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ePz goes to Paris 7/8/9 April 2006

klewis 16 1.9k 1 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2006 1:26PM
anyone got their home addresses so we can 'check' they are secure?
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
7 Apr 2006 1:27PM
funnily enough........nah better not.
KatieR 16 6.2k 6
7 Apr 2006 11:41PM
Just setting off. Meeting up with the "epz Three" this afternoon.
I must warn you that Suzi is tempted to riot - just for the hell of it. Watch the headlines.

Oh, and my house ain't gonna be empty, bad luck!
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
8 Apr 2006 12:40PM
Keith ......

You mean France, of course ... 8-]

Although, I have stand-ins causing trouble in the UK so no need for complacency 8-]

Kyd where were you! we waited for a call ..

Well anyway we met up with Randomrubble for a quick sprint round Pere Lachaise ... then the three of us headed up to Montmartre for eats and a bouteille de quelque chose interesting. Good pics coming so prepare yourselves to be weeping ...


(edit) Kyd your message just arrived ... ? but it was sent at 7 p.m. ish ..? Mind you I have to say my mobile has behaved in a very odd manner this weekend - it will receive texts but won't send them, and ringing out is very haphazard - some calls connect and some don't, and incoming telephone calls have taken an age to get to me. 8-(

Are you around tomorrow? I think the other two are doing their own thing but I'm up for a meet-up.
sheilac 16 162 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2006 3:55AM
Back in the UK. Thanks for everything Suzi. Especially your grasp of the language.

On the last day, I managed to order a potato omelette, chips and a tomato juice without reverting to English, so I was quite pleased.

The journey back was reasonably uneventful, but my tripod didn't make it. Stayed in Paris for an extra night on a broken baggage conveyor with a load of other bags. Hopefully we'll be reunited later this week.

Thanks again, Suzi, and I can't wait for the poodles!

keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
10 Apr 2006 4:04AM
Un Oueff de omlit, Pomme de frite un une jooos tom-a-to


Hope you all survived and enjoyed.
User_Removed 15 4.9k England
10 Apr 2006 4:10AM
Un Queff de om........... Sod it!!!!! Er... Un... er .....Number 8 please.... mercy ;0
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
10 Apr 2006 4:11AM

Quote:On the last day, I managed to order a potato omelette, chips and a tomato juice without reverting to English, so I was quite pleased.

Aye but you wanted a coffee and a cheese sandwich.
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
10 Apr 2006 8:28AM
Paris was superb wasn't it. Lovely weather too, and some lovely sunsets on the way back last night on the coach - hope they come up OK. Yes those poodles - they need an airing ;-D

Glad you got back OK Sheila but what a bore about the tripod.

Here's my first - a pic of a jazz band on the bridge between the two islands. A bit rushed uploading this morning so it's not perfect. But I did like that bike as a prop! 8-]

Oh and it looks as though our in depth talks with the government paid off snicker ePz's work there is done 8-] hehe
ziggy 18 202 England
10 Apr 2006 9:37AM
Thanks a lot Suzi for organising a great weekend...enjoyed it. My memory of Paris is...STEPS. Especially as i had to climb to the 4th floor. And I got a few street scenes on Sunday. Everything went smoothly travelling home
KatieR 16 6.2k 6
11 Apr 2006 12:33AM
Lordy lordy! What was up with your mobile, Ms Blue????

I tried really hard to find you, but rien, nada, nothing :o(

Oh well, it looks like you guys had fun anyway. Shame not to meet, but there'll be another time, I guess.

I did manage to find Barry on Sunday and we wandered around a bit - it was a mini-meet!

I have to say I barely did any photography at all - didn't even finish a film - but I had a go with a disposable camera (for the competition), so we'll see what happens.

My top tip from the weekend is - don't go to watch a marathon unless:
1) you like running
2) you like to watch people running
3) you are a few inches taller than average/or very aggressive
4) you can stand for hours without your back locking up

It was not exactly my idea of fun. Still, we were there to support, not enjoy!

Au revoir, mes petits
sheilac 16 162 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2006 3:39AM

Quote:Un Oueff de omlit, Pomme de frite un une jooos tom-a-to


Easy... for you to scoff, but it's 15 years since I was last in France and many more since I did 'O' level French, so I thought I'd done quite well. Smile

Anyway you'd have ordered an egg omelet, sounds a bit plain!

My tripod is apparently in the UK now. Might get it today.
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
11 Apr 2006 5:11AM
Well now I have a better idea of what was wrong with my mobile .. I think. Phoned my service provider and they're saying that as there are no problems with my phone or my connections on this side of the Channel it was most likely a problem with the French telcon provider so I'm sending them a letter to ask what the problems might have been. Not only was it frustrating not being able to return texts or pick up calls, it was worrying because I mainly carry a mobile for safety. So apologies to anyone who got frustrated with my phone not working properly - but I'm at the front of that little queue!

And I missed seeing my friend! who was well up for partying on the town on Saturday night but after an afternoon and early evening of missed calls and non-returned texts had given up and gone out. 8-(

grrrrr (in French)
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2006 2:17PM
I have posted my first shot , and in spite of Boyd's Scandalous suggestion, it's categorically not SuziBlue... It's also not the sort of image I'd have expected to take before going out to Paris but I was very struck by the level of homelessness (and the number of tents!) in Paris.

It's a shame about SuziBlue's phone problems but, hey, I had a fun weekend in spite of the difficulty of meeting up with the group, and at least I got to meet everyone.

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