EPZ misconceptions

chrisfroud 16 521
16 May 2006 6:01AM
After looking at a few photos in the gallery recently, I've noticed people 'appologising' for taking photos at midday, or not including foreground interest and its made me think if everyone's desperate to follow the same formula. Are these some common EPZ misconceptions ... ?

1) Subtelty is out. Acid smartie fever (Trademark Keithh) is in. Colours must be saturated to the point that one's eyes burn.

2) Though shalt take photographs that include humungous foreground interest.

3) Though shalt not photograph at midday.

4) At all times, though shalt use a wide angle lens to photograph landscape.

I've even noticed that I've been doing it a lot too but I've started to rebel and have been posting shots under midday sun Smile

Care to add your own?
beckyh 17 160 United Kingdom
16 May 2006 6:06AM
Midday sun? What is that? Wink
paulcr 17 1.5k 9 Ireland
16 May 2006 6:06AM
zanzibarwinds 18 205 United Kingdom
16 May 2006 6:15AM
If I spend a day out somewhere I shoot midday definately. What a waste to go out only to have to wait 6 hours or whatever for the light to change.

Sunrise, midday and sunset. Doesnt matter to me.
u08mcb 17 5.8k
16 May 2006 6:28AM
Someone wanting their money back?
chrisfroud 16 521
16 May 2006 6:30AM

Quote:Someone wanting their money back?

Me? Nah! I love it here - it just amuses me Smile
MeanGreeny 16 3.7k England
16 May 2006 6:31AM
You just have to work harder at midday. Some people don't appear to like hard work :o)

Seems to me that you have to adjust your thinking at midday and work with what you have and switch to macro, telephoto landscape detail, patterns and good composition.
beckyh 17 160 United Kingdom
16 May 2006 6:31AM
I think as long as you like the end result of the picture, then it should not matter what time of the day it is.
u08mcb 17 5.8k
16 May 2006 6:33AM
Wasn't referring to here...
chrisfroud 16 521
16 May 2006 6:37AM

Quote:Wasn't referring to here...

????? Sorry ?????
clong150 16 7
16 May 2006 8:11AM
An intesting observation, chris. i've found midday to be an excellent time to take pictures: batt's head being one of my better attempts. Since i don't own a nice wide-angle lens (certainly not a foreground-eating monster wide angle) I've had to content myself with snide remarks when out on photo trips! :-(
Emmaelle 15 12
16 May 2006 8:26AM
Both the photos on the links on here look great to me! Sun or no sun, my personal rule is that if i see something I like - then snap! If it comes out (which isnt very often, LOL!) then even better! I keep meaning to go out for the day with my camera,but if i go out intending on taking photos, I cant find anything to take!
UserRemoved 17 6.2k 1
16 May 2006 8:43AM
Well, this one was taken not long after midday.

Personally, look for the pic in what's on offer - there's always something there, if you look, whatever the time of day! Smile
c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
16 May 2006 9:00AM
Preaching to the choir - Midday diffuse sunlight is my favourite light Smile

Wide-angle - low sun is the new chocolate box...
NevP 16 853 13 Canada
16 May 2006 9:08AM
The greatest %age of the shots I have posted here were taken at times during the day (midday, whatever)when the postcard shots of sunrises/sunsets weren't possible. Having said that I also don't have the greatest number of clicks.

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