EPZ misconceptions

Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
23 May 2006 3:33AM
Care to add your own?

Quote:3) Though shalt not photograph at midday.

Here's mine:

Thou shalt not spell 'thou' as 'though'

Though you might like to! Smile)

conrad 17 10.9k 116
23 May 2006 3:37AM

Quote:I used to upload every day now I struggle to upload once a fortnight with anything I'm really happy with - I'm always picking fault in anything I do

Well, K, I suppose your current approach could have an advantage and a disadvantage:

People now think that you only produce high quality images, which is a nice reputation to have.

But on the other hand, if I were to follow your method, I would become frustrated with the number of photos I took that I didn't deem worthy of upload. (The balance is already frightening if I look at how many I put aside now, but if I followed your method I might only upload once a month or so...)

And also, I still learn a lot from comments on pictures that aren't perfect (and that, I think, is all of them - I don't seem to have any perfect images), which I then use to do better next time. I hope.

But if it works for you, fine. Everyone should do what makes him happy.

Which brings me back to those who say that their photography or upload behaviour has been negatively influenced by EPZ: I don't think it's EPZ members who do that - you do that yourself, by drawing conclusions from comments or a lack of interest in certain images. Just do what pleases you, and not what you think pleases other EPZ members. Or the esteemed Editor of said site. Wink

Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
23 May 2006 3:49AM
Our steamed-up Editor is working on 'The Book' I hope, working out a 'guesstimate' for a promise for a hoped for delivery date. There are massive problems to be resolved - like 'Should it be this year or next year?'

(Only kidding, Pete - I know you are doing your best!)

conrad 17 10.9k 116
23 May 2006 3:53AM
Jas - where have you been? The Book is at the printer's now.

Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
23 May 2006 4:04AM
So I believe - but that's not delivered. Smile)

Incidentally, I can't remember when I last received a newsletter. Must watch out for same.

conrad 17 10.9k 116
23 May 2006 4:10AM
They haven't blacklisted you, I hope, Jas? Taken off the e-mail list? Would be a shame...
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
23 May 2006 4:11AM
I no longer get one either....
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
23 May 2006 4:14AM

Quote:They haven't blacklisted you, I hope, Jas?

I've just had a quick look and I've not been black balled! Smile)

(Old Lenny Henry joke!}
elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
23 May 2006 4:31AM
Serious points here.

One reason I don't have sunsets and sunrises is I can't be arsed to get up early or stay out late.

There are people on the site who cry foul when they don't get clicks averaging in the dozens or more and seek to improve by emulating the styles of others rather than thinking for themselves and developing a style of their own.

Sooner or later Stanage Edge and the likes will be worn away by the feet of photographers. Before then I hope moody brown goes out of fashion.
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
23 May 2006 4:34AM
and the serious points are?
chrisfroud 16 521
23 May 2006 4:41AM
I think 'artists' have always copied each other's styles in an attempt to learn. I don't think there's anything wrong with that but eventually you have to learn to 'see' in your own way or your photography will become stale.
SuziBlue 19 16.2k 10 Scotland
23 May 2006 5:21AM

Quote:eventually you have to learn to 'see' in your own way

Quite agree. I think I'm finally finding my own voice in one area of photography - and it comes with a sense of freedom in shooting what 'feels' right to me rather than trying to work out what others would do.

I also don't have any issue with uploading what I think needs improvement, or what I think may not appeal to everyone. Although, it surprises me sometimes what catches people's imaginations and what doesn't - and to whose imaginations it does appeal. But I can't get precious about it. I'm too much of a realist, even though I've got my head in the clouds half the time 8-]
tj Plus
18 2.2k England
23 May 2006 7:04AM
Hi John and Keith

I've checked your profiles in admin, and you have the newsletter activated. So, you should receive it. Please check your email addresses, and that they accept html. Other than that, you'll have to check with Will.

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
23 May 2006 7:07AM
love these kinda threads.....

is it fair to say....

1 - some people like being popular - which in EPZ parlance translates to clicks

2 - To get more clicks, they look at what subject matter gets clicks and try to emulate that

3 - Bingo - we get a stack of people doing the same kind of shot, they get lots of clicks, so the the next batch or new people who like to be popular.... (goto step 1 and loop)

and that is why we have a lot of very similar shots. And I'm as guilty as hell of doing it when I need a click fix Smile
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
23 May 2006 8:25AM
Tracey - I have recently upgraded to OE6, so I will check this out.

Thanks, jas

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