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Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
25 Apr 2005 12:55PM
Yep, sorry about that guys, I tried to keep it short...ish.
Really I did....Ade
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 1:24PM
Erm K - I wasn't wanting to nominate me - I was just nominating daviewat in case you wouldn't accept his nomination of him.
It's just getting confusing isn't it?
Oh and I definately want to nominate ade
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2005 1:39PM
Well Ade, you certainly have some impressive work.
As for myself I been around so long that my peak has been reached and now its gone.
I would also like to nominate Ade.
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
25 Apr 2005 1:44PM
I truly was'nt looking for nominations, but thanks guys anyway. I was just saying what EPZ means to me.....and long may it continue!

UserRemoved 15 481
25 Apr 2005 4:21PM
Hi Ade,

Having read your detailed and very distressing story, I can certainly relate to some of what you must have gone through. Like you, I too lost my life (due to severe illness) and I also agree that for me EPZ is at present an essential form of therapy.

I've probably laboured this point many times, so I apologise in advance - I had a successful drumming career and a very active involvement in several Martial Arts. However, throughout my life I always had mental health problems, which came to a head in January 2004, when I suddenly took a massive mental collapse. Since then, I've given up drumming (which was my first love) and can no longer continue with my Martial Arts training either. Now, I am a housebound disabled person fighting hard to build a new life.

Please excuse my previous post (which included a link to my portfolio) - it's early days for me Ade, and I hope that in time EPZ and this new interest in photography will act as building blocks in creating that new life - I certainly hope so.

My heart goes out to you Ade for sharing your story here on the forum. I certainly have always respected your work, but now I will look at it in a totally different perspective.

Take care,

EDIT - I am trying to get back into some gentle Martial Arts training with a friend. We'll be confined to my flat, so I would be unable to even attempt to reach the high standard I once had. I also found out this week I now have M.E. This explains my complete lack of energy and motivation.
lovelylindax 16 16
25 Apr 2005 5:05PM
You are not useless Shane! x
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2005 12:28AM
Just read through Ade and Iain's posts.
I suffer from depression, some days are good, some not so.
Photography allows me to get out and walking the hills is a sort of meditation.
I bet if you did a poll you'd find a lot of people on here with very similar problems - although you may not believe it you're not alone. ♥
A_Harrison 15 261 Canada
26 Apr 2005 12:36AM
The EPZ members gave me the confidence in myself to enter the contest that I did.

never would have won a medal without you cause I never would have entered.

Allan............Thank you all.
UserRemoved 15 481
26 Apr 2005 3:29AM
Yes Merl, I agree. I have also suffered from Chronic Depression for over 20 years. It's the hidden illness and that's why people are afraid to be open about it.

I don't have good days. Every day is a fight for survival for me.

Take care,
26 Apr 2005 4:19AM
Thanks for all the contributions. If there are no more nominations I'll send this list to Pete and await his decision. I'll contact people after that to arrange what needs to be done next. Good luck everyone! Smile
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
26 Apr 2005 4:23AM
Ade, please don't think i was criticising your post, when I read it back today It looked a bit like I was.
It was just meant as a light hearted joke.
I have had my problems too.
Anyway the last few comments gave me the idea for a new thread about how EPZ has helped people .
and K can have her thread back LOL
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
26 Apr 2005 5:58AM
No worries me old fruit!....Really!

Good idea to give K her thread back......Sorry K

26 Apr 2005 6:21AM
No worries Smile
flowerted 16 105 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2005 11:28AM
well if selfpromotion is allowed i would say i have improved. my early shots were an average of one click now i have one hc so i must have inproved some ted
Meg 15 393 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2005 11:36PM
How about Yjjeep-John