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Epson 2100 Media & Consumables

roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
11 Nov 2003 12:06PM
RE: Epson 2100 Media & Cosumables.

I took delivery of my 2100 on Friday, (thanks for your input Barry), this printer far exceeds my expectations, even on the few test prints I have run off. I do see the ink levels dropping faster than the Leeds Utd shareprice though. Does anyone use the buyepson shop online. I have checked the web for deals on ink & paper and give or take a few pennies, no one seems to offer a good discount (watch out for those excluding VAT sites). Also can you get the premium semi gloss paper in bigger packs than 20 sheets.
I am really pleased with the results on the archival matte paper (I wish it felt more like photo paper)

As my work is often for resale and longevity is important, I will not touch compatibles

Any suggested outlets ?
Even overseas..

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User_Removed 18 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2003 12:22PM
yes., yes and yes I suppose the answer is!

Some ink colours do get used proportionally more often than others and I think you will find generally that you will use morer Light Cyan and Light Magenta than any others. Of course that is a great generalisation as it depends on the subejct matter and tonal range etc but on the whole it is true.

You will also find you use more ink when the printer has been used for the first time than in subsequent uses.

You also need to check the quality setting you are using. Make sure you are not printing at 2880dpi (hardly necessary in most circumstances).

As regards paper and ink, yes Epson's own paper will be more expensive than 'own brands' and I would suggest you try ICI Olmec and Ilford Galerie.

Do make sure that the paper you use is compatible with the Epson 2100 (not all are). For instance - if you use Ilford Galerie paper, make sure it is the Smooth range and NOT the Classic range (smooth comes in Glossy and Pearl the latter of which is very like Epson semi-gloss).

I buy my inks from 7daysop as they are cheaper than anyone else I have found and if you are not in a hurry, postage is free

Hope you enjoy it

roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
11 Nov 2003 12:47PM
Thanks Barry,

What effect, if any, on the print lifespan when using these alternate papers?

Also do you know why they include 2 set up CDs in the box, with no reference to more than one in the instructions, the discs appear almost identical apart from a tiny ref number. the first one I inserted loaded up fine but I'm just curious.
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
11 Nov 2003 12:49PM
Just realised I'm spelling your name wrong.

User_Removed 18 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2003 1:17PM
Don't worry about the name - I've been called worse (and on here too!)

ICI Olmec talks about longevity but won't give (I think I am right in saying this) and specific details.

Not sure about Ilford. Of course, for optimum results (and their longevity guarantee) then it is best to stick to Epson but you pay heavily for that.

As regards the 2 setup CDs - I can't remember now. I think mine are still in one of the packing boxes that has resolutely remained 'packed' after my move earlier this year. Perhaps you could email Epson (don't hold your breath waiting for a reply though)

tim franklin 16 2.7k
11 Nov 2003 3:11PM
Would the second disc have the Grey Balancer on it, which I believe is a Europe only thing?
wendy9 17 475 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2003 7:03PM
Hi Alan, Just logged on and seen this...I too took delivery of a 2100 yesterday - and like you, first couple of tests very impressive.
Reading Tim's comment - the grey balancer loaded successfully from one of my disks - I used the one marked (E F G D) and as far as I could see (didn't bother to load it) the other one is identical apart from being (E I P S). I sussed out that they were the initial letters of the countries, but the E for English is on both disks!
I may have some more questions to pose re paper settings (seem limited compared to my 890) but just about to eat dinner. Smile
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
11 Nov 2003 10:32PM
Thanks all
I saw the diff leters but it didnt click that they were diff countries thanks Wendy, I guess I'm not ready for the Europpean union just yet.
wendy9 17 475 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2003 11:00PM
Barrie - I personally blame you - only joking! Placed an order with 7dayshop this morning - only to get a very nice letter from them saying that all their current supplies of Olmec A3 paper had been bought up!!!

However, even though I didn't request express delivery (stocking up with all those cartridges I'm going to need, so I'm going to have to keep working a while longer yet!), they actually despatched everything (except the Olmec) today, and said so in their message. A right result!

Just for your info - tonight I printed the same photo on Fuji Satin and the free Epson SemiGloss paper that came with the printer, and I don't think I'd have known the difference if it hadn't been for the Epson name on the back!
btw, in view of the price of the 2100, I thought Epson were a bit mean with their 'free' paper. I had much more when I bought the 890, including some roll paper. Ah well, at least the printer is making me happy! Still trying to get to grips with all the settings etc to achieve optimum results.
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
13 Nov 2003 8:37AM
Damm, I knew I should've ordered mine sooner.
I agree Wendy the free paper allocation is real stingy, maybe they are a Scottish company. I know that there is'nt a huge range of compatible epson paper but I thought after spending that kind of money that they would have given a little of each.

Still the results do make up for it.....
afromac 16 150
13 Nov 2003 9:08AM
Ooh sounds like a Scot bashing session starting up... I'll have to get out my kilt, claymore and blue make-up ;o).

Back to reality - have any of you compared the 2100 to the new Canon i9100? I'm in the market for an A3+, separate ink tank, quality printer and these two appear to be the "only" ones worth considering (apologies to all HP users, etc, etc).

User_Removed 18 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2003 9:29AM

Regardless of any other reasons to buy a printer, the Epson 2100 uses pigments rather than dyes and are therefore more resistant to fading than the inks utitlised in the Canon.

For me, this was the main reason for the purchase

roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
13 Nov 2003 9:35AM

I spoke with Barrie before getting mine. I had done my own research and was pretty much sold beforehand but it was good to hear from someone who depends on his printer and I have to say Barrie was spot on.

Whatever comes along to beat this printer will have to be something special and its not here yet.
afromac 16 150
13 Nov 2003 9:51AM
Thanks guys - it seems from what your saying that it's worth the extra 100 or so. The research I've done seems to give extra points on print quality to the Epsom, but extra to the Canon on speed. Speed isn't too great an issue, as I'm never doing batch prints in a hurry.

Probably time for me to take a file to an outlet and decide on the quality issue myself.

I certainly like the idea of the longevity of the pigment based dyes - I'd be beating any family record, if I outlived the prints :o).


wendy9 17 475 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2003 12:11PM
Barrie - did you see my earlier comment (11pm last night) about comparison of Fuji and Epson paper? Thought you might be interested in the results.
Doug - you've had some responses which hopefully have convinced you by now! I too had done a lot of research first and was very pleased to see Barrie's recommendation on top of that!

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