user awards, personal messages and connections.

People who upload regularly and participate become known quantities, other members come to understand what they are trying to do. People who don't specialise in a single narrow genre will also receive wider attention.

Part of the joy of the site for me is following individual photographers' progress, ideas, their approach to the craft. Seeing how they establish a personal style. I've connected to quite a few members whose work I find interesting, I will generally look at their uploads, sometimes I'll vote and sometimes not. But I also look through the gallery as a whole. I now find that I can look over the Gallery and immediately identify many of the uploads.

There are members who upload regularly but do not interact, and who receive a lot of votes and awards because of the sheer quality of their work.

There are members who don't interact and upload infrequently, who get a lot of attention if they are uploading the popular subjects. Birds, butterflies, big landscapes, steam trains...

Nudes will always attract a lot of views.

It is harder for someone who doesn't interact, uploads infrequently and sticks to a less accessable genre to get much attention, however strong their work. This I think is a weakness of the site.

I've been on the site for nearly fifteen years. When I joined there weren't votes, the instruction was something like 'Click if you like this image'. That's still how I approach the Gallery..

At the end of the day this is for enjoyment and learning. It's not a matter of life or death.
9 May 2021 11:53AM
As a relative newbie I was not aware of the back-story - I guess the competitive spirit manifests itself vigorously wherever the opportunity presents itself! The site friendliness was apparent to me after a very short time, which is great. There's no intrinsic reason why photographers should get along - you wouldn't expect members of a mobile-phone users' club to have much in common - everybody's got one. And almost everyone takes photos too. In many ways I'm getting more out of this site than from my local camera club, when after the event everybody goes home/leaves the meeting. That said, they might be chatting on their Facebook group all week - and as I don't use FB I'm not a part of that. But 90% of the members are retired, and I'm working all the hours God gave. In terms of pure numbers (my original prompt), the conclusion seems to be that of the people who are drawn to an image I post, about 50% will decide its worth a vote. And that seems to be fairly typical overall. I'm quite happy with that.
9 May 2021 4:12PM
I Like this site due to the broad range of photography on show and as mrswooly said this site is warm and friendly, intuative and encouraging and mostly snob free. I think it inspires people to pick up a camera and learn more about photography, just by looking at people's work will subconsciously influence the way we compose an image. One important thing to remember photography like art is subjective. One thing I have noticed people who vote on my photos have similar subject matter and interests in their galleries.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 774 England
9 May 2021 5:39PM

Quote:It amazes me that out of focus, badly processed images get a lot of votes and comments along the lines of "great detail, lovely image"

Sad cases, posters and voters. Brutal but true. And because they get loads of votes they'll have no incentive or idea improve.

Quote: In many ways I'm getting more out of this site than from my local camera club

Good to read that, and I should think so too. Having biefly been in a club in the distant past I wish epz had been aroundthen.

People I follow don't always get a vote, the picture has to have some merit at least.

Quote:Nudes will always attract a lot of views.

There aren't many on this site these days. I sometimes wonder if some members don't want their username to appear on the list of voters so don't vote.

I try and look through a days worth of uploads every day, by that I mean go through the thumbnails and open those that create some interest. And then only some get a vote.

I haven't looked at my views to votes ratio in a long time.
The number of comments is more interesting and engaging for me.
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
9 May 2021 5:44PM

Quote:I haven't looked at my views to votes ratio in a long time.
The number of comments is more interesting and engaging for me.

A photo speaks a thousand words, and a comment is worth a thousand votes...Wink
9 May 2021 7:50PM
That would depend on what the comment says! Not all comments are complimentary, and some are interesting but irrelevant! But yes point taken. Smile
10 May 2021 12:39AM
The best way to get votes is to leave votes and/or comments on other peoples images and get noticed and make friends on the site, that way people are more likely to return a vote or comment on your images, the number of votes have very little to do with the quality of your images and more to do with how many people you get to know on the site and who are familiar with your name, i have seen images on here that are total garbage yet seem to attract alot of votes/comments simply because that person spends time voting and commenting and maybe taking part in the forums thus getting known in the group and their name becoming familiar to others.
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
10 May 2021 9:56AM
As an infrequent gallery browser I'll only binge look when opportunity permits. So I might vote for an image I like but completely miss loads that were much better but uploaded at different times - so a 'vote vs a no vote' is a meaningless measure from me. I'll also vote for technically sub par images if i like the concept or appreciate the effort potentially taken to set up or light the shot. People who regularly produce amazing shots might only get a few votes from me if their monotonous perfection gets boring as I'm looking for more than their normal average.
And yes I'll be more inclined to vote for people who have helped or encouraged me in the past if I also like the image.

The flip of this for me is that votes from people like saltireblue above, who typically look at all images, are much more valued as I'd then believe that in a wide field of others I'd done something above average. But regardless of votes I'm only going to upload ideas I want to try or photos that I like.

I like how MrsWoolyBill sums it up "At the end of the day this is for enjoyment and learning. It's not a matter of life or death."

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