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Epson 7880 changing to Fotospeed ink flow system !

Hi I have the Epson 7880 large format printer and use it mainly to print out my landscape views which I sell.

I am seriously considering changing over to the Fotospeed ink flow system.

Has any one here actually gone down this route already using the Fotospeed system and if so are there any pit falls to be wary of, blocked nozzles etc etc.

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Wednesday 9 15
4 Nov 2010 4:41PM
Hi there,

No way, don't do it, really cheap and nasty system, sorry to be negative but I wasted so much time and ink I gave up.

No refund either which really nailed the coffin.

Their ink isn't that bad I'm sure but I had to keep cleaning the heads, it would work for a metre or so than drop another colour, so I narrowed it down to the delivery system.

I hope that helps in a backwards way, I know it's cheaper but ink cartridges will save your sanity (Also one of their competitors sell them at good prices, www.novadigital.co.uk Sad
Hi There,

I think Mr. Wednesday is not using a 7880 printer as he mentions a delivery system. I have many friends who use bulk ink systems and none of them have any problems, maybe Wednesday did not have his set up correctly. I use the Fotospeed ink and refillable cartridges on a 7880 and they work fine and also have not needed to reprofile as the inks are the same colour as the original Epson inks. If you purchase the system at a special event, as I did, or maybe at Focus on Imaging, you can get 30% discount and so it is similar to buying the 220ml cartridges at 25 each. You may also like to check http://www.colourjetink.co.uk/index.php?cat=PRO_CHROME_INK_FOR_EPSON_PRO_7800_7880_9800_9880 but I have no experience of them, however if you buy these you do not have to mess around filling the cartridges manually.
Wednesday 9 15
22 Nov 2010 2:55PM
Just a note to CavendishPhotography as a new member to avoid calling members liars on your first outing, not a great idea to ingratiate yourself with others, just a suggestion.

I use the term delivery 'delivery system' as that is exact what cartridge is, a method of delivering the ink to the printer, I assume that explanation is ok with CavendishPhotography, you state on your website you use a RIP, I presume Fuji are not profiling for Fotospeed inks and so the difference will be noticeable due to the nature of profile creation, especially for RIP's where it is more critical.

As for the Fotospeed system, my points still stand to rainbowsmyyarn, you have been warned but you must make your own decision.
Whilst the Fotospeed team have all the best intentions, these systems are neither a quality build or built to last, cheap isn't always cheerful.

I hope my points are clear and my tone is not deemed aggressive.
thewilliam 9 6.1k
22 Nov 2010 6:32PM
My experience of continuous-flow with Epson R285 is that they work beautifully for a while and then the printer decides that the whole set of cartridges is empty. I then have to fiddle around, removing and refitting cartridges until the printer deigns to work again.

Prints just as well as the original cartridges and saves a small fortune.

One good friend, whose standards are very high, uses the Fotospeed refillable cartridges and gets very good results.
Wednesday 9 15
22 Nov 2010 8:53PM
An interesting debate this.

It's not that I am against CIS options or refillable carts, it's just that my experience of the Fotospeed systems is that they are cheap and nasty and not what the company appears to really be interested in, hence them clearly coming as a cheap Chinese import worth around a tenner.
I've seen many systems and the only guys who seem committed to what they do are PermaJet, 100% quality of product and far better service, more than haapy with anything I have bought from them.

I don't doubt your friend 'thewilliam' is happy with the results from his Fotospeed refillable, for how long is my point, cheap build and no support equals a nightmare.

When you go large format, stick to original cartridges, ask any professional, any studio, any lab, especially if they are using a RIP, just get a good price and away you go.
deavilin 14 345 1 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2010 9:55PM
I use the perma jet CIS and touch wood it has proved to be very good and quite resaonable to run I have the Epson R-2880 Smile

thewilliam 9 6.1k
22 Nov 2010 10:47PM
Wednesday, my R285 is for the office, useful for printing CD faces and jobs on thick paper stock.

We have a 7800 and it's only ever used Epson cartridges but what really hurts is that more ink seems to go into the maintenance tank than onto the paper.
thebigyin 13 84 6 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2010 1:12AM
Yes, thewilliam you are quite correct, Epson printers seem to be quite guilty of that.

I have just had an aging 1290 give up fitted with a CIS with Lyson inks, it was quite a nice system in itself, but profiling was an absolute nightmare as the Photonic inkset gives a very magenta output. Yes I probably was not using it correctly on my own admitance, and I did not really get the time to get the best from it and in all fairness the generic profiles for the Lyson papers worked quite well. However, there came a point where the printer did not get a lot of use and the yellow channel just completely gave up and the ink started to syphon back to the bottle. Even dismantling the printhead and cleaning it throughly could not get the yellow back. I was in two minds weither to put the system on my other 1290 and at the moment I think its more trouble than its worth.

I have had about 4 Epson printers over the years, and they have always been fairly good, but for when they are maintained a lot of ink does go into the maintenance tank and its for that reason that I am about to invest in a Canon Pro 9000 where I believe individual ink channels can be mantained and the running costs are better compared the to the equivalent Epson.

Getting back to the OP's original question, yes there maybe some merrit in going down the CIS route, especially if your machine is used frequently, but before deciding on which system it maybe worth looking at the different manufacturers and deciding from there.

Wednesday 9 15
24 Nov 2010 8:56AM
I know what you mean 'thewilliam' about Epson filling the maintenance tank, also head cleaning seems to be their party piece!

Lyson apparently buy/bought their CIS from fotospeed, but as 'thebigyin' says, if you don't make good use of them then most CIS can be problematic. I know a few people who have gone over to Canon recently.

But the point is to 'rainbowsmyyarn' you have to decide for yourself, weigh up all the pro's and con's etc, in my opinion for reliability, consistency and especially if you are selling your work stick to Epson cartridges on a 7880 and get good paper. Sorry to sound like a broken record but I use PermaJet papers too, can't fault it. Grin
uksam 7 1
3 Jan 2011 10:57PM
I am the proud owner of the epson 4000, and the epson 7880 It should be noted that using non epson inks in the later epson printers invalidates the warranty................so if anyone is thinking of using the cheaper inks, it would be a bit silly to say the least, however.save all your so called "empty" cartridges .................these contain sometimes over 50ml or GENUINE epson ink ...............after the warranty has expired obtain some of the refillable cartridges, and fill them with the genine inks you have salvaged. thge 7880 cartridges cannot be refilled, i know this from hours of trying however the older ones, ie 4000, 4800 7600 can be refilled with a srynge and the cartridges can be re-set with a re-setter, i also add 10% of distilled water, and the quality is outsstanding.
Thank you for all your comments, yes this is a very interesting thread.
At present after reading all posts I have decided to stick with Epson, even though they are draining our pockets.
Very expensive inks, up to 40 ml left in each cartridge x 8 cartridges = 320 ml current price from Epson 80.75 for a 220 ml cartridge.
I may as well burn 115 of my hard earned money every time I purchase a new set of inks.
As this is the amount in wasted ink Epson are holding back in unused ink per set of 8 cartridges.

Yes and the maintenance tank which wastes more ink than I care to think of.
Yes Epson has got us completely stitched up, in my opinion it is all one big con and we are the mugs that are being coned over and over again.Where is the justice in that !.
I will now step down from my soap box thank you. Wink
thewilliam 9 6.1k
4 Jan 2011 12:03PM
I've dealt with Fotospeed or a few decades and always found their support to be very good. I meet John and Toby at various photographic events, so they don't exactly hide from customers who might not be fully happy.

Unfotunately, they don't do CISS for our two printers - Epson R285 and HP K5400 - that use it. Otherwise I'd have bought from them.

The biggest rip-off is with printers that use small cartridges and the manufacturers seem as bad as one another!

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