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EPZ Book

Nick-T 15 45 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 10:46AM
Hi all, just wondered if anyone could tell me how good the EPZ book is?

Debating wether to get it or not so would like some opinions of those who have it.

Thanks in advance.

onewildworld 18 696 4 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 10:47AM
Do you really expect to get bad reviews on here?! Smile

Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
17 Oct 2006 10:49AM
It's fantabulous - if you only ever buy one book on photography, this is it!

.....was that OK , Pete? Smile
darrinj 17 250 United Arab Emirates
17 Oct 2006 10:52AM
Have it, Love it, Buy it!
Nick-T 15 45 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 10:52AM
In the hope that most people would be honest as they are with their photographic comments.

I find most people are just that in what is a very informative site. Views on it and whats in it to make it a must buy book would be nice to know.

I know there is a table of contents listed but to what level did they find it useful etc.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
17 Oct 2006 10:53AM
Excellent photos, helpful hints and step-by-step tutorials, interesting background information on some of the better photographers - and only a few typos... ;-D

stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 11:09AM
Perhaps the most depressing and insanely tragic book I've ever read; takes a long time to digest -- read a few pages every few hours.

Edit:Oops - wrong book! Wink
Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
17 Oct 2006 11:10AM
Nope, it's rubbish. Too many pictures........


It's worth every penny.
JohnHawthorne 15 1.7k 5 Scotland
17 Oct 2006 11:11AM
The tips and tutorials are well laid out and easy to read. It doesn't go into the subjects in depth, although each subject has useful tips, but even if you don't read any of the text, there are lots of photos to inspire you. It is cram packed with high quality photos - a lot more than your typical photography book.

Many people here have bought it because they are published in it, but I'm not (was too late) so I can offer a more objective view. My objective view is ... buy it!

To summarise it in one phrase which sets it apart from the other photography books I own: it doesn't waste any space.
joolsb 16 27.1k 38 Switzerland
17 Oct 2006 11:12AM
Well, Pete just can't put it down. (See photo on right) :o)
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
17 Oct 2006 11:14AM
On another thread these comments have been made:

Ive just opened the book, the quality of the pictures is superb, I feel i need another one so the pages dont get creased. To those still waiting you will be pleased, its a beautiful book. Madeleine Luckham

I have to say it looks fanflippintastic....every page of it just stands on its own. Keith Henson

I have to say it's a tremendous book, well worth the wait
Ade Osman

The quality is absolutely fantastic (both the images and book itself). If you haven't seen it yet, you won't be disappointed! Gemm Ferrane

it looks and is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the level of quality (and quantity) of it all.
Ewan Rayment

the hard work has certainly paid off. Exceeded my expectations... which were pretty high to start with! Carabosse

I am so impressed with the quality, especially the tips, advice and information given. The printing and paper quality is excellent too Gill Brett

It's something to return to again and again - good to have a handy selection of some of the sites most inspiring pictures with interesting comments to match Caleb Daniels

This may be the best looking book on photography I've ever seen. Patrick Smith

I've read a LOT of photography books in my time but this one is in a class of its own. Debbie Legg

Seriously, this is the best photography book I have ever seen. This is exactly the sort of thing I used to look for years ago when I was first learning. Lots and lots of quality examples, lots of hints and tip and techniques, and also, and we can all do with this I am sure, lots and lots of inspiration and ideas. Well worth every penny. Paul Brown

The thing that strikes me the most is the huge amount of amazing photographs packed into it. An absolute feast for the eyes. Paul Stefen

Fantastic book, full of everything a good photographic book should be. The photos are out of this world, wonderful work to inspire anyone. Colin Walden

An outstanding collation of photos, very well set out with plenty of inspirational ideas and techniques. All credit to the team for producing a cracking book. Paul Eyre

The book's surpassed all expectations. Exceptional quality reproductions, clear and helpful guidance, a book brimming with intimidating talent. Ian Flindt

I can't quite believe how fantastic the book is. The amount of photographers, photos, and techniques that have been crammed into it is quite amazing. Emma Tumman

This is a stunning book. One of the best photography books I have ever seen, full of truely inspirational pictures and good advice. Albert Conroy

It surpasses all my expectations , if anyone hasn't ordered one , get in there ! You are missing out ! William Staniforth

Every page brings something different. Full of amazing photos which are hugely inspiring and nothing is overdone. Paul Groom

There’s so much to look at I’ve become quite giddy flicking through the pages… must calm down and take my time ! Angela Sanderson

The most noticeable thing for me is the excellent colour reproduction you have achieved. You have avoided my particular bugbear of over-saturated, over contrasty landscapes that so many magazines seem to be pushing these days. Instead there are lovely, bright and natural looking landscape images which may even encourage me to have another go at that difficult discipline.
It's so good my wife has now stopped me putting it up on my photography bookcase as she has decided she wants to have a proper look too - that's a first with any of my photography books. I may need to order another copy!
Brian Wadie

I took my book into work the last two nights... and not had a chance to read it. Not because I have been busy,(which, incidentally I have!!), but because everybody else has been taking turns reading it!!!!!!!!!!! Not a single bad thing said either - the general concensus from non-EPZ members and non photographers is a HUGE thumbs up Jeanette Lazenby
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
17 Oct 2006 11:16AM

Quote:To summarise it in one phrase which sets it apart from the other photography books I own: it doesn't waste any space.

lol...I was always accused of cramming things in when I worked at EMAP! I find white (creative space, as my designers always used to say) a waste of readers money!
paulstefan 16 509 1 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 11:31AM
Some great quotes there, Pete. Perhaps you should add them to the guidetogreatphotography page or link to a quote page.

They are all a great testimony to a marvellous book and will hopefully help promote it.

Cheers, Paul
Kris_Dutson 18 8.2k 1 England
17 Oct 2006 12:05PM
I have tens of photography books and, for inspiration, this really is the best by far. Smile

Anthony 19 5.6k 17 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2006 12:55PM
and another vote for it.

Great layout, simple to follow techniques and tips, great inspirational images.

Go for it, you really wont be sorry you did.


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