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EPZ no restriction stock photos?

MartinWait 14 92 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2009 8:09PM

I don't know if this kind of idea has been mentioned before, but I was just searching for a skull on a stock site and you sometimes have to pay or there are certain restrictions of usage (rightly so in most cases). This got me thinking about ephotozine and how great it would be if I could log in as a member and click on 'photos', scroll down and find the word 'stock'.
Basically, for people like me that like to create with photoshop I sometimes would like to add an element to an image and if members (me included) had uploaded pictures that others could use or take selection from with no restrictions would make the process much easier.

Obviously the uploaded shots would be random stuff that you're happy for people to use. This would be anything from flowers, cars, skies, household objects, animals, doors, windows, people, road signs, musical instruments, backgrounds, buildings, random landscapes... pretty much anything really. For those that wanted to supply already cut out PSD's so the less experianced could just drag it into their image would be a real help and I think it could fuel the creation process and members imaginations.

If it was an e2 feature and the library was well stocked maybe it would get more members to go the extra for e2 membership.

Just an idea, and there might be reasons that this can't be done. For me, something like this would be a great addition to EPZ.

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MartinWait 14 92 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2009 8:33PM
No takers then.

What if there were a competition incorperated in the feature... take these three elements and make an image. Best one wins a prize.
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
15 Aug 2009 9:46PM
Hi Martin,
I like your idea. I've been teaching myself to use CS2 (for ages!) and I often want a picture of something specific. I keep using and modifying images I've taken or ones I've lifted from the newspaper for the purpose.
MartinWait 14 92 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2009 9:50PM

More often than not we need things that we can't photograph ourselves.

But, judging by the lack of replys, if there's no demand then it's not worth doing. Still a good idea though.


cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
15 Aug 2009 10:39PM
I think you'll find the idea has been mentioned before, I know that EPZ management has at least considered the idea.

But it would take some serious work to setup, And no doubt there will be those for & against, Pricing (if any) Billing, etc etc etc...Sad

Basically a nightmare in fact, Then there is the question of returns for all the time & effort involved in setting it up, Especially in todays market, Where stock librarys come and go over night....Sad

Sure its a great idea, In theory....Wink
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
15 Aug 2009 10:58PM
Hi Vince,
I thought about this idea after my last post and concluded that logistics would probably be it's downfall.
It seems a shame though, since between all of us at EPZ we're sitting on a potential goldmine in terms of the quantity of images that could possibly be pressed into service.
But, as you say, In theory . . .
User_Removed 10 736 4
15 Aug 2009 11:05PM
A goldmine is only a goldmine if there is some gold. It sounds as if you are suggesting that people give you their work for free. I apologise if I'm wrong but, if I'm right, then please also forgive me if I prefer to be paid for my work.
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
15 Aug 2009 11:19PM
Hi Jester, Yep! Its the logistics and as Jane has pointed out, Some might want paying for thier work, Which is fair enough....Smile

There would be no harm in members asking other members for use on a personal one to one basis, But I guess the site would not want to be held responsible for any mutual deals....Smile

I gave someone on here a few of my " Pussy " images....LOL...Smile Based on the fact that the images where a personal item, Certainly nothing commercial, .....They did a seriously nice composite with my ole moggy in it......He was well chuffed....Smile So wuz I....Smile
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
15 Aug 2009 11:39PM
Agreed Vince,
Someone was always going to raise the question of payment, that's not a dig at you Jane, just a fact.
The idea of a 'one to one' arrangement might not be unworkable though.
Any exchange would have to be agreed between the members concerned (obviously) and the only input from the site might be to add a category into which said 'exchangable' photos could be inserted.
You'd just need to tick a box when uploading and to view what's on offer, simply UNTICK every other box when you go to the gallery.
It wouldn't happen overnight but there must be hundreds of photos uploaded on here that the owners wouldn't miss too much.
. . . Just a thought.
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
16 Aug 2009 12:08AM

Quote:You'd just need to tick a box when uploading

Thats a possible....Smile Might be worth sending that in to the team as a suggestion, Or maybe starting a thread to ask the question specifically, Just to test the water so to speak....Smile

I'm thinking along the lines of anything that makes the site, Different, Interesting, Social, Could be a way of making new contacts etc etc.......Certainly no bad thing.....Smile

But beware of stormy waters....Sad Coz ! You can't please everyone.....LOL.....Wink

EDIT: Really must cut down my use of smiley's.....Smile
MartinWait 14 92 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009 12:24AM
To strip it down to bare basics -

I've taken thousands of photographs, many of wich don't see the light of day. I'd be happy to upload the shots for people to do with what they please (let's face it if the shot was good for me I wouldn't want to share it). It's more for the photoshopper to go in to a seperate library (nothing to do with the galleries) and see what's available. Example - I've a fair few point & shoot shots of cemetry grounds, as they stand not one of them would be worthy of going into my PF and wouldn't generate one vote, but I upload a few in to epz stock library, someone takes a headstone angel, cuts it out in ps and creates a great composite image... happy days. I then go in to that same library the next day and download a shot of some waves at the beach 'cause there's a nice wave in the middle that I want to blend in on my own creation... happy days for me. I could give hundreds of examples of objects or backgrounds that would work with my ideas and having a library of on-hand pics which like minded people had uploaded would only stimulate more ideas.

Stearing away from the logistics, you upload to epz stock and tick the box. There should be no price or usage issues... easy. A simplistic view I know. If I upload a pic of my garden shed and someone cuts it out, puts it in a field and has a spaceship hovering above then fairplay, nice work. I know I can grab a shot of someones snap of a ballon, throw it at something I'm working on... happy days again.

Being seperate from the galleries shouldn't upset those that aren't interested in it. It's just there for those that are. There's a few e2 features that don't interest me (not a problem), but this one would, definately.


Smile just one smiley... don't want to over do it.
tepot 13 4.4k United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009 5:55AM
Why not just make it an E2 feature, people can upload images for re-use within others images and let it be known that there is no payment involved, that way folk can have a selection of images to experiment with and people who want to get paid for their work need not bother with the feature.

Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
16 Aug 2009 12:47PM
Seems to me Martin, that your idea, with a little tweaking, could be a success after all.
Everything you've said in your last post seems to make perfect sense. I'd certainly be interested in taking part.

Once again Vince, you're right when you say it won't please everybody but then, you never will. Whatever people try to improve the site, there will be someone who'll decry it.

Terry, I think you're also spot on with the idea of perhaps making it a feature. My only misgiving about that idea is that the selection might (would?) only be available to paid-up members and those of us in the poverty section would not have access to it.
scotdiver 15 261 1 Malta
17 Aug 2009 3:37PM
Could be as simple as assigning a Creative Commons License to the image
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
18 Aug 2009 8:57PM
I like the Creative Commmon License idea.
I've only looked at it briefly but it could be useful, not only for the purpose we're kicking around here but also in a wider aspect.
The next time our local newsletter asks me for photographs (for free and without so much as a credit) of a community event I've been to, I'll send them a copy of one of these with my name on it!

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