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Explanation of the dubious service to your customers

Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
7 Oct 2007 9:33PM
Good grief, even the happy pills aren't working...I'm going to have to up the strength!
I rest my Case...
Cowbags 17 436 England
7 Oct 2007 9:35PM
So because I am very much an amateur photographer and do not work in the field, my opinions don't count?
jakabout 18 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2007 9:39PM

Quote:Good grief, even the happy pills aren't working...I'm going to have to up the strength!

The liddle pink ones have worked a treat. Smile
A standing back and learning attitude I always found good in the beginning. I know it's not easy.
Cowbags 17 436 England
7 Oct 2007 9:39PM
So how do I learn to be so patronising??
You're doing just fine.
Badger 20 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2007 9:42PM

Quote:Some of the replies from 'site moderators' have been not only unhelpful, but also both patronising and condescending.

Ian, if you feel that, we, as moderators are unhelpful and condescending, then please raise a report for the Team.

As for sycophantic, we are doing a job, which is not popular with some members, but we give our time freely to support the site and the love of our hobby.
MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
7 Oct 2007 9:42PM
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but a slanging match will benefit no-one. I'm sure Pete is grateful to you Dougie for voicing your opinion on this matter, as he would be reluctant to loose ANYONE from the site.
I'm sure you will be the first to agree that this thread will have no value if it degenerates into name-calling
Cowbags 17 436 England
7 Oct 2007 9:44PM

I think we should agree to disagree at this point! Although I still do not understand what photographic experience has got to do with it. As I said to you previously, I wasn't being personal, I was merely giving my opinion on your complaint. Now I undertstand that my opinions are not valid, I will learn to keep them to myself.
ejtumman 18 2.8k England
7 Oct 2007 9:46PM
It's very frustrating when something we love breaks. Be it a camera, car, relationship, or in this case, a website.

(In this case, it was no-ones direct fault it broke. OK, so anyone that uses measuring tools that affects the speed of a website should be shot.... there are lots of tools out there that don't. But it wasn't deliberate).

Every business and organisation will have problems. Doesn't matter how good or professional they are..... problems happen.

It's how they are resolved that matters.

When V4 was first introduced it was pants. No question about it.... the service was appalling. But it was fixed. And considering the amount of problems it had, it was fixed quite quickly.

Today is Sunday. A day, which even as a non-religious person, I believe should be a day of relaxation. Everyone needs one day of the week to spend time with family and friends, or doing something they enjoy.

Its now 9:30 on a sunday night and the site is working again. Most sites wouldn't be fixed until the Monday. On top of that, Pete has extended the e2 membership by a day. (When V4 went tits up, it was extended by a month).

What more do you want?

Rude gesture in Douglassalteris direction

Anyway.... time to browse the site again at a sensible speed.... rant over.

Emma Wink

P.S. What the F&*k has the Hamster done to his hair!!!!!
Camairish 16 1.4k Scotland
7 Oct 2007 9:46PM
You said you'd 'shut up' at 21.11 Cowbags, will you promise this time?
7 Oct 2007 9:47PM

Quote:Now I undertstand that my opinions are not valid, I will learn to keep them to myself.

Everyones opinion is valid, as far as the site is concerned. Whether people agree or not is up to them, it would be a sad day to only have a one sided debate in the forums.

I think its time we moved on from this.

can someone pass me the little yellow pills please?
I can only agree and it was never intended to be that, others made it so, it's not my way as you well know. Photography is what I'm about, but I will not be put down by twits or bullies
naturenut 19 1.8k England
7 Oct 2007 9:47PM
An award winning website ran a little slowly today, now .... it isn't Smile There are far worse things going on in the world, so let's give Pete a rest shall we ?

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