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external flash seems to fire randomly

iainpb 18 40
30 Apr 2006 2:24PM
I have a fuji s9500 and have bought a second hand cobra auto 210 flash that coneects to the cameras hotshoe. I have turned on the external flash in the menu but the flash seems to fire radomly. In low light when the cameras built in flash would normally fire the external flash doesnt in auto or manual mode. Sometimes the flash will fire and then in the same conditions on another sot will not fire. Can anyone help?
strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2006 2:53PM
Is the flash on the list of compatible ones for the camera?
iainpb 18 40
30 Apr 2006 3:10PM
There doesnt seem to be a list of supported flash units, i checked the fuji website and various review sites. THe s9500 manual does state

"Ordinary external flash units can be used. However some camera-specific flash units cannot be used" (pg 72 - s9500 manual)

i did read that hotshoes have a maximum trigger voltage that can be passed across it, if the voltage of this flash unit was higher than that maximum value, could that be the reason?

If anyone is using an external flash, which flash are you using?
ellis rowell 18 2.0k United Kingdom
30 Apr 2006 7:23PM
For strobe info. check this website (very interesting comment about Fuji camera's near the begining).

Strobe Volts
iainpb 18 40
1 May 2006 1:39PM
"Ron Alexander claims his Fuji is astonishingly tolerant of high voltages... interesting (This has since been verified by Rob Scrimgeour of the forum"

Not that then, is it possible that because is it (seems to be ) a fairly old flash that it s just not compatible.

Has anyone else had any similar problems with using external flash units?
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
1 May 2006 4:19PM
The fuji prosumer series of cameras generally have a hot shoe withstand voltage of 400volts.

With the S602Z I use a Vivitar 283. The old version (25 years)has a measured trigger voltage of 250v. The newer version (two years) has a trigger voltage of 9.5v measured (flashgun not mounted on the camera hot shoe).

I use either, with no problem.

Are your contacts - flashgun or hotshoe clean?

Are your batteries and the battery compartment contacts clean?

Does the 'Ready' light (if fitted) always come on?

Does the flashgun re-cycle OK after firing?

Does the flashgun always fire if you short-circuit its hotshoe contacts?

ziggy 20 204 England
1 May 2006 9:23PM
Inconsistent results....I have a Canon eos10 and used a high voltage flash on it. The trigger was not totally blown, but nowadays when using a low voltage flash, after about 10 triggers, it gives up and won't fire. Left for a while and it will work again
iainpb 18 40
2 May 2006 1:51AM
Hotshoe connections on flash and camera are clean, the flash always fires when the the test button is pressed on all settings. The flash ready light is on and the flash unit recycles quickly. I noticed something last night, that if i press the flash option button on the camera (normall displays selectable flash type) then the flash fired imediately afterwards a few times and then stoppped. Also, i tested it in a completely dark room, it flash on the first shot but now subsequent shops. Im starting to think its a faulty flash, or im doing something stupid
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
2 May 2006 3:06AM
If the gun always fires when the test button is pressed then the gun is OK as far as its hotshoe.

If you short the centre contact on the flashgun hot shoe to the side contacts of the hotshoe (which make contact to the metal part of the cameras hotshoe) does it fire everytime?

Are these side contacts making good contact with the metal part of the camera hotshoe?

Is the flashgun hot shoe a good fit onto the camera hot shoe?

Are you able to measure the trigger voltage on the flashgun hotshoe contacts?

Can you try another flashgun that's known to be OK?

iainpb 18 40
3 May 2006 11:55AM
Returned the flash to London Camera Exchange, apparently is was faulty, i have replaced it with a metz flash. Thanks to all for the advice.

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