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ePHOTOzine User Awards

franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2019 3:40PM
Four per day is adequate in my opinion.

PeterAS Plus
4 125 1 England
11 Oct 2019 4:12PM
Shortly after joining I made a similar request.
It was explained as to why only 4 are permitted.
There have been several occasions when I felt I needed more than 4 so started to short list them and on occasion have been able to make awards on days that not provided a photo worthy of one of my awards Smile
Not often naturally. Trouble is we are all too good SmileSmile
So I have become more critical and if I still feel I need to give an award have made an appropriate comment.
In short I am in favour of retaining 4 awards. If we move to 6 then it will be 8 and so on...
dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 767 England
11 Oct 2019 9:40PM
The current four is sufficient.
Too many awards does, as has been said, reduce their status. I'm sure there were discussions when they wereintroduced, five is a nice number, three means you need to be really sure you're awarding what you want, I'm happy with fouir.

I use the Shortlist facility and when I've been through the galleries I look at what I've got in that list. I can then make my decision on what to award.
if there are, say, six shortlisted it makes me think harder on which ones really stand out. Sometimes I'll leave two in the shortlist, that I clearly thought could be worthy, just in case I don't shortlist many the following day.
Glad this subject came up. Having averaged about one UA a week, I actually awarded all 4 UAs today. For somebody like me who is hopeless at comments, UAs are a good way of showing appreciation for admired photos. Agree that 4 a day is quite enough.
13 Oct 2019 10:33AM
I also agree that 4 UAs per day is adequate.
cats_123 Plus
17 5.1k 30 Northern Ireland
13 Oct 2019 4:46PM
I'm happy with 4
13 Oct 2019 9:04PM
I actually voted against the increase to 4 a day, on the grounds that it devalues the currency.
But to have even more? ...No, definitely not.
bricurtis Plus
15 2.4k 51 England
13 Oct 2019 11:34PM

Quote:I actually voted against the increase to 4 a day, on the grounds that it devalues the currency.
But to have even more? ...No, definitely not.

clicknimagine Plus
11 807 104 India
14 Oct 2019 3:14AM
One of the most confusing part of this site is the User Award, as i use it regularly...often I get User Awards from fellow members and it really comes to me as an encouragement to do more or even better but at the same time i can't give that moral boosting to them as i have only 4 to distribute...

If i remember correctly, it was only 1 Award per day for plus members, then i had posted many images which were really good to my eyes but never seen the light of any User Award only because the fellow members had posted better images on that particular day than of mine...

I have said as it is a confusing part because i am not sure what policy should i follow to distribute my own User Awards...should i follow 'vote for vote, award for award' concept so that the fellow members may get equal encouragement from me and in this case 4 Awards are not sufficient, the more is better...

I don't know the logic behind this User Award concept, if it is intended to be distributed amongst the best of the best images, 4 number of Awards are too much for a day and it is easily derogating the prestigious value of those User Awards...

It is upto you to decide whether to increase the commercial value or prestigious value of User Awards...
clicknimagine Plus
11 807 104 India
14 Oct 2019 3:59AM
In short...

30 votes = Reader's Choice Award, let it be 100 votes = Reader's Choice Award, the value of Reader's Choice Award will be more to the members...

My vote is for one User Award per day for Plus members...
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
14 Oct 2019 7:57AM

Quote:should i follow 'vote for vote, award for award' concept

even more reason not to increase the number of awards per day etc.

This topic / concept used to be debated quite regularly many years ago but has calmed down recently.
14 Oct 2019 8:08AM
I think the consensus of opinion is we remain where we currently are, 4 per day for Plus Members.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to this topic.

Toobi_Won 10 77 8 England
14 Oct 2019 6:15PM
I have followed this thread avidly and not having a dog in this fight, being only a one per "weeker", this issue doesn't really affect or even bother me but nonetheless, as a relative outsider, I have a few observations (not all my own) which a lot of people may not like.

I have thought for a long time that the whole issue of awards and votes, has become somewhat devalued by becoming little more than a mutual appreciation society, where awards and votes are awarded and given by some, not on merit but on the nice person (and there are some lovely people here, not all though, me being oneWink) who took and uploaded the image(s) in the first place or hopes by the giver for reciprocation and before anyone jumps in, i am sad to say, that I have been guilty as the next person of the same on occasion.
I have seen the same at numerous clubs over the years, where the "owner" or his wife could shoot the inside of their lens cap or a fuzzy earlobe and win plaudits and certificates galore, for their "edginess". It was possibly my refusal to see the Emperor's new clothes and tell them such, which would eventually lead to my persona non gratis status, but how do people develop, if they cannot take positive criticism ? (no pun intended) Critique was positive then, being much younger and not as jaded.
I realise that taste is subjective (mostly) and have had images awarded on a number of occasions and whilst most appreciated, have thought "really?"
An increase in anything tends to devalue whatever existed before, a rule even applying to gold. As others have said, more is not the answer and If some are running out of awards, they need to take a step step back and ask themselves why some awards were given in the first place, on merit or some other reason.
Having only one per week to give can make one extremely selective and can improve one's eye immensely when given from a shortlist of worthy, in a personal view, images. Maybe this shortlisting is something to consider by those doing an "Oliver". (not bliba, BTW)

I would be the first to admit that a lot of people on here get a huge amount of pleasure out of giving and receiving awards, but is this ego massaging what awards were intended for? Speaking personally, I find a positive comment from certain one or two people on here, are worth a dozen awards.
There are some phenomenal shooters on this site, artistic, inspirational, imaginative and technical, at the tops of their games, people I have learned a lot from, usually not to bother trying to emulate them, Sad who get little or no recognition whatsoever, some not even getting the courtesy of a comment, whilst others see awards and votes coming out of their ears.

Some of the above has come from people I have recommended this site to, who have looked in and decided it is not for them, when they see some of what passes on here, judging by some of the awarding and voting, for awarded imagery. Again, I'm the first to admit, this is subjective.
This site has the ability to be somewhere where novice shooters and others can come to learn, develop and be inspired and encouraged but think that the present system and how it is used by some, is a barrier to these aims. I think what is needed is an expansion of something like the photo of the week, where a member or members of the mods or critiques teams, award ten or twenty per day, based on the previous day's uploads and give reasons, not just, "stunning" or a line of emoticons, why the awarded image earned the award in the first place. Awards need to get back to being something to be valued and deserved.
"Any system (input.>process>output) that involves people, is by its very nature, bound to fail"
Just digging out the asbestos Y fronts for any flames that break outWink
Gypsyman 10 690 England
14 Oct 2019 7:45PM
I have gained more from this above POST than all I have from all others in my 9 years here.
clicknimagine Plus
11 807 104 India
18 Oct 2019 6:41PM
If there is consensus of opinion for 4 Awards in a day and you decide to continue it, i should say the standard of uploads fluctuates everyday...can we save the unused Awards of a day atleast for a week, so that we can use them on the day in that particular week, when there will be more needed...

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