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IanFlindt 15 740 21 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 5:12AM
Sorry, K - my apologies if I made anyone's position more difficult by my comment. Last thing I would want to do.
25 Apr 2005 5:30AM
No worries, all the above were discussed to some extent when they were nominated, the same could be done for new nominations but I'm not sure that discussing the merits of each one here would be best. Not that everyone's views aren't important because they are, but if you discuss one then its only fair to discuss them all, not only that but this is more public than giving critique on a picture in their portfolio. With only 5-10 out of the list being able to be in the book maybe discussing them here could be detrimental to those of us that dont make it.
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 6:26AM
I'd like to nominate Lovelylindax as I recently sent her an email about how much I thought her work had improved.

I myself have gained a lot from the site but have deleted my early work, when I looked back I couldn't believe some of the stuff I thought was good, I'm not nominating myself, I'm just saying thanks to all that have helped me and to Pete and the team. Although you have cost me a fortune in wanting better equipmnt. Wink
daviewat 16 4.1k Scotland
25 Apr 2005 6:27AM
Ok then me first.

I reckon I have improved no-end due to this site, from just haphazardly pointing anything at anything to now thinking of composure, exposure, lighting, f-stops, iso, f numbers, lenses, filters just about anything I never knew exisited a couple of years ago so I nominate ME Smile david watson Hope that is not too rude or cheeky but I do feel I have gained a lifetimes worth of education from bieng a member of this site for a couple of years.

Cheers anyway

lovelylindax 16 16
25 Apr 2005 8:28AM
I would like to nominate Teena40 xxx
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 8:37AM
Just in case you can't nominate yourself I'd like to nominate, or second his nomination, Daviewat
25 Apr 2005 8:42AM
If you feel you've improved as a result of the site of course you can nominate yourself, I'll update the list a bit later. Thanks for all the input so far.
brm 16 76
25 Apr 2005 8:53AM
In that case I'll nominate myself as the first time I picked up a camera was last march when I joined! Although looking through my portfolio I'm now thinking that perhaps it's only my powers of self-delusion that have improved... Wink

UserRemoved 15 481
25 Apr 2005 10:34AM
I haven't been a member long enough to improve, though I have learned how to include links!
I think I'll be a slow learner I'm afraid.

Best wishes to all who have improved. I look forward to seeing even more impressive shots in the future from those elected.

Take care,
lovelylindax 16 16
25 Apr 2005 10:55AM
May I just say a quick THANKYOU to Shane (big smile) xxx
UserRemoved 15 481
25 Apr 2005 10:58AM
Hi Linda!

Your work has always been great - right from your first post. You're a natural.

Best wishes,
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
25 Apr 2005 12:14PM
Well, I've toyed around with the idea of putting myself forward ever since the original thread started, but haven't felt vain or brave enough to do it until now!

As some people will know already, I was unfortunate enough to have been involved in a serious road accident some 12 years ago. The result of which being that I suffered a broken back and serious head injuries. No matter, I'm still here and I've been fortunate enough, thankfully that I'm still able to walk. Up until my accident, I had always been fairly fit and healthy and led what I believe was a very busy lifestyle. My main hobbies being sport, but most of all "fishing".....I'm not talking about dropping the odd maggot in a river now and again, I was a fully blown semi-pro specimen angler. The kind that would stay at a lake in a tent for 7 day's and nights trying to catch one particular Carp, Pike or Chub depending on what I was fishing for at the time.

In other words I was the complete nut, come rain or shine and most of the time worse than that. Work was something I had to do to finance my fishing, I really was that bad! Of course, that was taken away from me in the blink of an eyelid with the accident, and to make matters worse the accident was'nt even my fault!

As you can imagine, this really had an effect on my life, yes I was stuffed for a long while, but I always thought that sooner or later I would be able to get back to my beloved fishing. Unfortunately this would never be the case, I tried several times to go back to it, but it became damn near impossible for several different reasons, I couldn't carry the gear, I couldn't walk any great distance and a whole load of other reasons. The worst one being the head injuries, for which I still on medication even now because strangely enough this has had the most impact on my life! I have slight brain damage, yep I know, you all suspected as much...lol...But this had a very serious effect on my mental health! So much so, that yes I've had to spend time in the funny farm because of it and even now still have to see various different specialists etc. As time has progressed and it's been a long time let me tell you, I have gradually become better and better....I almost normal now!.....Although what the hell normal is Lord only knows!....LOL

I always had a general interest in photography, I had to with the fishing, saying that I had caught a monster Pike meant nothing to anyone unless I had some sort of pictorial evidence......You couldn't go to Angling Times/Speciman Angler saying I've caught a big un' without pictures. So after a long period of time I decided to change my hobby to something more suitable, whilst at the same time finding something that would get me out of the house and be theraputic!

Photography was for me a natural progression, but I've only really taken it seriously over the last 3-4 years. Graduating from film, and then onto digital, my first digi-cam being a 1.2 MP Kodak. Oh those were the days....lol

So why am I telling you all this, because had it not been for EPZ and one or two other sites. I would never be in the position I am. EPZ has been a "therapy" for me, I have learned countless new techniques though the site. It's given me loads of ideas on what I'd like to take pictures off.....Other people's work has given me inspiration. But I think the one thing which I am grateful for, is the confidence it has given me to get out there and meet new people and get a life!!!!

Yep, my portfolio has improved and I'd like to thank "you" all thru the this thread for that. Hell I look at some of the shots I posted when I first joined and I think they're bloody awlful, but I kept perserving till I'm at the stage I am now.....Which to my mind, I guess I'd describe myself as a advanced amateur.

Please don't offer me sympathy for the situation I in, I'm not looking for that....Hell to be honest, a lot of the problems I had were off my own making.......So there you go, that's my very own personal reasons why EPZ has helped me. Pete and some close friends I have met thru EPZ know some of all this. If I'm lucky enough to be selected to have a picture published in the book, then that will all be well and good, if I don't well, I won't really care to be honest because EPZ has already done more than enough for me.

On a slighter lighter not, I would like to mention my wife Suzie, who has stuck by me thru what have been some very difficult times. Most women would have left years ago.......So I guess what I'm trying to say, is now you all know why were both total fruitcakes....LOL...Incidently would you believe Sue used to fish as well, she had too, if she ever wanted to see anything of me. Actually on the quiet she was rather good and on more than one occasion would totally out-fish me. So she lost out as well, and she is in agreement with me, EPZ has changed our lives around, she loves the site and the people we've met thru it!

Boyd 16 11.2k 11 Wales
25 Apr 2005 12:20PM
Well Ade, if you don't make it onto the most improved list you're down on my most inspiring photographer list.

I also agree with your point that you're both nutcases ;o)
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 12:53PM
Or maybe the longest post list, LOL Smile
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 12:54PM
Does it count if I've gone from being totally useless to just useless. Smile