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Exciting Changes to the 1 Hour Challenge

_Helena_ 13 596 1 United States
24 Aug 2007 1:16AM
chase Plus
15 1.8k 441 England
24 Aug 2007 11:10AM
Having 'done' a couple of Monday Challenges I found that half the fun was picking the winner,yes,composition etc played a part but it was the interpretation of the theme that I was looking for initially.
I think it would be a shame to change the way the winner(s) are chosen as it's the setter that puts the thought into the theme sometimes with something they are hoping to see in the entries & removing the judging part would take away some of the interest for the setter.
It's all a little bit of fun at the end of the day,prizes are a great addition & I think we are generally all wise enough to see 'fair play'

That's my opinion down in print!!!
Janet xx
Glynn Plus
14 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2007 11:17AM
Ok, so the Editorial team have said that they will judge entries and award a prize accordingly. I think as the host for this coming Monday, would it not be a good idea to try this new method and see where we go from there?.
I must agree with the majority that the person who sets the challenge had great fun choosing what he/she thought was the best interpretation of the theme.
Come on people lets give it a go and if we dont like it we can always have a chat with the team to see where we should go - what you all think?.

Also are we all happy for it to go ahead this bank holiday monday or would you rather wait until tuesday - vote accordingly please.

chase Plus
15 1.8k 441 England
24 Aug 2007 11:25AM
I'm hopefully off to Cadwell Park on Monday Glynn so will be pooped when I get home.....with hopefully a load of pics to look through,so Tuesday would be better for me.
Not so sure of your idea to give the new scheme a trial,I'll give that some thought as I do feel quite strongly that it should be done by the setter. I will go with the majority though Smile
Janet xx
bricurtis Plus
15 2.3k 50 England
24 Aug 2007 12:45PM
I would have thought the ePz team would have enough on their plate without wanting to stick there fingers in this pie. I enjoy looking in on the entries and results of the 1 hour challenge although I do not partake as Monday is a no go for me. Surely the captain of the big ship ePz can leave something for the passengers to enjoy by themselves.

The team would be better off tring to put some of the recently installed new galleries in order.
We seem to be expanding in very chaotic order.Sad
24 Aug 2007 1:06PM
If Tuesday looks more suitable s'fine by me Glynn.
MrsS 14 4.5k 18 England
24 Aug 2007 1:14PM
Tuesday's fine by me - - and I have to agree that I feel the comp might well lose something if it were to be judged by the 'team'. Not that they would judge it any less well than the setter, but I think it may put folk off entering if they think it's not 'one of the gang' doing the judging, and thus feel they have no chance - - a bit like waiting and hoping for an EC of HC Smile

Just my tuppence worth Smile

Fran x
Bellie 13 507
24 Aug 2007 1:26PM
Whos to say that the EPZ team won't choose the winner on its fun value anyway?
MrsS 14 4.5k 18 England
24 Aug 2007 2:01PM
No-one - - I'm just commenting on how folks might perceive the fact that 'officials' are now doing the judging Smile
Bellie 13 507
24 Aug 2007 2:20PM
If the EPZ editorial team are percieved as 'stiffs' then I think there should be a campaign by them to convince us that they are 'down with the togs' and as 'street' as they come Wink some photos of them on the site being 'whacky' might do the trick....

...but will it come across like our PM the Brownster saying that he liked classical music... but was partial to a bit of Arctic Monkeys (to satisfy the masses) or like little William Hague with his baseball cap (I am a dude please believe me) Smile
catnappin 13 666 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2007 2:27PM
OK .. Mischief Fairy sitting on my shoulder.. if I won last week, and I can still enter this week AND choose the topic .. what a fabulous head start Smile .. not that I would of course..... and .... if I get to choose the topic AND I don't have to judge it I can choose something that will have me in stitches watching people struggle without having to pay that much attention .. some one else's problem to judge. How about 'The Sky at Night' ?? (Summer topic only).

Having had the good fortune to win a month or so ago (must have been a slow week), my week was spent choosing a topic I hoped would be popular (rather than not caring too much). I chose 'circles' and spent the week wondering if people saw what I did .. Pots and pans, car wheels, plates, bicycles wheels, plates, saucers, magnifying glasses... everywhere for the week there were circles. In the end, no one posted anything that I saw (Fantastic!). I also spent the week thinking about 'start'/'times-up' images and creating them, and also a notepad file I could use within the hour to record my thoughts as the hour progressed and images were posted. My hour as that weeks judge was spent thinking 'WOW .. I would never have thought of that!' 'stay focused' and 'look look look' ... and the Ultimate Prize was being able to post 'The Winners' .. in my view, the ones that made me say WOW the most. At the end of that adrenalin rush, I flopped and was glad to pass on 'The Baton' .. Large glass of vino!

If I had not had the experience of judging .. I would have sat there and when the winner was announced would probably have thought yeah yeah , not my idea of the topic.
chase Plus
15 1.8k 441 England
24 Aug 2007 3:27PM

Quote:I can choose something that will have me in stitches watching people struggle without having to pay that much attention ..

Yes I can see the point but if the topic was too extreme there would be a lack of interest & very few entries,the point in choosing the topic & judging it is that you have to be careful how you choose so that the subject has lots of interpretations.Being a judge made you look hard at the entries though didn't it & it sounds as though you enjoyed the rush too.
catnappin 13 666 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2007 5:11PM

Quote:Being a judge made you look hard at the entries though didn't it & it sounds as though you enjoyed the rush too.

Yes Janet , exactly that ....
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
24 Aug 2007 7:59PM
I seem to remember critiqueing every shot in the 2 ones I hosted... took a while, but when we did it ourselves, we had the option to just as we liked.

best make sure that the team give solid reasons and critiques or else!!!!! Smile
_Helena_ 13 596 1 United States
24 Aug 2007 8:52PM
Sorry guys but I can't help but think that this may be a little like the groaning that was done when epz was updated...

and now mostly everyone loves it.

So I agree with Glynn.. why not give it a shot? It might not be as bad as you think Wink

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