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Everyone should have a monitor callibrator....

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
16 Sep 2010 2:08PM
If you're ever going to edit a shot before printing or displaying it online, how do you know whether it'll look right on paper or on anohter monitor?

The answer is that you don't. You have no idea. Your monitor could be telling real porkies to you - the one I have at home is incredibly warm and very very bright. When I look at photos on there, most of them look yellow and burned out...

However, when I use my Spyder callibration device, it looks at all the colours and the brighnesses off the monitor for me, works out what is wrong and puts it right - then creates a colour profile for the screen.

This means that when I look at a photo on screen, I know exactly which settings it uses and I know exactly what the shots will look like in print - because I can see it on the screen.

I'm not on comission from Colourvision but just pointing out the reason for getting a calibrator - they could be the best money you ever spend.

I see this every day because the shots that I upload to EPZ look totally different on my un-calibrated work monitor Wink
Ian-Munro 13 200 15 Wales
16 Sep 2010 2:39PM
I agree Ade as my work and home monitors are worlds apart. I have calibrated my monitor a while ago but I understand you have to do it monthly or something. I wish I could afford a spyder of me own Sad
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
16 Sep 2010 2:59PM
To be honest, the difference between one month and the next's callibration is marginal - I do it each month and save a new profile each month, then use the "profile picker" tool to compare them... you'd be pushed to notice the difference!

So just borrowing one to callibrate once is a great step forward
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
16 Sep 2010 4:20PM

Quote: they could be the best money you ever spend

Absolutely right on the money Ade, I have been advising people for years, That its a complete waste of time walking into a camera shop, Asking for the most expensive one of those pointing vaguely towards the line up of DSLRs.....!

Then asking for a full set of the most expensive lens options, Oh! and while yer there, Bung a copy of that Photoshop programe in the bag, Coz everyone is banging on about how wonderfull it is......!!!

Laugh! Ok so maybe not quite like that, But I do know some who judge everything by the price tag, Even if they don't have a clue what its for or does....Guess you have met them to....Sad All money and no brains, Walk around like the " Harry Enfield " character " Loadsa Money " lol.....Look at my Wad.....Sad

Sorry, Just thought I'd colour things up a tad......Pun intended of course.....Grin

Now where was I, Ah! Yes Monitor/Display calibration......!!!!

What the hell is the point of spending money, Time and effort taking photographs, Just so you stab a guess at what they might look like......Sad Specially when printed....!!!

Its the simple most basic need of anyone who has even the remotest interest in photography,.......Smile

No I don't work for colorvision either, But there is no way I would attempt to process any of my work, Until my luvverly Spyder 3 has done its thing on the display....!!!

Just to add to Ades comment of re-calibrating, I used to do mine once a month, That was when I had big ole CRT things, These days however a half decent LCDTFT will not drift that much if at all, I still do a " Check Cal " once a month or so, But it rarely needs adjusting, So I set the Full Cal reminder for 3 months.

And while we are on this subject, " Not All Monitors/Displays Are Equal " But thats a whole other forum post, Me thinks......Grin

ajhollingbery 18 106 England
16 Sep 2010 5:26PM
Trooper says he wishes he could afford a Spyder of his own. I use a Huey - it's a lot cheaper and works very well. See here for details -
I stress that I do not work for, and have no connection with Pantone other than using a Huey calibrator.
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
16 Sep 2010 5:30PM it easy to do ?'ve probably guessed that I'm not among the top 1000 brains on EPZ.
For a tenner I can borrow a calibration device from my local camera club but I'm put off by the fact that it may not be as straight foreward as I'd like.
...I struggle with all things technical.....Mike
sidaorb 15 3.9k 2 England
16 Sep 2010 5:32PM
Ade do these things work on laptops?? Have never used one Sad
Overread 13 4.1k 19 England
16 Sep 2010 5:50PM
Calibrators work best on higher end screens - lower end ones can have problems with LCD- the biggest being the fact that contrast and brightness change as your viewing angle changes. This won't affect the spyder and its readings, but will affect your vision of the screen.

The other thing to keep in mind (and something that confused me for ages when I first got one) was that many LCD screens will have a brightness control which is in fact a backlight control - the two are very different. If you've only got the one brightness chances are its a backlight control only and this is what you should tell the spyder you have - otherwise you won't be able to calibrate it correctly.

Otherwise they are quite simple to operate and use - higher level ones do offer more features but they don't push them at you (nor do they provide much/any documentation for them; its more of a if you don't know don't ask situation).

**edit darn it now I'm grumpy! TongueGrin
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
16 Sep 2010 6:08PM
I am actually calibrating my laptop as I write this on my main monitor.

The Spyder 2 allows you to do all monitors that are hooked up to your system, it also does projectors, though I've not tried that yet. Oh and printers too I think...

Easy... well the first time is a pain, install the software then plug the sensor in. It takes you through a wizard asking lots of questions. I used to always play with my monitor's contrast and brightness settings, but realised that you don't actually need to do that. Just be dumb. Go with the defaults. When it asks if there are settings on the monitor, say no.

It'll then ask you to put the sensor on the screen,then show lots of whites, blacks and all the colours (maybe just RGB actually) - get a coffee at this point. it takes a while.

When it finishes, it'll show you a before and after - I was gobsmacked when I saw it - jesus, I was using a bright, yellowy green screen! the actual screen looked dark, cold and blue... but you get used to it and your prints look as expected, not unusually dark like they used to be

so if you can borrow one locally, do so and do it today. bear with it - it's not the easiest thing ever the first time. I just do it in my sleep now. The sensor just sits on me shelf and is always ready to go
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
16 Sep 2010 7:05PM
@ MikeRC,

Mike why not get one of the guys at the camera club to come around to your gaff and sort it for you.....Smile

Tell the Mrs to have the kettle on and some cake and biscuits on hand....Grin

Or buy him a pint....Wink whatever is easiest.....!!!

If I was up your way, I'd sort it for you, Though I must warn you, I love home made chocolate cake, And Hob Nobs ( usually a packet at a time Smile )

Trust me and as Ade has already said, The difference a calibration can make will make you wonder why on earth you had not done it sooner....!!!!!!!!!

OK, Lets open this up a tad, If Ade does not mind ( not trying to hijack the post honest ).

Is there anyone out there who lives up " MikeRC's " way, That has a monitor/display calibration tool & software, Who is prepared to pop around to Mikes gaff and calibrate his monitor for him.....?????

Best bit, Not for a cash reward, But for a cuppa T and a jammy dodger or 6.......LOL.....Smile

Well is ePHOTOzine not a giant on-line camera club....?

Seriously though, This sort of thing could/might work, Similar to an EPZ meet only less people involved......Wink

Ideas anyone!
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
16 Sep 2010 7:19PM

Quote:Is there anyone out there who lives up " MikeRC's " way, ...

I don't unfortunately but... if anyone is within a 10-mile radius of Bracknell and would like to be screen-calibrated, I'd be happy to pop over and calibrate their system with my Spyder2 for a pint - or two Wink.

PM me if interested.

(Nice one Ade - and Vince Grin...)
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
16 Sep 2010 7:33PM

Quote:if anyone is within a 10-mile radius of Bracknell and would like to be screen-calibrated

Nice one Mike, Your a scholar and a gentleman.....Smile

I'd like to add to that, Anyone within a 10-mile radius of Harleston, Norfolk ( IP20-9QU ) gets the same deal.......Grin

Just remember to have chocolate cake and hobb nobs at the ready, Oh! and a nice cuppa T to wash them all down........Wink

Boy can't calibrate on an empty tum tum.....Sad

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
16 Sep 2010 8:49PM
If anyone has a laptop they want calibrating, I'll meet them in a boozer in Leeds, calibrate it there whilst having a few ales Wink
Scutter Plus
13 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2010 9:04PM
Tempting Ade as I am up your way next monthTongue I am also guilty of not calibrating my laptop; I have just been moving my screen so that I can see EPZ's 16 shades! I am feeling very bad. Wink
Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
16 Sep 2010 9:05PM
Meet him in the Duncan - wear a Man Utd top so that he recognises you.

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