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Err 99!

18 Jun 2011 7:58PM
Hey folks! Fairly desperate for some advice on this error I'm getting on my 40D. I was on here a few weeks ago asking for advice re: an upgrade, took the advice, got a reconditioned 40D and it has been superb! Today, however, it started throwing up Err 99 whilst I was out. Used the phone to google it and have done everything suggested ie using different lenses, removing battery for 30 mins, removing CF card, cleaning lens contacts etc.

I am stuck! I'm sure someone must have had a similar problem so is there anything else I can do? (I didn't get it wet, drop it, bash it or otherwise abuse it).

Thanks for any help you can give.

User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
18 Jun 2011 8:16PM
This error normally points to a problem with communications between the body and the lens Lizzie.

Couple of things to check...

Are all the little contacts in the body, right where the lens will sit when it's connected.... are they all sticking out and equal in length?

If they are (and it would be VERY unusual if they weren't), get hold of a soft, dry cloth (tea towel?) and wipe the contacts on the LENS...

Fit the lens and try again. Good? Great! Still the same problem..?? Instead of wiping the lens contacts as before, try giving them a VERY (VERY!) light rub over with a pencil rubber. Fit the lens again and see if that fixes it.
jken 15 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2011 10:06PM
Lizzie, normally err 99 is when the lens and body aren't talking, had it on my old 5d.
Get some cotton buds and some lighter fluid and give the lens connections on the lens a clean, put a small amount of fluid on the bud, do it away from the camera. Have a clean allow to evaporate then stick the lens on the body. Should sort it.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
18 Jun 2011 10:29PM
My other half had similar issues with her 40D, Did all the above advise.......Grin

But also updated the " Firmware " to latest version ( some time ago now ) ...!!!

Has been perfect ever since ( getting on for 3 years )

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2011 10:48PM
ER99 can also indicate a problem with mirror or shutter control also.So to diagnostics

Try shooting with the lens wide open (Smallest aperture number) and on manual focus If the fault stops it sounds like lens communication or a faulty lens. So clean contacts etc.

If you still get ERR99 then try different memory cards, and also remember to format in camera. Also look into the card slot does it have bent pins.

If you still cannot find the problem try shooting in liveview mode. If ERR99 goes away then you are looking at early stages of mirror/shutter failure and its back to service for it. My 40D went down this way at just over 1 year old and luckily Canon still honoured the warranty. They replaced the shutter and did the clean service adjust bit. I believe it would have cost @ £135.

If it is reconditioned I would get back onto the retailer as it sounds like a camera failure to me, the above should help you diagnose it a bit better.
18 Jun 2011 11:03PM
Guys you have been really helpful - thank you so much. I shall work through all the suggestions and let you know. Very appreciative of your time.
Cheers, Lizzie
18 Jun 2011 11:15PM
OK - I've tried most of the cleaning already, not sure how to update the Firmware so I skipped to strawman's suggestions.

Shooting on a small aperture makes no difference but I CAN shoot in liveview! However, as soon as I enabled the flash - down it went again. Card is in good nick (very new - 4 weeks or so) but I only have the one at the moment so can't try another (still saving!!). I formatted it again and I even cleared all the camera settings but it didn't help any.

Looks as though I shall be heading back to London Camera Exchange next week with a possible mirror/shutter failure then! At least it's a starting point.

Thanks again folks.
Enjoy your Sunday
Lizzie xx
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2011 11:21PM
Ah sorry its early stages of shutter failure, well that is what my camera went down with. If you look at the images is the exposure varying a fair bit? On mine it would log about ever 10th shot as ERR99 when it started, and then it started to ramp towards every 3rd shot in one morning. In liveview it would work every time but exposures were going wrong and uneven to to bottom of the frame. The flash system picks up from the shutter curtains so that would match too.
Steve-T Plus
14 56 66 England
19 Jun 2011 12:03AM
I had the same problem with my 40D about a year ago and in my experience Strawman is right and it is shutter failure. I sent it to canon for assessment and they replaced the shutter for about £250 - took ages though.
KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2011 7:45AM
Error 99 is a NONSPECIFIC error message. It may be a lens problem. It may be a shutter problem. It may be a battery problem. It's Canon's way of saying "" Something happened "

I realise this doesent help much in fixing it, There seems to be another hudred ways to fix the problem, all i can reccomnend is doing a search and trying everything that others have tried.The other course is sending it away to canon for repair which means a 200 pound service repair unfortunetly.

Some of the most common Err99 myths are listed below. Strictly speaking, they are not myths; almost every one is true. The myth part comes from thinking that any one of them is actually the cause of Err99. So:
■Err99 results from an electronic communication problem between the lens and the camera.
■Err99 results from using third-party (i.e. Sigma, Tamron, Tokina) lenses.
■Err99 means that electronic circuitry in the lens has failed.
■Err99 means that electronic circuitry in the camera has failed.
■Err99 results from using third party batteries.
■Err99 is a firmware issue, and can be fixed by upgrading to the latest firmware.
■Err99 started with Canon XT and 20D cameras.

There are a lot more. Almost all of them are true for at least some cases of Err99. The best myth, though, is that Canon purposely created error 99 to prevent the use of third party lenses. As best I can tell, that one isnít really true, but it does make fun speculation. And, of course, Canonís nearly total silence on error 99 and other problems certainly helps feed the conspiracy theorists among us.
KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2011 8:52AM
Just as an afterthought, do you have a grip fitted, as this seems to be a commn reported problem with peaple using 3rd party grips.
sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
19 Jun 2011 9:40AM
Sounds very much like a shutter failure to me too ... happened to my 40D after about 10 months Sad
f8 18 9.2k 22 England
20 Jun 2011 12:11AM
Anticipating SisterPinkie's next questionWink Where to get her camera fixed.

I have used them and are very good,as indeed many have found.

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