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Eos 10D now available

GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
28 Mar 2003 3:55PM
I felt exactly the same since I bought the E-10 years ago, my only worry is the lack of wideangle.

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
28 Mar 2003 4:05PM
Wendy, are you in Brighton ? I heard the pier was on fire earlier.
edz2001 18 513
28 Mar 2003 4:09PM
Bri, you managed to convince your wife you wouldn't buy again for 5 years? Mine has already given up believing in that!

GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
28 Mar 2003 4:10PM
No, thats just my home town.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
28 Mar 2003 4:32PM
No Ed, I said I promised. I didn't say she believed me Wink
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
31 Mar 2003 12:56PM
Just to say I have been running a few tests with my new Eos-10D this morning and it is fantastic. In RAW mode I cannot see any real pixelation even at 200% ! So far very impressed & very fast in operation compared to the E-10 (no surprise). Love to hear what Bri thinks when he tests his

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2003 4:15PM
Well, I seem to have problem with mine. Wonderful camera, but when I stick my Sigma 18-35mm lens on, occasionally I am getting Err 99. The manual just says this is "any other error" and to reinstall the battery, which has of course made absolutely no difference.

I will continue playing but the thought it might be broke is very worrying.
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
31 Mar 2003 4:17PM
Have you had the same error with a Canon lens? (just an idea - maybe the gold contacts are different/dirty ?)

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2003 4:25PM
I have my Canon 75-300 with me and haven't seen the problem. I won't be able to test my others until I get home tonight.

The thing is, it doesn't happen all the time..
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2003 5:19PM

How old is your Sigma lens (as it's an 18-35 rather than the more recent 17-35 my guess is it's a few years old).

There was an issue with some Sigma lenses that caused a problem with certain Canon cameras. Sigma can do something to the lens (I think they 're-chip' it) to get it working again and I understand that this is free if you have proof of purchase for the lens

Try their website ( as a starting point

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2003 5:48PM
Thanks Barrie. It is quite an old lens. I don't know how old exactly as I nicked it off my brother. So I don;t have proof of purchase. rechipping may still be cheaper than buying a new one though.

I will check it out.
4 Apr 2003 10:22AM

How's the 10D Big Bri? Pleased? Worth getting?

GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
4 Apr 2003 10:42AM
...mine is absolutely brilliant, no problems at all...still astonishingly good!

4 Apr 2003 1:44PM
Hi Wendy!

Quick question: are you using RAW format and if so how many compact flash cards have you got? Have you considered getting a Portable Hard Drive?

GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
4 Apr 2003 2:00PM
Yes, I bought a 1 gig microdrive with the camera.. I think I still get about 100+ shots even on Raw. There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of difference in sharpness between Raw & top jpeg, but much more exposure latitude, both extraordinarily sharp after sharpening in PS7, am experimenting with turning in-camera sharpening down & doing it in the PC, flawless camera though as far as I can see.


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